Saturday, June 14, 2014

What the Hell is Wrong With People?

*Slaps head* Thanks Jayne, I thought I posted the photo which obviously, I didn't. It helps to show the things I'm talking about!

I'm not sure which angers me more, that someone helped themselves to some rosemary by lopping off the top 1/3 of the plant, or that someone swiped Danny's water bottle at the library when his back was turned. I'd have happily given rosemary to anyone that asked, but lopping it off so crudely is not only bad for the bush, but it ruins the topiary shape I have been maintaining since I bought it last winter. People are such shits sometimes.

Still, I'm not about to let that ruin my day (I have another evening of severe weather to do that later) so I came home, made the guys some popcorn (and a pint of lemon sorbet for myself), and we're going to watch a slew of movies.

Before I do the outfit post, I have to show you a perfume I saw at the store:
That's exactly the sort of madame I'd be. "You like this girl? Fine, go on, pay me when you can. Don't mention it." I'm a terrible business person.

Time for a new shower curtain. I suppose I ought to consider carefully what sort of backdrop it will make. Danny wants one with the Periodic table on it. That could be interesting.
Bear with the photos as narrow stripes are a challenge to photograph. I wanted to wear something casual as we have crazy gale-force winds blowing outside, and if there was ever a day to avoid skirts, this was it. I've had these denim culottes for a while now, but this was their first wear.
I like how the pockets don't pull across my gut, and the belt loops button down to keep the belt securely in place. Such simple things, but they make such a difference in fit.
Can we talk about knockers for a minute? Everyone says you shouldn't wear horizontal stripes with an ample bosom. Ahem, rules my dears are made to be broken. The old girls haven't looked this perky in ages. Trust me, they're as saggy as the rest of me, but the effect of the stripes, and a well-fitting bra makes them appear to defy gravity. My point is, you need to try things on for yourself rather than relying on generalised advice that doesn't take into account cut, fit, and fabric. Better still-don't read the glossies, they all try to make you feel bad about yourself.
You may have noticed the bracelets are slowly coming back. My arms are healed, but the skin is still delicate, so I'm wearing only plastic and bamboo for the moment. I don't think the skin is ready for metal. Still, I'm happy to be healing because that was one miserable skin condition.

Outfit Particulars:

Top-retail, long ago
Culottes-Thrift World, .98 cents
Scarf-Ben Franklin dimestore
Earrings-K Mart, .49 cents!
Shoes-K Mart a few seasons ago
Poodle Pin-Brimfield Fair

 Hey, yeah you...
...don't take shit that isn't yours.


Northern mum down South said...

Oooh la la Madam, looking trim and perky! I actually read your outfit particulars today and spent ages looking for a poodle pin - is that to see if we are paying attention or is that the clip in your hair?
Nice to see the return of more bangles.

Goody said...

I'll keep my eyes out for a poodle pin for you-this one is falling apart (and quite chipped) or I'd send it to you (this may be his last wear, sadly).

The barrette is (I kid not) by a company called "Goody." Cheap stuff they sell at the drugstore.

Sue said...

Rules were made to be broken for sure! Knockers look fabulous in stripes, yours knockers that is. I do stripes, I say to hell with it. New sign coming to go with the 'get of my lawn', 'don't prune my bush'.

Goody said...

"Don't prune my bush!"

Northern mum down South said...

Aaah, so there's the poodle pin, very nice it is too now I can see it! Wouldn't you know the day you slip up on the photo choice someone is reading every last word and checking the details.
Love Sues choice of sign she is sending you, hilarious.

Goody said...

If I had read your comment a bit closer I would have realised it right away-I wasn't sure what you meant.

I'd like to blame my inability to think (and read) on age, but I'm afraid I'm just mindless.

Northern mum down South said...

If I re-read my comment now I can see why you might wonder what on earth I am going on about if you think you have posted a photo with the pin on. Never mind, we got there in the end!

pastcaring said...

Some people are right shitheads, aren't they? It's hard to feel the love for humankind at times.
Still, there is good to be found. Like perky knockers in stripes (I do horizontal stripes on my big bosom too, naturally), chiffon scarves, So So Madam (genius!) and wearing bangles again.
Sue's sign suggestion is perfect! xxxx