Thursday, June 19, 2014

Syllabus Time

I'm in the final revisions of the syllabus for next year's coursework. Most years, I find it exciting to put down exactly what will be covered, having a map of sorts. This year? Groan.

First semester is WWI, taught across history, language arts, social studies, science, and humanities. Fine, that's easy enough to engage a student's attention. Second semester I'm teaching the 14th Century in Europe, which means Chaucer, the Black Death, The Peasant Revolt, the Little Ice Age, the Hundred Year's War, and the Schism in the church. Oh, that's going to be a wonderful sixteen weeks. I can't wait. I can't even resort to film for Chaucer as the only film version of The Canterbury Tales I'm familiar with is Pasolini's, and that's not appropriate for grade four. I'm not sure that's appropriate for anyone.

The only part of next year's curriculum I'm looking forward to (not surprisingly) is physics. And maths (pre-algebra, woo-hoo!). I'm sure I'll snap out of my apathy once I'm up to my ears in Pope and Anti-Pope, but right now, putting it all down on paper, it looks like a long slog.

Blogging will likely be light until I get this done. Then, I'm putting on my best psychedelic maxi-dress, and flipping someone off.

"Hey Chaucer-here's what you can do with your Knight's Tale..."


Pull Your Socks Up! said...

When are you gonna flip me off Miss? I've missed your flip-offs and I'll give one to the world for you if you like. Actually, swear-to-god-and-hope-to-die I'm wearing the BM Cathedral leggings in your honour today. Yes. Today is your day. xoxoxox

Goody said...

I AM honoured!

pastcaring said...

Yeah, I suppose you can't really go with The Miller's Tale, can you? The Black Death, though, that's grisly and gruesome and fun, I like a bit of peasant rebellion, and churchy fallings out are good too. Though perhaps less so for kids...
The physics and maths would be the bits making me groan!
Good luck! xxx

Jessica Cangiano said...

That does a bit heavy indeed. I'd very happily take Chaucer over math though. It was, at least from a high school level onward, my weakest subject - calculus, trig, algebra and I have always been oil and water (which is a bit funny really, because Tony is phenomenal at math and has even run on a the blog for several years now).

Best of luck with everything that lays ahead, lovely lady.

♥ Jessica

Sue said...

I applaud you for home schooling. I just know I would have been CRAP at doing that.

Goody said...


I'm probably crap at it too, but somehow we muddle through.

Danny is a good kid, which helps tremendously. If I were dealing with any sort of disciplinary problems, homeschooling would be a different story. He works well independently, which is also helpful.