Thursday, July 24, 2014

Oh, Be(e)have!

Last weekend, I found a brand-new Nordic Ware beehive pan at Goodwill for $2.99 . Admittedly, there aren't that many occasions (if any) when I have need of a beehive shaped cake-but I like to be prepared for any and all possibilities (with respect to cake, anyway). I now know what pan I will be using to bake honey cake for Rosh Hashanah. The pan has two moulds, so you have to piece the halves together with frosting. That made me think it would also have potential hollowed partially out for an impressive ice cream bombe. See? I'm already finding uses for this impractical pan.

People that know me understand that I have a bit of a Nordic Ware obsession. I've managed to keep it under control (mostly) and have limited myself to two bundt pans, and an aebelskever pan-and now this beehive. If you're not familiar with their mind-boggling array of pans, you may wish to remain ignorant because once you see the pans, you can't un-see them...and you will want them all. I am not being paid by Nordic Ware to say this.

The recipe on the packaging comes from Williams and Sonoma, and that is the recipe I used for the cake:

For the bee decorations I used unsalted butter and icing sugar tinted with food colouring. As I shaped the bees I placed them on wax paper I then transferred to the fridge for a good hour before using. You can do sugar paste with egg whites and granulated sugar but then you have to find something close in shape to mould it in (bottle caps, candy moulds, etc.). I've used both over the years, and if you aren't planning to save the decorations, buttercream is the way to go.

Here's the back view.

The picture doesn't convey it, but the cake is quite small (though certainly large enough for Danny and Mr. ETB) and unless you sliced quite miserly pieces, it wouldn't feed more than 8 adults (6 if they're greedy). It is a rich cake though (a cup of butter, and 4 eggs)so you probably wouldn't want all that much anyway, but be aware it is small.

The weather gave us a nice break today, so I took advantage of using the oven before we're plunged back into the extreme heat/humidity thing we've been in. You might think this would be ideal weather for ripening tomatoes, but they are steadfast in their refusal to so much as blush on the vine. Meanwhile, I have an aubergine of near mammoth proportions threatening to overtake the little plot waiting for a tomato to be baked with. I may need to reconsider, as I don't think "Herman" (what, you don't name your vegetables?) is going to wait for the slacker tomatoes. I'm resisting bringing the tomatoes in, wrapping them in newsprint, and leaving them on the windowsill with a banana like my mother always did, but if they don't start turning red soon, I may reconsider.

I don't imagine standing over the plants screaming, "Ripen you bastards!" would do any good either, but it might be satisfying.


pastcaring said...

No produce likes to be yelled at, you have to use a little sweet talking to get those tomatoes to ripen. Failing that, out with the newspaper and banana... Can we see Herman the mammoth aubergine, please? If that doesn't sound too Carry On for you?
The cake is a wonder. Do you have a US version of the Great British Bake Off? I think you need to go on it. xxx

Sue said...

I dare you to yell at the toms!! I talk to my garden, luckily I have an elderly neighbour who is on the deaf side of things or she may well consider me MAD! I love the Nordic Ware, so much so that I checked it out on Trade Me, a kiwi site that sells new and used things. I am impressed, now I want to see your collection. The cakes doesn't need to be big, it just needs to taste sublime!

Jessica Cangiano said...

You officially win for cutest cake of the summer. Oh my word, that is so unbee-lievably darling! My dear and wonderful husband has a fear of bees (and I of large spiders, so I'm certainly not passing insect phobia judgement there), but even he, I'm sure would agree that this cake is, if you'll pardon the bun, really the bee's knees! :)

♥ Jessica

Goody said...

Don't know if there's an American version, but who would want to go on that show is beyond me. I mean, death threats and hate mail over cake?

The Nordic Ware is cute stuff if you have the cabinet space. The boys liked the cake, said it tasted like a very strongly lemon flavoured pound cake. I can't eat that sort of thing, so I'll take their word for it.

@ Jessica

Danny is terrified of stinging insects too. I've seen him freeze, unable to speak and just point at a hornet. I guess we can cross beekeeper off his list of future occupations. I like your puns, no need to pardon them ;)