Sunday, May 18, 2014

What Happens When People Know Your Taste

Being on a first name basis with the people who work at thrift stores means they hold out arrivals for your weekly visit. I appreciate this immensely. In this case, they really know my taste! I'd been looking for a pair of ear-climber earrings for a while, so when they came in, they were (pardon the joke) earmarked for me.

The fact that it was a set was a pleasant bonus.
The carved bakelite ring weighs far too much for my pinky finger, but I couldn't pass that up.
This hair clip will get plenty of use.

I've only once had a shopkeeper try to inflate prices because I was wearing vintage, and looked willing to pay. I didn't, and never went back but that's hardly my loss. Word travels quick in the vintage community, and while I didn't sit down and write a scathing review, I did quietly remove the store listing from my Vintagers directory, and from my blog. There are enough places to shop without being subjected to that sort of treatment. My typical experience is that people discover you like something, and want to be helpful-not seize an opportunity to rip you off. People who've been in business a while don't view their customers as marks.
The lesson? Let people know what sort of things you are looking for, and odds are in your favour they'll locate it for you. And for heaven's sake, say thank you!

Thank You!

Hand-Me-Ups Store
Omaha, Nebraska
Maple Street


Joanna said...

Oh some grand finds. To find Bakelite in a thrift shop is the best. It gets so inflated on etsy and ebay. I have found a couple of really good prices on ebay but it's rare. I'm hoping one day to find a cheap clamper. Your find looks so grand. I'd love to see your collection in person so you can give me the middle finger lol. Fun, fun, fun!

pastcaring said...

Oh you got a real pile of goodies there, how wonderful!
I am a regular in my local charity shops and no one has EVER done this for me, despite the fact that I am always polite and clearly regularly buy vintage. Should I take it personally? Perhaps I should go and volunteer... xxx

Goody said...

@ Joanna
I would LOVE to give you the finger in person! Next time you go home to MI, let me know, maybe we can meet (that would be about 1/2 way for me).

@ Curtise
I wouldn't take it personally, most people in charity shops don't have a love of the stuff, they're just volunteering to help a cause and don't notice what you buy. The Hand-Me-Ups is a charity based shop, but very, very small with the same handful of women there working it.

If you volunteer you'd presumably have first pick, but that could get expensive after a while (how's your self control?).

Sue said...

SCORE!! I always say you get what you give. By being pleasant to those that work in the op shops means I get the odd thing stashed behind a counter awaiting my visit, I don't do nasty unless it truely warrants it!!

Helga said...

Holy mackerel, what scores!!!
I find very few friendly, interested staff in our opshops, but here and there, over the years, I have had goodies passed on to me by people simply because they see that I love the old shit.
O, I did in fact try vodka and a razor blade on my verucca, but I'm such a wimp!!!

Helga said...

Snakeskin is DEFINITELY a neutral!
Love these shoes.....I was so happy to finally find a pair of snakeskin shoes, and I decided they had to be a neutral. All animal print is neutral, scouts honour.