Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Hat's How I Roll

Sometimes all it takes to pull an outfit together is a good hat.
I have a love/hate relationship with this dress. I love the pattern, but I hate how the dress looks on me. To wear it properly, I really should wear a girdle, and friends, I just don't hate myself enough to do that. So I did the next best thing to wearing a girdle-I wore a great hat to draw attention away from my waist.
Admittedly, the pleats don't help, but I don't have issues with my body, and this dress makes me think perhaps I should. That alone is reason to be done with it. I have plenty of clothes that don't make me look like a turnip (a turnip with an awesome hat, but still).
Such a great print. I've considered re-working the dress into a skirt, but I'd feel guilty taking apart such a nice vintage dress in good condition. I suppose I'll just keep wearing it until it falls apart and I can (without guilt) re-fashion it into something else. Until then, I have a decent sized collection of hats.
Some nice shell earrings I thrifted recently. What an overlooked accessory shells have become, which makes no sense as they are cheap and plentiful. I can't remember the last time I saw new shell jewelry for sale.
Outfit Particulars:
1950's cotton dress-Ruby Begonia's, Lincoln, Nebraska
Marvella Necklace-thrifted
Shell Earrings-Hand Me Ups
1960's handbag-Goodwill, Council bluffs
1950's straw hat=Goodwill, Council Bluffs
Cherry pin-Hand-Me-Ups
Oddly enough, people kept stopping me to comment on the dress (and hat). Have you ever experienced that phenomena where you wear something you only marginally like, and a stream of people approach you to compliment it? I can only attribute it to the magic of hats (not a "magic hat", though if I could really pull a rabbit out of this thing it would be impressive).
Now to chase the beatniks from my lawn.


Sue said...

You always look perfect in a hat, but then you have perfect hats!

pastcaring said...

Church Picnic Dress! I love it, especially with the glorious hat bedecked with grapes, and the extra cherries. You look so ladylike. It's so misleading as to be genius! xxx