Sunday, July 13, 2014

Not Any of the Ladies I Know

It is risky to wear a dress like this on a Sunday, as I might pass a church and be put to work. Fortunately, I attend Our Lady of the Thrifted Garments where the only "hallelujahs" to be heard are exclamations of joy at finding just the perfect clothes.
Why yes, I did buy that 70's polyester ensemble. You would have too for .98 cents
Bought that one as well.
See the green one at the far left corner? That was a Kay Windsor 2 piece Secretary dress. I bought that one as well.

The pink dress I'm wearing today came from the same shop, so it was a little like a homecoming. The label indicates the maker was an unfamiliar brand called, "British Lady." I suppose you could read that a few ways, but as it is made in the US, I think they mean it as a title of nobility, not for your, "Hey, lady, you can't park there!" sort. At any rate, I don't know any British ladies that would be caught dead in this getup. I tried to imagine what it would sort of clothing you could market to a UK audience called, "American Lady" but all I could come up with was some sort of calico prairie thing, or perhaps a track suit that reads, "juicy" across the bottom...but we've already done that I suppose.

Outfit Particulars:

British Lady 60's dress-Thrift World, Millard
1950's Naturalizer shoes-Goodwill
1960's handbag-Thrift World, 90th and Maple
Marvella beads-Hand-Me-Ups
Earrings and bracelet set-Hand-Me-Ups
1950's straw hat-Hand-Me-Ups

Why yes, I do feel more ladylike!

PS-look at my tiny garden grow. I can't believe how much produce I've been able to harvest from our little pots and raised bed. I always thought I had a good garden on the farm, but this small plot has really been productive.


Helga said...

EEEK! You look utterly delightful! I do love a proper British lady look!
O, I am SO happy you have taken the education of fellow Omaha-hi-ha-ans in Helga speak!!! Do lets see said vinyltastic bag, darl! XXX

Sue said...

98 cents, of course you bought it! Obviously a fashion show of the new buys is now required. I can only worship during the week as my favourite places to worship in are best stocked during the week. Imagine you getting dragged into a sunday service to hand out bibles, ha ha, you would be flippin' the bird all the way I bet!!

Bibi said...

Hmmm.....I think I saw the late Queen Mum wearing some sort of frothy pink polyester confection similar to your ensemble...can't get more 'British Lady' than that.
As for such American sartorial absurdities such as track suits with 'juicy' emblazoned across the behind, I believe that has found favor with a certain youthful segment of UK society known as 'chavs'.

Propagatrix said...

I can see Hyacinth Bucket in the pink ensemble, with a larger hat. Mrs. Councilor Nugent would approve.

pastcaring said...

These comments have really made me laugh!
I think Helga does the British Lady look almost as well as you do (hat; gloves; framed handbag; frock; brooch; all present and correct) and yes, it has more than a hint of Queen Mother about it!
Now, since I am a British Lady myself, I need to tell you that I have a collection of dresses my partner calls Church Picnic Dresses - and he doesn't mean it as a compliment... Oh well. See if I care.
Look at your fabulous garden, you do really well to get so much from a small space. (British Lady Garden would mean something altogether different, and it's not that sort of blog.) xxx