Saturday, May 10, 2014

"More Mom"

It was expected to storm today, but the weather held off (no saying what we'll get tonight, and tomorrow looks *really* bad) and we made it to the puppet show at the library.
 It was a Moomins story. This is a little behind the scenes look because it was too dark to take photos during the show. They had a crowd of six kids, which is better than usual, so word must be getting out. I told them if it got to five minutes before showtime and no one showed up, I'd go across the street to the pub and start dragging patrons over for a free puppet show.
I spotted this sign at K Mart today. I thought it was great they put a sign reading, "More Mom" over a gigantic box of chocolates
Yep, that would definitely give you, "more mom."
Tomorrow is Mother's Day in the United States. Mr. ETB came home Friday with a beautiful corsage which is sitting in the fridge waiting for tomorrow. Pink tea roses. I always wear the same white dress with pink flowers on Mother's Day so that he always knows what sort of a corsage to buy me. I don't know what I'll do when that dress no longer fits, or falls apart. I don't expect anything special for Mother's Day (I already have the best present being mama to that Danny)but a corsage is the exception. I need that corsage.
Danny snapped this photo from the car today. He tells me that this sort of cloud, where it is turning dark spells trouble for later. *Shrug*. I'll believe him, the kid likes meteorology.
Since we were at the library, a series of photos before the Best Red Wall in Omaha were in order. But we only got one decent photo so...
Hello upstairs bathroom mirror.
And hello to the step stool as well.

Outfit Details:

1970's hand sewn maxi dress-Thrifted Fitchburg, Mass. circa '92
Shoes- K Mart
Earrings/bracelets-K Mart
Necklace-Shop Ko
Jacket-Thrifted Goodwill
Handbag-thrifted Hand-Me-Ups

 I only noticed today that one handle is silver, the other gold. I guess you can turn it around to match your accessories?
Look, I'm just happy I can get my leg up on the vanity without dislocating a hip. I probably shouldn't do this, eh?
 I love, love, love these shoes. I bought another pair in a snakeskin material, but I wish I'd bought them all (several seasons ago now). These turned out to be very good, inexpensive summer shoes.
 As we were going to the puppet show, I didn't want to wear clangy, noisy bangles. These are the quietest bracelets I own.
After all the excitement, we hit the Hand-Me-Ups store, and I came home with some wild stuff (Terrifying wall art, sought-after signed textiles, vintage Monet, Trifari, and Coventry brooches, vintage bamboo bangles, Fire King nesting bowls, did I mention the terrifying wall art?) so I consider it a very good day. We have some movies to watch (we just finished Around the World in 80 Days) and hopefully we won't lose power from any storms. Today really was my favourite sort of day spent with my family, and people in the community who know how to appreciate a good puppet show.

I hope your weekend is excellent as well.




Pull Your Socks Up! said...

My brood have already tried to make their mother into "More Mom" today by presenting me with my favourite lollies (candy) and Double Choc Tim Tams: which I pretty much forced them to eat. I think they know in advance that I don' have a sweet tooth so they buy me sweets knowing that they'll eat them. Clever or sneaky, I don't mind as long as I get a handmade card or drawing/collage/painting/Georgia O'Keefe. Happy Mother's Day to you sweets! xoxox

Joanna said...

Ohh, clunk, clunk gotta love chunky jewelry:) In the USA Moomin are virtually unknown but my husband's brother lives in Finland so my kids love them. Quite cute little creatures:) Also, gotta love the Finish cups and kitchen wear. Nothing like a big white hippo to make you happy:) Oh and vintage jewelry of course:)

Goody said...

Happy Mothers Day to you both as well.

The Moomin thing is popular in these parts, but it is *very* Scandinavian in Nebraska. Not like Minnesota, but close.

Wow, so your BIL had to learn Finish? That's like the hardest language on earth.

Sue said...

I like the idea of going to the pub to drum up more folk for the puppet show, the sort of thing I would have done. Hope you will share a pic of you in your white dress and flowers, if it gets to a point where you can no longer wear the frock as a frock, just drape it over your shoulders!! See, problemo solved!

pastcaring said...

Our Mothers Day has already happened. It's a moveable feast here, I think it's related to when Easter falls, since it was originally a Christian celebration of the mother Church, but like all these festivals, the religious element is of no importance and it's all about the money and chocolate! I have no interest in it anyway, and since I don't push it, the kids don't bother either.
But I like the sound of your white dress/pink corsage tradition. I think you are secretly a romantic at heart, Ms Jumiper!
No surprise that I love that 70s maxi, is it? And I am most impressed that you got your leg up that high for a shoe shot, that's dedication to blogging right there.
The Moomins were a part of my childhood, although I didn't really love them... I'm glad the puppet show gained an audience, it's good that these things are appreciated.
Looking forward to seeing your Hand-Me-Up treasure (fabric! jewellery! terrifying wall art!) I went to a jumble sale yesterday which was shite but I had a laugh with my friend anyway. (Vintage loveliness would have been nice too though...) xxxx

Northern mum down South said...

Sounds like a good day all round and I love that frock.