Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The Big Stooopid Cloud Over Omaha

Why is it that lately, I'm encountering more than my share of stooopids?(When they're that dumb, the standard spelling doesn't really convey the meaning). A trip to buy groceries shouldn't make a person feel intellectually assaulted. I must be a stooopid magnet of some sort, they're drawn to me like flies to a rotting carcass.
 Know what else is stooopid? The belt loops on this dress. Nothing will hang correctly, and they can't be cut-off. A black, rayon dress shouldn't be this complicated so away it goes.
Enough with the stooopid for today, let's discuss smart instead. This jacket, is smart. It has a matching skirt which will induce nausea if stared at too long, but worn as separates, they are quite smart.
I understand that I get a bit impatient when I'm not feeling my best, but I do think people (where I live anyway) are becoming irreparably stooopid. I bite my tongue frequently, it is a wonder I've not yet severed it. Yesterday was election day here, and nothing brings out the stooopid like political campaigning. Ah well, I can't blame this election for undermining my confidence in humanity-I lost that long ago, it is only that most days I'm a skilled enough a liar to convince myself people are generally decent before I step out the door. I suppose they are-decent, but irreparably stooopid.

Outfit Particulars:

Black rayon dress-thrifted
1960's jacket-Sakowitz by Joe Frank-Thrifted
Brooch (can be worn as a pendant) Hand-Me-Ups
Titus Watch-Grandmother Clara
Silver rings-Mum's
Earrings-Filene's (RIP)
Handbag-Oroton, Thrift World $2.98 (that was a steal)
Lippy-Revlon Fifth Avenue Red
Shoes-Clarks, Hand-Me-Ups

 It is a bit dainty for my wrist (my gran was a tiny woman) but it makes me happy to wear it, and god knows, I could use some, "happy."
 I'm going to see if my cobbler can remove the strap from this bag (he fixes handbags as well as shoes). It is for wearing cross-body, which I would never do. The handle is study, and I think it would look nicer.
 I always borrowed this ring from my mother when I was young, and today it is still my favourite of her rings to wear. Onyx is common enough, but the setting is what sets it apart.
So I'm going to try and snap out of my mood, but I'm not leaving the house to do it because the odds are against having a worthwhile interaction with anyone today.

I can't still get my leg up on the vanity, so there's that.




Autumn said...

I hear you, sister. I get to go to a large building full of them every day and I get to stay there for 8 hours interacting with them!

I love the ring, the jacket, the handbag and the leg up on the counter.

Keep fighting the good fight. I console myself with the fact that I raised not-stupid children to try and counteract them.

Helga said...

Ha, I often lament the quality of the people out there....some days it seems like all the dickheads are out. Especially when driving!
I try not to be a magnet. I think I put on a pretty fiece face that says "do not feck with me, stoopid person" and it seems to work. I think, however, that carrying a taser may help......

Goody said...

As I type, the three teens next door are in the yard swinging about a pair of those matrial arts thingies-numb chucks? Anyway, I'm waiting to hear a scream any minute, and then I'll go fetch the nursing student that lives on the other side to administer first aid.

They also appear to have some sort of darts. I don't see this ending well.

Goody said...

Update-now the younger male is doing chin-ups from a tree branch to impress the girl with them. She doesn't look impressed as she's too busy swinging a lasso.

What the hell? Is it field day or something?

Sue said...

Stoopid is world wide I fear!! I keep well away from anyone that I fear may be stoopid as I like reasonably normal happy peeps myself. Love your shoes and the fact that you can get your leg up!!

pastcaring said...

Stupidity is a disease, have pity on them.
Actually, don't. Thick people should just realise that's what they are, and try to do better. I find that people appear to believe - and then parrot - all manner of ridiculous shite, untroubled by lack of evidence or thought. It's sad, and deeply annoying. Why can't everyone be as intelligent as US?!

Your gran's watch is very pretty, and I love that big-ass brooch/pendant. xxx

Goody said...

I should clarify that I don't mean people who are disabled. I mean people who have the capacity to think, and chose not to.

A favourite catchphrase in the US is to "educate" someone about whatever it is you think they need to hear. For me, that's a red flag that I'm about to be lectured by a stooopid. Believe me, formal education has produced some of the dumbest people I've run across. My inability to correctly punctuate a sentence is evidence enough.