Monday, July 28, 2014


When asked why I was, "Dressed like that?" I blurted out the first thing that came to mind, which was the truth-today is Monday! I get asked that sort of question enough that I ought to have a response, but somehow saying, "Because this is how I like to dress" sounds defensive, or with a certain tone, confrontational. Most people are just curious when they ask, so I don't feel the need to cut them down with a snarky response. I keep thinking I'll get used to it, but I'm still caught off guard by questions about my appearance. I don't really know why I dress this way, but I know I'm happier when I do and if that isn't enough of a reason, then I don't know what is.
Tell me you can wear a hat like this, and be unhappy. Impossible. I dare you. The minute this thing hit my head, I started channeling my great auntie and started calling everyone I met, "Dollface", except it came out sounding like, "Dollfus" on account of the regional dialect. I didn't peek in anyone's cupboard though. My great auntie was known to sneak off to the powder room and go through your room on the way back. It drove my mother mad, not that she had anything terrible to hide, just the nosiness of the act. All she would have found were my mother's linens folded like a Benneton, and arranged by colour. But no Dollfus, I didn't peek into your things. Well I might have had a glance at your medicine cabinet, but that's all-I swear. I had a headache and I couldn't find the Bufferin so I borrowed a couple Valium. You don't mind, do you Dollface? *

This dress was another .98 cent prize from Thrift World, and it still had the original tags. I thought that was pretty great so I washed it, and didn't really look it over too closely as it was unworn. It was only as I lifted my arms to put up my hair that I noticed both sleeves were unfinished along part of the seam. Upon taking the dress off and examining it, it was clear there never was any stitching. Someone must have been slacking at the dress factory. I was able to fix it in a few minutes, but it does remind me that even unworn and deadstock items can have issues.
I've never seen the appeal of a peplum as it reminds me a bit of an apron, but this one isn't terribly noticeable, and seems to work well in this lightweight polyester fabric. I feel a little like I have a napkin tucked into my neckline, but careful placement of a large brooch helps to minimise the effect. This is a surprisingly difficult dress to wear. When in doubt, I add a hat and more polyester-this time in the form of a great jacket.
It has matching pull-on elastic waist pants with wicked flares. I like contrast stitching, it reminds me of the golden sunshine days of my youth. OK fine, it reminds me of being young in the 70's. I made up the golden sunshine bit. Happy now, are we?
"Dollfus, what are these funny tablets in the round plastic container with numbers on them for? Will they help a headache?"

Outfit Particulars:

Early 80's polyester dress-Thrift World
Red polyester 70's jacket-Thrift World
Belt-Sears, long ago
Earrings-Thrift World

In other news...

I bought a dress form today for photographing clothing, etc. I find so much stuff that is too good to leave, but not useful personally, so I'm setting up shop. Nothing large scale, but a place to pass along the wonderful things that I couldn't squeeze my bottom into if my life depended on it. I haven't taken it live yet, but I bought the domain, and have started a blog to showcase vintage specific items. I suppose that means I'll have to put a bit more effort into learning some photography hacks, but that's OK. There isn't much to see yet, but the vintage blog is here:

I thought it would be good to have a photo-heavy place where people don't have to struggle through my poorly punctuated blathering when they just want to see the polyester bell bottoms. We'll see how it goes.

"Oh Dollface, I couldn't help noticing your green suit hanging don't mind if I wear the jacket, do you? I get so cold..."

*In fairness to my Great Aunt, she was a bit of a nosy-nose, but as far as I know she never helped herself to my mother's tranquilisers. We might have all been better off if she had.


pastcaring said...

I think you should tell people you are related to English royalty, hence red, white and blue and a hat at all times. I mean, it's possible, right? That hat could have been the Queen Mother's, the brooch belonged to the Queen, and I'm pretty sure the dress was Lady Diana's, before she sold her soul to the Windsors. But it's OK, your secret's safe with me, I won't say a WORD. I won't even go through your cupboards. But I will take a look at The Polyester Wilderness! xxx

Roseclouds said...

At the grocery store I've gotten:

"did you just come from a night out at a club?" (we go shopping at 7am on Saturdays to avoid people)
"are you an art student?" (um, I was 20 years ago)
"are you dressed to go to work or are you just dressed like that for the day?" (I didn't really know what to say to that)

Yes, I do get up and put on a full face of makeup but it only takes 20 minutes these days. I can't leave the house without my eyebrows and my red lipstick! And if you can't have fun with your clothing then what's the use in getting dressed??? I've never really been comfortable "dressed down".

Your style is so fun! Apparently I need to go thrifting in Nebraska. Savannah is so touristy and full of art students that everything is wiped out or way too overpriced!

Goody said...


Nah... no royal relations...but some of the relatives could have managed a job as the upstairs maid. Maybe a valet...but probably not.

I like the Queen's style of pastel suit, gloves, hat and matching shoes and bag. I'm all for finding something that works for you and staying with it until you die.

Goody said...


Yes, you should come here to thrift. The locals haven't quite caught on to the idea that their old stuff is sought after.

Sue said...

So Dollface so the pills in the round container with numbers on really not work for headaches? Best slip a Valium or two, drug of choice for the old girls back in the day. They should have just grown something they could have smoked and life would have been a breeze!! Love your hat, and I visited your other blog, just like a nosy relative checking out your medicine cupboard!!

Joanna said...

Okay that last photograph is priceless and should come with a caption:) You know I bet you could make some money selling cards with your classic responses:) You are right this hat just has to make you smile:) I'm glad you are a risk taker and fight the social norm.... "You go, Dollface" :)

Goody said...


You're sweet to say so, Dollface ;)

Helga said...

I am generally pretty mellow, but those questions really GET ON MY TIT.I am losing my sense of humour as I age, and I just can't be fecked with it! The answer could be FUCK YOU or Why are YOU dressed like THAT or I AM RETARDED, depending on my mood.
I think you look FUCKING FABULARSE and I would be gagging to hang out with you. Why do you live up there, so far away?! Dammit.

Goody said...

"I am retarded" might not have been the best comeback as I was in a charity thrift store serving the mentally handicapped ;)

I don't know why I live here actually. Too lazy to leave I time you travel my way we'll rendezvous and scare the crap out of all the locals.