Saturday, July 12, 2014

Railroad Days 2014

I admit it, I'm not a festival person. Never have been. In the 80's, I would get dragged along to a 3 day festival of sorts nearly every year to see the Grateful Dead play at Alpine Valley, WI. and I hated every minute of it. My friends wanted me there because I had a roomy car, and I was smart enough to pack a first aid kit, water, and the sort of stuff you need to spend 3 days in a field in Wisconsin. And I didn't drop acid, so there was someone to calmly explain the hallucinations weren't real. I was in effect, the babysitter.
Railroad Days is a little like that, but without the drugs, and you can go home at 5 PM. You still have to deal with the heat, and crowds, and if I'm honest the Deadheads were better behaved, but as festivals go it is the only one I'm willing to tolerate being uncomfortable to attend. Splitting it up to different venues in two cities does help to disperse the trapped feeling these events typically give me. I didn't share that with Danny. Look, I put on the face that says, "Yes! I adore a hot bumpy bus ride! Let's stop at another museum."
We rode the bus. And a trolley. We toured the historic Dodge House.
and we enjoyed a visit to the botanical gardens...
But now, I'm dead. I mean flat-out-to-the-core-exhausted-going-to-sleep-knackered.
But wait...hold the line! What's that you say? There's a second day of this? Oh dear, I'd better get to sleep immediately.

Outfit Particulars:

1950's sundress-Brimfield Antiques Fair-90's
Yellow belt-thrifted
Shoes-K mart
Seashell earrings-Hand-Me-Ups
Milk glass beaded bracelet-Hand-Me-Ups
Dior scarf-thrifted
Hair clip-Tiff and Tam

I felt sorry for the Civil War re-enactors in their heavy costumes. It was exceptionally hot and humid today. I can't imagine actually going to battle dressed like that. Wool is not a suitable summer fabric in America.

Danny held up OK, but ate a gigantic bowl of ice cream before collapsing in bed the minute we got home. He had fun. On the bus he kept pointing to the box on the wall that read, "Bodily Fluids Disposal Kit" and asking loudly if anyone needed to throw up. It was a rather bouncy ride, but thankfully no one needed it.
If anyone was tripping their brains out hallucinogens, they didn't let us know, and I didn't have to talk anyone down from anything, which is good because I've never been good at that sort of thing. I'm far too impatient with people to make a good counselor. "The Leprechaun isn't real! Shut up already!" Really, I don't know why anyone would want me along to a festival because all I do is obsess over adequate hydration and where the toilets are once the hydration is completed.

Here I am looking fully hydrated.
You will never see this woman at any Palooza-ish  sort of thing. You might see her at Railroad Days again tomorrow, but only if she's bribed with another pint of lemon sorbet. I'm not leaving the house for anything less that a pint to myself.


Sue said...

I have never been big on going to things that have crowds of people. I hate queuing for things too. All makes me uncomfortable, sweaty palmed and I don't fight I take the flight, so I avoid it. Lucky we are all different in the world otherwise the festivals would be bursting at the seams or empty! You did well and Danny looked like he was enjoying every minute of it. Go MUM!!

Goody said...


Oh, the queuing...non existent. I think those 12 years I spent out in the country on a farm kept me from noticing the decline of polite behaviour in cities.

Danny doesn't read the blog (that I know of) and I don't think he's quite aware how much I loathe this sort of thing (kids are sort of self-absorbed -as they ought to be)but I am so thankful to have my friends here at the blog that understand.

Yes, it is a good thing the world is filled with different people. To be fair, I generally like people, just not all at once ;)

Bibi said...

That is one gorgeous summer outfit & you look absolutely stunning in it!
I was the 80's festival queen too. You name it - everything 'Palooza-ish' from Burning Man to Renaissance Faire to Grateful Dead concerts. (Funny how the best part of a deadhead concert was in the parking lot, eh?)
From what my friends in California tell me the 'festival' scene has gone the way of the dodo since the economic bust of 2006.
Don't miss it, I'm 'burnt' on all that Californicator stuff. Searching in vain for a place to pee is still a problem living in Nepal though.

Helga said...

I can't be arsed with festivals, mostly due to crowds of irritating people, but also because I tend to get bored at that sort of thing unless I get heinously drunk, which can lead to picking fights with afore mentioned irritating people!!!
Baby sitting can be amusing; I once babysat some friends on acid at Death Valley, and freaked them out by playing the Planet of the Apes soundtrack at alternating levels from the car. Quite satisfying.
Hydration agrees with you!

Propagatrix said...

Geez, Alpine Valley. Haven't been there since 1992, when I saw Ozzy and it took two hours to get out of the parking lot after the show. Still have a headache from that.

Family friends owned one of the farms adjacent to Alpine, and they had many, many stories of concertgoers doing rude things in their fields.