Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Everybody Panic-Another Storm on the Way!

I'll believe there's a storm when I see it.

The weather service is threatening predicting snow again, this time for Thanksgiving on Thursday. Combine the frantic shopping for milk and bread at the mere whisper of snow, with a food-centred holiday and it was quite a scene at the supermarket. I only needed laundry detergent because my idea of a good time at a holiday is knocking farts out of my husband's shorts, so I was able to stand there taking in the madness without actively feeling pressured to engage-sort of like an out-of-body experience...with fabric softener. I'm a baker-we have a freezer full of bread, and I keep powdered milk on hand, so no manic shopping for this lady. 

My neck is still giving me trouble, so rather than toss money at a medical office that won't do anything, I bought a moist heat neck wrap I can microwave and then drape over my neck and shoulders. I'm wearing it as I type, and so far it is as helpful (if not more) than anything they did for me at the urgent care. Fifteen bucks, well spent. It can also be frozen for cold use. The brand I bought is Thermalon, and I am not being compensated in any way by the company. I spotted it in the pharmacy, along with other sized wraps for specific issues like lower back and sinuses. It holds heat rather well, and can be re-heated. I wish they made a full body sized wrap like a wet suit because dang-I'm feeling my age!

Outfit Particulars:

Vintage Penny Dale acetate skirt-Fairytale Costumes
Twin set-Can't remember, 90's
Vintage Forstman wool coat-Etsy
Old Navy shoes-Goodwill
Bangles-Hand-Me-Ups, and Goodwill
Vintage beads-Hand-Me-Ups
Vintage French handbag-Goodwill
Vintage clip crystal earrings-Hand-Me-Ups
1950's brooch-Can't remember
Lippy-Loreal Party Pink
Fragrance-Jean Patou 1000

The skirt has a built-in crinoline at the bottom, but I do think it would benefit from something really full to take advantage of the sweep. I guess if I needed a reason to purchase a purple petticoat this skirt is as good an excuse as any. 

Each evening, I've been covering the raised bed and garden pots with fleeces even though most of what I have growing is frost resistant. This evening, I was outside tucking the garden in for the night (I didn't read it a bedtime story) when the man who delivers the weekly shopping circular was tossing the papers out from his truck as he drove slowly along. He spotted me just in time before whacking me with a rolled-up paper, tossing it instead onto the sidewalk. I think I freaked the poor guy out-I mean, who expects someone outside in the dark covering a garden with fleece blankets? That'll teach him to mindlessly toss papers at our doors. It looks like we'll be having home-grown spinach at Thanksgiving, which is something I'm very thankful for. 

This is my "Gosh, my neck hurts, but that's an awfully nice coat" face. I thought it was crazy to buy a white coat last year, and then I bought another last weekend. Moving away from the mud of the farm has really expanded my fashion options, though honestly I wouldn't wear this once there's snow and salt/sand on the ground. This is a sort of, "pre-weather" coat, so I'd better make the most of it while I can. I'm sure it won't snow Thursday, but it was fun watching the supermarket frenzy anyway. 

Know what else I'm thankful for? 
All of You!
I am. 
You guys are the best. 


Bibi Maizoon said...

I love that navy skirt with the pink twinset!
The built in crinoline peeping out in pale pink is divine.
Neck issues are the worst, there's like nothing you can do or 'position' to avoid the pain.
I think I have every pink & mauve lippy L'Oreal makes but I don't have Party Pink. I have a Maybelline lippy in Party Pink, I love the color but it only sticks around for 15 minutes. My absolute fav pink lippy is Estee Lauder's Pink Parfait.
No dire weather predictions here. We are still having a daily aftershocks of M4 to M5, so every time a lorry rumbles past our house I run for the doorway.
Nothing to buy here as the India/Nepal border blockade is still going on. Used the last of the flour I'd been hoarding to bake the Sheikh a coconut pound cake for his birthday today. Had to use 'fat spread' to make the buttercream frosting as butter has not been available for the last 2 months. The frosting tasted weird so I put some Monin 'sirop de coco' in it with some freshly grated coconut- now it tastes like suntan lotion!
I am thankful for the internet so I can meet such lovely folks as y'all!

Beth Waltz said...

Pink lippy, pink twin set, white coat -- you have gone city-civilized all the way to the park with sidewalks! Here in the semi-rural Midwest, the hot fashion pick for females is pink camo overalls. No lipstick, just Chapstick (or perhaps it's bear fat or bacon grease, I don't look too closely).

So very glad the hot pack is helping your neck, Goody! During one of my forays into the TSC (Tractor Supply Store, see above) for canned cat food I encountered a lady wearing a neck ring, the sort one takes on long plane flights. She noticed my noticing and cheerfully explained it worked better than a collar from the medical suppply shoppe -- and cost $20 less. There's a lesson here.

I am grateful for the support of coworkers, friends (you brilliant minds I meet online!)family and medical teams. A shining blessing this week is a second successful surgery to correct my rescue kitten's congenital eye deformities. Young Nora will be in the hospital's ICU unit for more than a week, receiving meds and two-person treatments unavailable at home. There hasn't been a Christmas kitten in this house for 20 years and it's a joy to anticipate toys all over the floor, shredded gift wrap, missing tags...

Goody said...


Whoops-you're right-it WAS Maybellene! I don't know how I mixed it up. What's more, it is called, "Pink Pop" so obviously my brain ain't functioning as well as I'd like to think. I haven't completely turned into my mother and asked a salesperson for "Amy Vanderbilt jeans" or dropped Danny off for any parties a week early, but wow-am I getting forgetful.

I thought Marxists were smart enough to know you don't restrict people's bread (even if the have to queue for it). They'll put up with just about any deprivation but bread/flour is supposed to be hands-off. I hope they resolve things soon-no flour or petrol sounds like quite the hardship.


I like the pink cammo-you could lose yourself in a field of Barbie/Sindy dolls before opening fire with your pink BB gun. I miss the farm stores, particularly in the early spring when the chicks and ducks arrive. The prices on socks/thermals/etc. were always better than the box stores, and generally better quality. When Danny was very small, I'd let him pick out a mini tractor toy whenever we'd go.

I'm excited for your kitty Nora, and I know you'll have a wonderful Christmas together. I adore cats, but unfortunately I'm allergic. Strangely, they seem to be the one thing my son isn't allergic to. Go figure.