Friday, May 16, 2014

Tammis Keefe and Some Unknowns

 Recently, I was able to purchase a number of table linens and tea towels for a very reasonable price (an outright steal). Among the items were these Tammis Keefe towels. Tammis Keefe's work has become collectible in recent years as evidenced by the outrageous prices people pay for a handkerchief on Etsy. These were .99 cents each, which I guess is a bargain. You can read a bit more about Tammis Keefe here:

How sweet is that? The previous owner never used these (or just kept them out for display) as they are in excellent condition (though I really should iron them). I'm not interested in selling them, as I like the prints, but it does make me hesitant to use them too often knowing what they sell for today.
 The photos don't really show the depth of the colours. The black is much deeper than the photos make it look.
 I'm struck by how modern they look-these are designs that would fit today's d√©cor nicely without screaming, "vintage."
So that's Tammis Keefe. I was also fortunate enough to find some other tablecloths that I could identify (Wilendur) and some I could not. That's where my super-smart Internet friends come in. That's you guys.
To me, that looks like E. Verde-but I can't find anything, anywhere to identify it. Here's a bit more information
 It is dated with a copyright of 1957. I'd sure like to know if it is something valuable before I cut it up to make a valance for my bedroom. The silk, and blue floral pattern would go really well with my silk bedspread.
I'd welcome any help, or advice you have. For know, I'm resisting cutting it up.

Another item I can't identify has already been patched enough that I won't feel bad up-cycling it into something (I was thinking a skirt). Does this strike any familiar chords to readers? I can't make sense of the script.

 Wouldn't it be great if I could manage to centre that bulls-eye panel over my behind on a skirt? Well, on second thought, that might be taken as an invitation...
Thanks in advance for any ideas you have to pass along. I'd feel terrible cutting something up if it was sought after by collectors.


Sue said...

Old linen is the best and it is great to make into clothes. Really like the idea of the bulls eye as a skirt!!

Chronically Vintage said...

Seriously fantastic finds! I love the whimsy at work in those from Tammis.

♥ Jessica

Curtise said...

I know very little about vintage linens and fabric, apart from being amazed at how expensive they can be! So I have learnt about Tammis Keefe (what fabulous designs, both your pieces and the ones on the link) and I can be absolutely no help with regard to the designers/names.
But if the final fabric isn't in great condition, then I'd say a skirt with a target on your bum would be great! xxx