Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The Horrors of a Summer Without Borage

The garden centre was out of borage today. I feel ill at the thought of a summer without it, so I'll hurriedly plant some seeds as it is still early. I am not happy. No, I am not. Just what sort of flowers am I expected to freeze into ice cubes this summer if I can't have borage? I'm not putting nasturtiums into a Pimm's cup. In other news, I wore a summery blue outfit today.
I also skipped the nan tights and just wore undies-so risqué! I had to polish my toenails of course, which seems like more work than a pair of tights.
 The college student next door's girlfriend has been spending time there, and sunbathing in a hammock strung from the tree to the patio. I soooo want to go stick the stuffed wombat in there when no one is around. She'd freak the hell out, I know it. I won't, I guess...but I want to.
When I was at Mullhall's, not getting my borage, I picked up some more plants (there's a shocker). We now have aubergene, purple basil, thyme, geraniums, and tarragon. I should stop now, but there's still the shade garden in back. The neighbours probably think me mad. Eh, if they've seen the way I dress, they already do.

Outfit partciulars:

Peasant top-K Mart
Skirt-Thrifted Goodwill
Shoes- K Mart a few seasons ago

I need to fix that waistline-it hangs funny, and a belt won't stay over it in place. I like the skirt very much, but unless I wear my shirt untucked, the waist looks funny. Pinning it didn't seem to help. Ideas, anyone?

Did someone say, "hammock?"


Joanna said...

This wombat could have a blog all his own:) A very lovely outfit. I very much need to paint my toes because socks are still my best friend:)

Goody said...

He does! Danny has been dressing the wombat in my earrings, etc. and posting them on some website he set up. I'll get the address and post a link.

Connie said...

Turquoise is THE color. You really look amazing. Oh yes. Wombat in hammock, please. When I was a little kid we took a family trip to Disneyland and I bought a fake snake in Adventureland. The next day my sister and I thought it would be funny to put it in the closet of the motel to scare the chambermaid. So we did. I don't know if we scared her but I'll bet we did. I still feel bad about it to this day. A wombat is an entirely different story. Do it.

Propagatrix said...

Waistband fix: a makeshift "belt loop" from thread that matches the belt? Or tack on a fake cloth belt over the waistband?

I would be overjoyed to find a wombat in my hammock, but that's just me. ("Wombat in My Hammock?" Isn't that a song from an Arch Hall, Jr. movie?)

Goody said...

I'm going to give the belt-loop a try, it sounds like it will do the trick. Thank you.