Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Flipping the Bird

I thought you might enjoy some vintage bird-flipping
Dontcha wish you could see where that was directed? I hate only having half the story. I really like the ring though-think Dickie bought it for her?

Beautiful day in the neighbourhood, won't you...fuck off? I'm pretty sure this is photoshopped, but fun anyway. I always thought there was something slightly sinister about Mr. Rogers.

Oh come on now, you don't flip off Karl. Really.
Good old Gracie, the voice that launched a thousand flips trips.

I'll leave you with Debbie Harry because...well you don't really need a reason to post a photo of Debbie Harry flipping someone off, do you?


Jessica Cangiano said...

The Mr. Rogers one is either Photoshopped as you said, or was a momentary frame between hand gestures (perhaps when he was counting on his fingers?), I'm sure. He's the last person I could imagine ever flipping the bird on person - at least when the cameras were rolling! :D

♥ Jessica

Sue said...

I bet old Liz flipped the bird numerous times!! Brilliant photos and of course your thoughts had me laughing!!

Roseclouds said...

I finally reached the end of your blog...you've made me crave homemade bread and cake!

I love to flip stupid people off in traffic. Unfortunately, I'm an angry driver and it's almost gotten me in trouble!

Goody said...


I seem to remember a story in the news about him chasing some kids off his lawn (for real!). I think that is pretty great as you know how I feel about kids on my lawn.


I have a collection of famous people bird flipping, so maybe this will become a regular feature.


That is just so nice of you. It seems like I don't cook as creatively as I did when we lived on the farm as I can just take a 3 minute drive to the grocer. When I went every couple weeks into town, I had to get more creative with what I still had in the larder.

I don't think I'd have the patience to read all my old ramblings!

Helga said...

I love La Liz! She makes flippin' the bird totally CLASSY!
I tend to shake my fist rather than flip the bird. I like to think it's more succinct! XXX