Sunday, July 06, 2014

1960's Vintage JC Penny's Gaymode Swimsuit

Don't worry, the bear is pretty friendly (mostly). He did take a liking to my handbag, but I wasn't about to tell him, "no."
I must give credit where credit is due-I never would have thought to wear a swimsuit with a full-length skirt had I not seen Rebecca at Winnipeg Style do it first (and better)
If you haven't been over to look at her lovely blog, I suggest you do so immediately (go on, I'll wait).
 See? I told you she knows what she's doing!
I clearly don't have a clue what I'm doing, or I wouldn't have bought an entirely transparent swimsuit. I can't imagine what this sheer cotton would look like wet (and I'm not going to find out) but I did wear undies with it because no one wants to see my butt crack. I still got a dirty look from a woman at the water park for stripping off to take photos-clearly the sight of a middle aged lady in ruffles is too racy. I foolishly thought that would be an OK place to take a swimsuit photo. Silly me.

Outfit Particulars:

1960's Gaymode by JC Penny's swimsuit-Thrift World
Pink formal skirt-Sears, about 20 years ago
Pink flower-Tiff and Tam
Yellow Earrings-K Mart (.49 cent sale)
Bracelets-assorted thrift stores
Gold sandals-Goodwill
 Monet Pink rhinestone necklace-Filene's (RIP) 90's
Hair flowers-Tiff and Tam

Stay comfortable (because I know my readers are already cool) and if you're reading from the southern hemisphere, I envy you right now.


pastcaring said...

Well, that may well be the most impractical swimming costume ever, but it makes a fabulous top! Yellow; ruffles; broderie anglaise; what's not to love?
There's always someone who will give you The Look. You know what to do, right? xxx

Sue said...

Flip the bird!!
Now I want a full length view of the swimsuit, it looks amazing, and rather pretty all ruffles and stuff. See through or not it must have been the best swimsuit on show.

Propagatrix said...

Gol dang, that is precious. You wear yellow well.

I have been contemplating sort of the reverse of this strategy, using an elastic-waisted long skirt as a strapless dress and belting it with something tasty. Would probably also require a bolero for bingo wing concealment.

Goody said...


Let those wings soar free, as they were meant to be! Unless you're really playing Bingo, because the halls can get chilly, and you'll want a cardigan.

Oooh, I'm picturing a ruffled peasant skirt with plenty of ric-rac.

You really must resume blogging.

Jessica Cangiano said...

This is such a gorgeous, summery colour palette. I wear it sometimes two in the sizzling months care of a 40s sheer peach blouse and soft yellow 50s skirt. You really, really look fantastic, my stylish friend.

♥ Jessica

Rebecca Harasym said...

You are very sweet for mentioning me and I loved that you took my idea and made your own version! Your vintage swimsuit is so gorgeous with the ruffles! Can't tell at all from the photos that it is pretty sheer. The color is wonderful