Sunday, May 11, 2014

Stinky Pink Cooks Your Dinner

I really wanted to wear a pink wig with this getup, but couldn't get to the costume shop. Oh well, there's always next Mother's Day. I re-potted the gardenia. It seems happier outside as well.
Orson is going to join me for this post (see previous post for why I have a wombat on my shoulder). So this is my Mother's day dress. It gets worn once a year. It is terribly twee, and it no longer fits as loosely as it ought to, but screw it. This is my Mother's Day dress and come hell or high water, I'm wearing it.
Let's have a look at that corsage. Mr. ETB went to the posh florist, rather than order it from the floral department at the grocer. I was a little surprised when I spied the box. He got what he paid for-they're beautiful flowers.
 This is a reversible handbag. I didn't realise it when I purchased it, so it was a pleasant discovery when I got it home.
Good sized bag as well, which is unusual for beaded.

Let's take a break for a peek at my newly acquired terrifying wall art.
Wait, you need to see the crazy eyes up close
Can you imagine hanging these in a child's room? "Sleep well little baby, pay no mind to the freaky lions on the wall." I had a cute drawing of a lion on my bedroom wall as a child, and it freaked me out. These are much, much, worse. They're going in my bedroom on either side of the bed.

OK, I can take a hint, back to the clothes. How about I show you the shoes I would have worn if it was raining buckets?
 No, satin shoes are not for rainy days.
 I broke out my favourite pair of vintage Johansen Gawd, they made nice shoes. The company is still around, and still making shoes in the US (which is rare these days) but their shoes are a bit more utilitarian these days. I have to say, they are very comfortable to wear, and really well made.

Outfit Particulars:
1990's dress (it is two pieces, with the sheer over-dress)-Filene's (RIP) retail
Vintage Johansen shoes-Thrifted
Bracelets-pearl and moonstone crystals both gifts from Danny previous years
Floral earrings- K Mart
Hair flowers-Tiff and Tam
Jacket-thrifted (Goodwill, I think)
Handbag-Ruby Begonia's Vintage, Lincoln, Nebraska
Black Hills Gold necklace-Gift from Danny last year
No, I didn't get a cat. The scrape on my arm (they are all over me now) is left from where I have been breaking out in hives. My hives tend to welt shapes. I never thought I'd envy round hives, but at least they don't look like you just got a cat. No, I don't know what's causing it, but it seems to be coinciding with flares of both lupus and RA. I hit the immune system jackpot, I guess. At least the red rash all over my face and ears settled down. Have I mentioned Dermablend foundation? No, they aren't paying me to promote their product, but if you think I look like I have good skin, it is because of how well their product works. Really, really well. Good stuff, Dermablend.
 Blurry, sorry. This is how most things look to me without glasses.
 Well, the overlaying patterns look like double vision. Thank heavens I don't have THAT.
It wouldn't be a weekend out if I didn't stop to check my blood pressure. 106/60. Heart rate of 54. So that's fine anyway. Dad had hypertension, so I like to keep an eye on it. So far (touch wood) so good. I don't smoke and live on salt beef sandwiches either, so maybe lifestyle helps.
Thanks Dannypants, for being such a good kid. I have it easy compared to many mothers.


Joanna said...

If I'm ever having a down day, I'm going straight to your blog. You crack me up! I love this outfit. I wish I would see a random stranger or even a granny decked out in some of the lovely gear you have. Isn't it funny how most granny's have also bit the bullet and are wearing the cheap threads made in third world countries? I went to an estate sale a couple of days ago ( I know silly me for getting my hopes up). The sale said women's clothes and mid-century furniture in the listing…thought I hit the jackpot. Granny lived in a very nice house but granny was frugal and wore her Kohls and 80's frocks to the max. Not an ounce of 50s gear to be had. Won't even get into what they considered mid-century furniture. I love this outfit you are wearing. You are such fun:)

Sue said...

You look absolutely gorgeous!! The mothers Day dress is a beauty indeed, like wise the flowers. Well done Mr ETB. Nice pic of you and Danny.

pastcaring said...

That's both a Mother's Day dress, and a Church Picnic Dress (CPD). So it's multifunctional, that's good. Cool wombat (met him last time, but am being lazy and only commenting once...) The satin shoes are sooooo pretty, as are your bag and flowers. I've never had a corsage; I've not lived, have I?
The mad-eyed lions are worthy of a Louis Wain painting, they're magnifiques! (I don't know why I think they are French, but I do.)
Sorry to hear about your flare-ups, hope it all settles down soon. And well done to Mr Dannypants for being a fab kid. I like him too. xxxx

Propagatrix said...


Love the outfit and am envious of the swag. My cats got me nothing (though my husband took me to breakfast and claimed it was the felines' treat).

Glad to see a Dermablend recommendation, as my rosacea and I have been thinking of trying it.

Goody said...

You guys really make MY day. It wouldn't be fun dressing like a deranged old lady if it didn't bring anyone else a smile. Thank goodness for the internet where I can hang out with like minded people. We lost internet and phone service during the storm Sunday night (2 tornadoes in Omaha, but no damage for us-whew)and I swear, it was like living in the 80's. It was *terrible*.

Goody said...

@ Propagatrix

Cats, they're ungrateful like that, aren't they? I hope they popped for a nice brunch.

The Dermablend works really well. They also make a very heavy coverage that is for covering tattoos and veins on your legs (I think it is branded leg and body cover). That works better than concealer for spot coverage on the face, and if your rosacea is mainly on the cheeks and nose, you may prefer it to a whole face of foundation. It is drier than the foundation, but it is also waterproof and nothing but cold cream will dislodge if from your face.

It is pricy, but it lasts forever (and the amount of product is generous). Buy it at a department store the first time so you can try the various shades (you may need two for covering the red, and the rest of your face). After that, sure buy it on line or wherever it is cheapest, but getting that first tone correct can be a challenge (it was for me anyway).

The reps at the cosmetic counter won't tell you this, but it works better if you don't use moisturiser beneath. I know, we have that mantra, but it really does apply better without it.

Good luck, let me know if it works for you.

Northern mum down South said...

I love that you have a mothers day dress - what a great idea. And a corsage, of fresh flowers, how fabulous is that. Like Curtise I have never worn a corsage but my old school friends daughter runs a florist, I'll ask her about corsages next time I see her. Lovely photo of you and your son. Keep well.