Thursday, May 15, 2014

The Only Frost I Want in May is on a Glass of Lemonade

We have a frost warning for tonight. I guess if I can't count on real flowers in the garden, I can always wear one from my collection. We brought the gardenia inside This is a strange spring to be sure, but snow in May isn't unheard of, though it is definitely unwelcome.
I've learned to keep a few warm cardigans handy for our flaky weather.
Danny dressed Orson because he looked like he could use some colour. Poor Orson, the indignities he'll have to endure.
I bought this dress a few seasons ago on deep discount. I like it very much, but it doesn't fit as well as what it attempts to mimic (that is, a 1970's dress). The cut is uninspired, and the quality isn't the best. I think the only reason it hasn't fallen apart is because I so rarely wear it. It wasn't cheap before going on sale, and it isn't "fast fashion" in the sense that it is intended to be disposable-but it is shoddy. I could be misremembering, but it seems that even the cheap fashions of the 70's were made with finished hems, were decently stitched, and had sleeves that were the same length.
Outfit Particulars:
Dress-Sale a few years ago
Blue necklaces-Goodwill
Earrings K-Mart
1960's Handbag-Thrift World
1970's shoes-Thrift World
Owl Ring-K Mart
Lippy-Revlon Limited Edition Icy Violet (a re-issue from the 40's...where it should stay. Cripes, I look embalmed)
Orson is wearing:
1970's earrings
Tiff and Tam hair flowers
I never imagined I'd be giving outfit details for a stuffed wombat. Oh, the places life takes you!
 These are the craziest shoes, with the gum heel and all. Still, I had to buy them for .98 cents. They're comfortable too.
Danny is outside snapping photos with an old film camera. He was so excited when I bought him some 35mm film today, and showed him how to load it. I have a feeling my downstairs powder room is about to become a darkroom, but that's OK. I like to encourage his hobbies, and as long as it doesn't involve large raptors shrieking and projectile shitting, I'm happy to oblige. Thank god the bird banding is over for the season. Photography is a nice, quiet, clean hobby. You can photograph the birds.
Speaking of raptors, I don't mind this sort of owl. Hoo would?
I'll get my hat...
Orson wants you to know, no wombats were harmed in the making of this blogpost...but he's mildly annoyed.


pastcaring said...

I agree - even clothes that would have been pretty cheap in the Seventies have lasted and were better made. I have various unbranded items (you know, with composition labels and washing instructions but no name) which I assume means they were probably bought from catalogues, so nothing special. Yet they are all in good condition some 40 years on, and as you say, the stitching is decent. Your dress has a great print (is that an owl's face, down towards the bottom?) so it's worth getting some more wear out of it!
Frost? No! Wombats with flowers? No wonder he's pissed off. Cameras with film? A blast from the past - hope Danny enjoys. xxx

Connie said...

Those shoes! I think I had those shoes at some point in my life. They look very familiar. And you look pretty fab in that dress. We can't see the crummy construction which means that you are an expert fashion model. Frost? It is in the 90's here in So Cal. Crazy world.

Northern mum down South said...

Orson is hiding his mild annoyance well, he looks like he is smiling to me - I think he secretly likes the attention and is enjoying sporting the orange flowery look.

Joanna said...

No embalming needed it's fun to experiment with new lipsticks:) I also bought one of the Revlon reissues but haven't gotten around to using it. I need a change up in lipsticks. I'm thinking some summer brightening. You know you should get Danny into the vintage color film from the 50s. This could be so fun to develop. Kodachrome. Lovely outfit:)) And, love the earrings. You can never go wrong with fresh flowers to wear:) Unless of course you are near bees.

Sandy aka Doris the Great said...

I love the dress, shoddy or not. And the necklace and the earrings and the rings and the shoes ... and the wombat is adorable as well -- very spring like.

Sue said...

Purple stockings and that awesome dress, YUMMO!!!

Jessica Cangiano said...

Too cute! :) I think Orson should become your blog's official mascot.

Love the serene shades of blue, purple and green in your fantastic ensemble. They're a nice change of pace from the pastels of spring, while still having a spirit of the season (new flowers! blue skies! verdant grass!) all the same.

♥ Jessica