Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Then a Fella With a Shiny Toaster Stopped to Compliment My Dress

I like green, it is so...grass like. We don't have tons of grass in the city, but someone forgot to tell the wildlife...
I think they're plotting some sort of direct action in the excavator's path. They're digging up this field to build another gas station, but I sense the geese have other ideas.
Oh what do I spy with my little eye? Well nothing really, as I'm not wearing my specs...but pssst...look over my shoulder. Can it be? Is it...
Why yes, it is a new shower curtain. I seem to be on a Vera kick of late (I bought several tablecloths to make curtains and a playsuit). How can I do anything by leap cheerfully into the shower each morning with such bright, beautiful flowers to start my day? I never thought I could love a shower curtain quite this much.

But wait, what else do I spy with my little eye?
A package of Mod joy from the lovely Curtise
I cannot wait to make that cape. Blue and orange together, in a single scarf? Perfection! Thank you again hon, it is exactly what I had in mind.

I'm accessorising these days with gauze and bandages as I managed to give myself a serious burn with...the curling wand. You should avoid clamping it down on your finger. Learn from my mistakes. It isn't really healing over, I suppose I ought to have that seen by a professional. But look how chic!
I look like a walking sherbet. Or a green lawn with dandelions. Your choice.

Outfit Particulars:

Kay Windsor dress and jacket-Thrift World, Millard
Coro necklace-Imaginarium
Floral pin-Goodwill
Rings-Thrifted around
Bangles-Thrifted around
Shoes-K Mart
Yellow belt-Came with something
Handbag-New Life Thrift

"Secretary Dress?" OK, but I don't know shorthand, my typing is terrible, and I make the worst coffee you'll ever taste...but I know how to sharpen a #2 Ticonderoga lead pencil to perfection. You just leave me in charge of pencils and I'll have this office running ship shape in no time. Yeah, you just go ahead and try to sharpen a pencil better than that. I dare you.


Sue said...

Firstly the new shower curtain is very nice, love the colours!! You wear green so well, and your secretary pose is perfect. I would employ you to keep the pencils sharp, but I would want plenty of your quick wit with it!!

Northern mum down South said...

Finally, the long awaited shower curtain replacement, very nice it is too, I expect you will all be extra clean with extra showering going on to appreciate those lovely flowers.

I haven't seen the band aid over sterile gauze dressing technique before. Even more glad of my curly hair now as those curling wands sound dangerous.

I can see you in a cape, can't wait to see what material you choose.

pastcaring said...

You're a dream in green, and that shower curtain is just great! Glad you like the pattern, etc. Now get sharpening those pencils, and take a memo, Miss Juniper! xxx