Saturday, July 05, 2014

Sorry Kid, Beat It.

At the bird feeder:

A female robin is eating at the platform. A fledgling house sparrow perches before the robin and begins fluttering his wings demanding food, whilst holding his mouth open. The robin stops, looks at the sparrow and then goes back to eating, ignoring the sparrow who continues to flutter and demand food. The robin eventually flies off leaving the sparrow sitting there mouth wide open until it realises no one is coming to feed it.

I felt kind of bad until I saw it gave up, and began to eat by itself. Ah, a lazy baby that doesn't want to learn how to use the spoon! I had one of those, he sat there in the high chair with his mouth hanging open just like the sparrow, until I'd stick the spoon back in his hand to try again. Mummy sparrow must have had enough of this demanding little one.

I had to laugh though at the robin's reaction.  "Ehhhhh, you're not one of mine, leave me alone."

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