Friday, June 27, 2014

That's "Mumu" not "Moo-Moo"

OK, how about, "Patio dress?" Maybe you prefer, ""Float dress." What do they call this sort of thing where you're from? I'd call it a housedress.

Growing up, I really thought it was, "moo-moo" like the noise a cow makes, and being a shapeless sort of dress I just naively assumed that was what it was all about. My mother wore them at home, and as she was incessantly complaining about her figure ("I'm off to see Omar the tentmaker for a new frock") I never questioned it. Poor woman, she had such a short life, and she spent practically all of it measuring the caloric value of everything she ate, and weighing herself. I doubt she ever enjoyed a meal without obsessing over it.
(well, that was a bit off topic, wasn't it? )
 Clearly, I have no such obsessions, and these days hearing "Moo-Moo" only serves to remind me that I have made a batch of raspberry buttermilk sherbet, so I'd better remove the belt before I tear into the entire gallon. Share? Good heavens no, make your own, and quit bothering me. I'm relaxing .
...just get a leg on the vanity photo and...what the hell?!
I should be at the pool, but Mother Nature had other ideas. Boo. Hiss.
The entire week looks like this, so plan-B is spending as much time at Film Streams as possible. I mean, that's my plan-being an art house cinema, they could be doing a Jarman retrospective or something horrible. I guess I could stay home and keep working on that gallon of sherbet.
Outfit Particulars:

Vintage Hawaii-made Mumu-Thrift World, .98 cents
Belt-80's, had it forever
Bangles-here and there
70's metal earrings-Hand-Me-Ups
Painted ring (I think it is bone, possibly ceramic) Hand-Me-Ups
70's brown beads-Hand-Me-Ups (plastic, but REALLY heavy)

 Puffy sleeves from hell. In a good way. I should mention that the cotton is just lovely-smooth, crisp, and so new feeling I doubt it was ever worn.

Are you going to keep making that sad face at me? *sigh*. Fine, go get a spoon...but stay on your side of the container, we've been sick enough around here and I don't need your germs in my sherbet.

Want the recipe?

2 lbs. frozen raspberries heated and sieved through fine mesh to remove seeds
1/2 cup (or more to taste) granulated sugar
3 cups buttermilk

Heat the raspberry puree and sugar whisking just until sugar is dissolved. Whisk in buttermilk. Chill well, then prepare either in a machine, or using metal trays in the freezer (that's how I do it).

Yes, it makes a lot, but you still won't want to share.


Autumn said...

Love! I have a couple "Patio dresses", my SO refers to them as my "KamanIwanalaya" dresses. Pretty nice reaction for a tent HA.

I purchased a brand new, never used, 1987 ice cream maker with the book from my neighbour's yard sale last weekend for a fiver. Immediately went to the grocery to purchase almost $20.00 worth of ingredients (ouch) but made the best fresh strawberry ice cream ever. There was a container for me, and a container for him (we aren't good sharers either). I will try your recipe very soon.

Goody said...

You're at peak strawberry season out there, so I think there's a law saying you are obligated to eat as much strawberry ice cream as possible.

But really, what is up with the price of heavy cream? $6.99 a quart? Madness.

Bibi said...

I believe the 'hip' term youngsters are using for floaty type dresses these days is 'maxi'.
On my side of the planet we have a full range of modest, floaty sorts of dress from the staid abaya & jilbab to fabulous kaftans, farashas, djellabas, jalabiyas, & takchitas. I've even seen quite a few dashikis here of late. Much more comfortable than my 50's vintage wardrobe collection I had to dispense with before I moved here. I am finding hijabs & dupattas to be a bit warm for the monsoon season though so I'm trying out a tichel. 'The Sheikh' (my husbandji) says I look like a hippy tourist in the tichel though -pfffft! He's not the one having to wear hot headgear !!!!
Happy Ramadan!

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

"Omar the tentmaker" ... oh gawwd don't we all need a tentmaker in our lives? Hawaiian ladies sure have the right idea ... look gorgeous AND enjoy dessert by wearing a mumu. Easy!!! I love this one (I make no secret of my love of a puffy sleeve) and the deep frill has got me in a tizz! xoxox

Goody said...


That really surprises me, particularly the dashikis. I hadn't realised there was so much variety in dress.

You'll have to forgive me, as I have the typical western image of Nepal. Intellectually I know not everyone lives in the mountains and dresses in layers of woolens year round, but that's the image we get from the popular press. I AM sorry to hear you have hipsters. I thought they all tended to holiday in Morocco ;)

Happy Ramadan to you.

Goody said...


I swear, wearing this dress put me in the mental head space of an elderly granny digging through her handbag for a half unwrapped boiled sweet to deal with her dry cough.
"Oooh look...butterscotch!"

I need to douse myself in a bottle of White Shoulders ASAP.

pastcaring said...

I had never heard the term muu muu till I started reading blogs. It's been an education in many respects. Love the print on yours, and hurray for that armful of bangles being back in place!
I had an auntie who was on a lifelong diet, endlessly counting calories, yet never appearing to either gain or lose weight at any point. She never wore a muu muu though, she was all about the tight sweaters and seriously controlling underwear.
That recipe sounds delicious, I'm not surprised you don't want to share. It's the holidays - celebrate! xxx

Joanna said...

Yum! Sherbet sounds great right now. I'll wear a "muu muu" with you:)

Sue said...

Well bugger the weather for mucking up your pool time! Everyone needs a house dress of some sort to swan around home in. Loving all the bangles.

Connie said...

Oh Goody you look really really cute!