Saturday, July 05, 2014

Dress Like Fruit Cocktail

Sometimes, you just need to dress like tinned fruit. Or I need to.
I had numerous people stop to tell me they liked my dress/hat, though most of them were little girls. Who doesn't like to play dress-up?
It finally feels enough like summer to pull out the bright dresses and hats. Tomorrow is going to be humid and 96 with some off-the-chart heat index. Don't worry, the freezer is stocked with lemon sorbet (I am now officially hooked).
It is also time to get out your brightest coral lippy. I'm wearing Maybellene Vibrant Mandarin, which is a surprisingly wearable shade. My complexion is on the pale/pink side, but it works nicely. It does scream, "Old Lady" but eh, use trying to hide the obvious. Revel in it, I say!
Outfit Particulars:
Floral Dress-Isaac Mizrahi, Target about ten years ago
Bolero jacket-Goodwill
Orange floral pin-Tiff and Tam (also had an elastic and clip for hair)
Shell bracelet-Hand-Me-Ups
1960's floral hat-Goodwill Council Bluffs, IA (easily the best location I know of)
Wooden handbag-Hand-Me-Ups
Orange shoes-K Mart a few years ago
Yellow belt-Came with something?
Oh look, a tree! It has leaves-n-stuff on it.
I'm off to make the kid write, "I WILL NOT PHOTO BOMB MY MOTHER" 500 times. Awww, OK I'll let it go this time since he's kinda cute.
The best part of a long holiday weekend? I woke up this morning was only Saturday! Whoo hoo!


Joanna said...

That is crazy about this dress being from Target. I totally thought it was a 50s dress. I love this dress it's so fun and bright. It is the best compliment to have a child remark about your outfit, I think it's better than an adult:) I love it when I get the seal of approval from my kids. I get this much more often than my husband. My husband will give me one of those "I don't like it" looks but my kids will just love my outfit. Just recently I bought this amazing border print for a 50s skirt with a beautiful scene and castles I showed it to my children and they ooh'd and ahh'd then I showed it to my husband and got an "Are you crazy look". Still going to make this skirt:) Your outfit is great! My daughter asked me what I was laughing about when I read about how you compared yourself to tinned fruit. I can honestly say I've never heard this analogy before:) Love it! Tinned fruit lasts forever and has a lingering metallic taste…what is better than this you say? Tinned pineapple juice. Ever have this as a kid? lol

Sue said...

No matter what age you should always get to play dress up!! That frock and hat combo is gorgeous, I would take that off your washing line if I lived nearby!! Go Danny with the photo bombing, good to see him up and about.

Jessica Cangiano said...

Love. No, scratch that, madly adore this incredibly lovely dress. How awesome that it was a Target score several years ago. It's one of the most vintage looking non-vintage (or intentionally repro) frocks I've ever seen. You've styled it splendidly and look nothing short of sublimely pretty in your fruit cocktail hued dress (which I am now off to hunt for on eBay, on the off case anyone is selling one in my size there).

Big hugs & joyful weekend wishes,
♥ Jessica

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Utterly fabulous!!! I would have been one of those kids lining up to congratulate you on your fruit salad frock and hat ensemble. You look incredible! Enjoy the long weekend and stay close to the freezer. xoxo

Goody said...

Target used to have nice, well made clothing-then, it all went to hell a couple years ago. I can barely stand to go in the place anyway, but without the cool clothes, I have no reason to make the trip. For my buck, K Mart has better stuff at better prices.

If you do search this dress out on Ebay, be aware it runs large. I had to take the straps up about two and a half inches to make it respectable.

@ Joanna-My husband is useless in the fashion department as well. He wears a white dress shirt to work every day so he doesn't need to think about matching a tie. Seriously. He's 54, and I refuse to select his clothing, so I stay out of it, but I also don't ask what he thinks of my outfits.

pastcaring said...

Hey, I spy Danny on the first photo too, he's obviously feeling loads better!
Love this frock, what a great print. And the hat is a matchy-match made in heaven. The kids at school (where I volunteer) often comment favourably in my clothes and jewellery, the adults less so... xxx

Autumn said...

Well done! Love this, you look exactly like fruit cocktail! The only thing better might actually be tinned pineapple juice :)