Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Who Ordered the Shit Sandwich?

I had to drop off several (four) vials of stool culture at the Dr's office for Danny (please god, don't be C Diff) and I had it all in a paper lunch sack as I approached the receptionist's desk. I was sooo tempted to swing it around and start asking, "Hey! What's brown and sticky?" And when no one replied, scream, "A STICK!" but instead I just handed over the bag and now we wait for a call telling us why kiddo has been crapping his brains out for three weeks following treatment with antibiotics. Yay! I once made the receptionist cry because I told her to stop talking and listen  to what I was trying to tell her, and she told me I was, "mean." I don't know what she would have done if I offered her a shit sandwich. Anyway, we should talk about vintage clothes, that's why you're here, correct?
This polyester crepe-like dress was another .98 cents steal from Thrift World. No maker label, but it had the red, white, and blue Garment Workers label, so post 1976 anyway. If I had to make an educated guess, I'd put it no earlier than '77 and no later than '81. I had dresses like this in that time period. This would have been an inexpensive dress, but again, it is so better made than the expensive clothing you can buy today. I love black and brown together, and the pattern struck a chord somewhere in what's left of my brain-so home it came. It is quite sheer in the sun, so I'm wearing it with a half slip.
I'm glad it didn't require altering, because it would be a shame to lose that pattern at the hem. The dress could have been a size smaller, but that's the beauty of elastic waists-you stick a belt over it, and suddenly it fits.
Outfit Particulars:

Late 70's dress- Thrift World
60's chain link belt-Thrift World
Gold Shoes-Goodwill
Gold 60's handbag-Goodwill
1970's Monet medallion necklace-Hand Me Ups
1960's Napier gold beads-Hand Me Ups
1970's bracelet (with brown and white stones) Hand Me Ups
1970's gold clamper bracelet with onyx-like stone-Gift from my sister, circa 1976 (I think it was Christmas, might have been a birthday-who can remember? I know it came from Carson Pirie Scott because she worked there, and I mentioned wanting it. And she bought it, which was totally cool).
Black sparkly ring-Goodwill
Gold Earrings- K Mart (.49 cents clearance!)

 The purse was a bit must inside, so I sprayed a hankie with Emeraude and now it smells much better, in a nan sort of way.

Matching shoes and handbag extreme gold edition! Gawd I love these gold shoes. They hurt like hell every time I wear them, and they are impossibly bright, but damn! Hot Damn those are some bright shoes. Gold shoes are a basic human right-it should be enshrined in the Constitution because people, if gold shoes aren't the, "Pursuit of happiness" then I don't know what is.

I couldn't get that shot again in a million years if I tried, but hey, pretty cool, huh?

I want to wish our Canadian neighbors neighbours a Happy Canada Day. I raise a bowl of poutine to you as a toast. You should work on getting gold shoes into your Charter as well, then we can all pursue happiness.


pastcaring said...

Catching up, catching up (I am behind, and Blogger is being a bitch and making half my comments disappear.)
So wigs (fab), maturing perfume (mmm... I had a miniature bottle of Evening in Paris when I was a kid, bought by my auntie though, not a BOY!), kids on hessian, beautiful vintage bags, and a glut of basil. It's all going on.
And Danny is still struggling poor kid. Funny how asking someone to listen can be described as "mean". Medical receptionists are a particular breed of woman, I find, and listening isn't their strong suit,
"Gold (gold!) always believe in your so-oul" Loving all the shiny gold goodness (Goodyness?) and the fab 70s frock. xxxx

Autumn said...

Cheers to Curtise for the Spandau Ballet reference, still one of my faves ;-)

Sorry the kid is still sick, hope he feels better soon.

Gold shoes should be everyone's right, because they are very happy-making.

Our receptionist here (not a medical building) is pretty similar. Not too bright, doesn't like to listen, thinks if you ask her to listen you're being "mean". She's new-ish, and I've recently heard that her and the other new girl are afraid of me because I'm "mean". God help them if I am ever actually mean, but hey, whatever keeps people out of my office works for me.

Connie said...

Let's hear it for elastic waistbands. Ahhhhhh....when I was a very self-conscious middle schooler (we called it jr. High back in the day) my mother inadvertently tossed the jar with my brother's urine sample into my purse. I -ewwww- threw it in the school trash as soon as I got to school and ewwww-discovered it. My mother was angry that I hadn't carried it around with me all day and returned it to her. Yeah. That would have made me a very popular 7th grader. I hope Danny feels better. And those are some GOLD shoes. Very pretty.

Goody said...

Are you sure we're not related? That sounds like the exact reaction my mother would have had.

Sue said...

Somehow I can imagine you with your bag of poo at the doctors, I would have probably told the nurse it was in fact a shit sandwich in the bag. So hope they fix your little man up soon so he can enjoy his summer break. Lovin' all the gold. Might have to hunt me down some gold shoes, I have silver, but no gold. I must be slipping!!

Northern mum down South said...

As usual I am in total awe of your ability to accessorise to perfection.

Let's hope the lab results shed some light on why Danny has been under the weather for so long.