Sunday, July 20, 2014

Can't Take Us Anywhere

I hesitated buying this dress. There are things I require in a dress, but a built-in, padded bra isn't one of them. I'm still not sure about it, but that's the joy of thrifting-at worst you're out a few dollars if it doesn't work for you. It does match my hat and scarf extraordinarily well.
I look respectable anyway. Too bad looks are deceiving...

Ugh, god! We seem to have caught some terrible bug. Blerg. Bluch. Blech.


Oh no! Not again!
Him too?! I think we can all guess which "end" the endoscopy went in...
Ugh. What am I to do? They're closed on Sunday.
Uh oh, here it comes!

Sadly, I can't say this is the first time we've taken these sorts of photos as a family. Hard to resist a good medical sign, I guess. I wouldn't let Mr. ETB go around the corner for photos at the Urology associates. We have to save something for another day.

Outfit Particulars:

RK Originals dress-Goodwill
Hat K Mart
Scarf-Thrift World
Necklaces-Both Hand-Me-Ups
Earrings K Mart
Vintage eyeglass sun-clip-Hand-Me-Ups

 And in other interesting news, did you know there is an electric earwax dissolving gadget you can buy? I sure didn't! Imagine the fun breaking out one of these at your next cocktail party.
And ONLY $8.99

Yeah! You just fuck off cotton swabs! I'm getting a Wax Vac for these ears.

Did you have a good weekend? I did, except you really can't find a gastroenterologist on Sunday in Omaha. Otherwise, yeah, pretty good weekend.


Helga said...

Did you leave a sample on the doorstep?! That way they could get at it first thing Monday!!!
Jaysus you look HOT in that frock! The build in bra seems to work pretty damned well! It's gorgeous fabric..a winner, I declare!

Connie said...

Perhaps if you hung around with Paul McCartney and Warren Buffet they would let you make a weekend appointment. Cotton swabs are my first love. I will never replace them with a machine. XXXOOO

Connie said...

BuffetT. With 2 T's. autocorrect is such a bully.

Roseclouds said...

Your outfit is fantastic and those colors look great on you! I've really been enjoying your blog and I've gone back to 2008 so far. I'm not stalking you or anything.

Goody said...


I saw those photos and after my initial reaction of, "What the fuck did McCartney do to his face?" I got kinda annoyed that they couldn't eat dinner without being paparazzied. I mean, FFS, this ain't LA.

But really, what the hell DID he do to his face? Botox or something? *Shudder*.

Goody said...


Thank you, that's really sweet of you. I'd direct you to the earlier years 2003-2007 but most of the posts were on a no-longer hosted site. I have a copy, and I've thought about doing some re-posts of old stuff, so who knows?

Sue said...

A wax Vac? What next, and cheap too! I like Connie will stick to my cotton buds. Love your photos, you so had me laughing, but I do like toilet humour, obviously never quite grew up! The frock looks very respectable and then you go flip the bird!!

pastcaring said...

I go with the prevailing wisdom that you should never put anything smaller than your elbow in your ears, so no cotton buds or Wax Vac for me, thanks!
I'm glad to see that Family Photo Fun involves Mr ETB too - a game for the whole family, lovely! My favourite pic is the one with Danny underneath the Gastrointestinal Ass sign. Genius.
Fab frock too. xxx

Asparagus Pea said...

See now I was thinking that the wax vac might be a good way to get the potato patch out of my ears - could be a great stocking filler for Xmas!

Jessica Cangiano said...

Too funny!!! It's fabulous that you guys love to ham it up in public like that. If more people took life a bit less seriously and weren't afraid to act like this, I can't help but think the world would be a better, calmer, happier place for all.

♥ Jessica