Saturday, July 26, 2014

Hey There's Ioway Pete Wearin' His Corn Belt

My favourite sort of Saturday where I load the family into the mighty Ford Tempo, and head for Council Bluffs-but first I had to stop at Penzy's for spices. I mixed up a batch of Madras style curry powder (so I could control the heat) and I *gasp* ran out of cardamom. I Know! Had to remedy that immediately, so Penzy's spice store it was.
We have a long relationship with Penzy's, going back to their days as a by-post only operation. I could buy less expensive spices, but with allergies in the family, being able to know it isn't being packaged in the same spot with nuts is worth it. Anytime I had questions they've been able to tell me what is packaged in which facility, and what not to buy. As I don't like spending time in hospital emergency rooms, this knowledge is worth paying a bit extra for. They're not any more expensive than grocery store spices (sometimes they're cheaper) and the quality is really a night and day difference. I'm not being compensated in any way for saying this-I simply like the company and am a happy customer.
Off to Iowa we went, and I had the opportunity to wear the gorgeous scarf from Curtise. This makes two weeks in a row where my scarf matched my dress with an almost eerie perfection. I mean, look at that.
It is so stinkin' hot outside-and humid too. Next week looks better, but that doesn't really help today, now does it? I wore the lightest dress I own, which is this parachute material number. Being a thin nylon, it *really* isn't for windy days, but today was calm-in the dead still sense. And hot. Did I mention how hot it is?
I wore a kimono over the dress because most places over-do the air conditioning. There's no middle ground I'm afraid, so as  I shift from freezing to sweltering, I find layers just as useful in summer as they are in winter.

We stopped at a new thrift store in Council Bluffs (next door to the Dairy Queen across from Mall of the Bluffs) called, Sequels. They had been in some earlier location I wasn't aware of, but I was happy to know they exist. The store is in an old gas station, and they've used the shelves that once held fizzy drinks behind glass doors to hold shoes. That's my kind of thrift store. The ladies that run it are just as sweet as can be, and the stock is small, but well-selected. Clothes run $1.00-$2.00 and shoes are about the same. I found a lovely flannel-lined slip from the 50's, and a wooden beaded handbag from about the same era. I spent $3.00 and left happy as could be.

We interrupt this trip to Iowa for an update from the Kitsch Museum:

Danny's taking the curator job quite seriously, I'm (sorta) pleased to report.
 Oh dear, you just know it is going to be awful if he dubbed them, Ginger and Mary Ann.
 Yep, they're awful. Still, the powder room needed something on the wall. I'm not sure I'd call them cherubs exactly, but they are "naked" which has a completely different connotation than, "nude."
This one looks like a cross between Charro and Bridget Bardot. Qooochie, Qooochie!
I can believe I bought them as a hideous example of 70's d├ęcor, but I don't know who the hell would have bought them in the contemporary. Anyway, here's a few other gallery labels I found added around the house:
 He's having fun with this, obviously.
Right. So that's the museum update.
Ha! Leg on vanity returns-take that rheumatoid arthritis!

The Goodwill in Council Bluffs did not disappoint either. There was California pottery (heaven help me, the museum is gonna need a new wing) a satin jumpsuit (I don't know why either, but I don't really need a reason to wear a 70's satin jumpsuit if I desire, do I?) more 70's Homco wall hangings for the museum, and polyester shirts galore. I adore that Goodwill location. We timed the trip-it took 27 minutes, which really isn't bad at all. It was a haul when we lived in the country, but now it is a quick trip on the Interstate.
 Outfit Praticulars:

Route 66 dress-K Mart last year
Scarf and mirrored ring- gift from the Made out of Awesome Curtise
Shoes-K Mart a few years ago
Vintage Kimono-Hand-Me-Ups
Vintage handbag-Goodwill

Quoochie Quoochie!



Sue said...

Danny if so funny and cute but don't tell him the cute part, lads don't do cute. Loving the kimono over your frock, layers yum! Cool spice store, bet it smelled divine. Must be hard living with allergies, we have none in this house so we don't have to think about anything when it comes to food.

Asparagus Pea said...

The museum of kitsch cracks me up . My friend's son (who is now 18),was found crying outside his bedroom aged about 6. When asked why he said ' I made a museum and nobody came - I've been sitting here for an hour'. Failure of marketing I think! x

pastcaring said...

A whole shop dedicated to spices, that is brilliant. And I am intrigued by the idea of a charity shop in an old petrol station too (sorry, can't help translating into British as I go...)
The UK doesn't have universal air conditioning (some places do but as often as not, they don't) so I am always interested to hear US bloggers talking about alternately sweating and freezing and needing layers even when it's boiling hot outside. That gorgeous frock and the kimon does the job beautifully, and I'm glad the scarf came in handy for matching purposes! I AM made of awesome, how did you know?!
Danny is doing well with his archiving venture! Ginger and Mary Ann would probably be banned these days as inappropriately sexualised images of children, wouldn't they? But they have their place in the history of kitsch, so into the museum they go! xxx

Goody said...

Strangely, the spice store doesn't smell of spices as everything is in sealed containers they package off-site. It is a somewhat lacking experience in the scent department.

@Asparagus Pea
Oh goodness, poor child. I do hope they arranged a proper gallery opening for him eventually. I'm imagining little toys lined up, etc.

It would be difficult to survive here without air conditioning (people do, but at times that can be downright life-threatening)but we tend to over-do it. We're good at excess ;)

I'm not sure what to make of Ginger and Mary Ann. I don't get a sexual image from them, but I do get a terribly un-PC message of children wearing cosmetics being somehow "cute." They're some sort of grotesque parody of human bodies anyway-they look more like the old Sea Monkey ads from comic books to me where they'd be wearing lipstick and tiaras.

Joanna said...

I love Penzy's! I order from their catalog. They have the best chili spices. We don't have a shop here. I love how you mix your wardrobe up and don't stick to a certain look.

Goody said...


You should start a letter writing campaign-I think that's how we got Trader Joe's (and we hardly have any major chains in Omaha).

I'm not sure I have a look I favour (though there are plenty I don't like AT ALL)but when I see interesting clothes I don't limit myself by my age, body type, etc. We don't have to look like models to enjoy fun clothes. I also don't care if I look stupid, which can be liberating.

You do several era really well-I especially liked what you wore to the Jazz Age party.