Friday, July 25, 2014


This is Herman the aubergine. I haven't slipped a scale beneath him, but take my word for it-he's heavy. I'll give it a few more days, but at present there's only a single tomato showing the slightest sign of ripening.
The lettuces and herbs are doing nicely. I've been harvesting about this much every few days. I poached fish tonight, so the tarragon and lemon balm were put to use there. The basil was made into single-serving pesto for the freezer, and the mint became a chutney with some coconut. The cutting lettuces were served tonight, and the thyme was cooked with some carrots. The only thing left is the rosemary, which will end up in bread tomorrow. Then, in a few day's time I can repeat the routine. I'm not complaining-I adore having fresh herbs to cook with.

Tonight, one show only, "Herman and the Herbs."
Has a ring to it.

Well hello...I just noticed it is Friday evening! Happy weekend.


Joanna said...

Hi Herman:)

Sue said...

Herman is a beauty! Bet he tasted might fine too!!

pastcaring said...

Wow, Herman is a BIG boy. Most impressive! Fresh herbs are one of the great joys of life. Fact. xxx