Sunday, November 15, 2015

Hitting the Right Cords

I bought these green cords last summer at Hand-Me-Ups for .99 cents. At worst, I reasoned they would be good for gardening and cleaning if I didn't like the fit. I finally got around to trying them on, and as they seemed presentable I wore them out for an afternoon at the park.

I don't typically try things on at thrift stores unless it is terribly expensive. When we're talking a few dollars, even if it won't fit me, it will fit someone I know and a good find can be passed along. I bought a .99 cent vintage Lily Pullitzer dress this week. I am not the Lily Pullitzer type (at all) but it was too good to pass up. Someone will want it. Over the years, I've developed a good sense for what will fit by looking at it. There have been unflattering items, but by and large, I've had very few purchased items of clothes I simply couldn't use. I don't go by size labels. These cords are labeled an 8 US. That's madness. I have another pair of cords (pink) that are a size 16 and are quite snug. Carry a measuring tape in your pocket, and if there's any doubt, set it flat and measure. I'm at the point now where I rarely need it and can eyeball the fit from a quick glance, but I still wouldn't dream of going out without a measure. I consider it part of my, "Thrifting kit" like a small flashlight (for spotting holes), a lint roller (for when I accidentally pick up something covered in cat hair) and some moist towelettes because some thrift stores aren't as clean as they could be.

Outfit Particulars:
Ralph Lauren wool Polo polo neck (that was redundant) Retail, years ago
Suede jacket-Dots, about 16 years ago (has matching suede trousers)
Talbots corduroys- Hand-Me-Ups
Esprit curduroy handbag-Goodwill
Ankle boots-K Mart
Fragrance-Jicky (the reformulated version)

I'll keep this short and sweet as it is late, and I have a busy week ahead. I hope you have a great week full of fun and interesting things.


Bibi Maizoon said...

I'm remembering the 'Whoosh' sound corduroy pants make when you walk- particularly flares.
You look very 1974 'earth tones' in that outfit, a lot like my 4th grade teacher Mrs Langdale. She was a favorite of mine.
I always have a measuring tape in my purse as 1) marked sizes are wildly inaccurate as you say & 2) I'm usually shopping for a variety of sizes & shapes for all the members of my Indian tribe.
Carrying baby wipes is a must here India and Nepal as nearly everything isn't as clean as it could be. Let's not even discuss toilet facilities (or the lack thereof).

Curtise said...

Ooh, those lovely shades of green and brown look so good on you. Bibi's right, the outfit has a fabulous 1970s teacher vibe! Or the big sister of one of Charlie's Angels!
I always have a tape measure with me too, and rarely try clothes on in charity shops. I can usually judge whether something will fit me, and I can always sell or pass on any item that doesn't work on me. It makes shopping so much easier and quicker! xxx

Mim said...

That's a fab outfit - as ever I am in awe of your powers of accessorizing; the earrings and bags bring out the colours in the fabrics so brilliantly.

Goody said...

I've been enjoying your changing profile pictures because I get to have a really good look at your perfect brows. You're really convincing me to have mine done.

Yes, I've found out that "toilet" in many places can mean a rarely cleaned hole in the ground...and that was just the airport ;)

The only teacher I remember clearly from the 70's wore pullovers that I'm sure were knit (not very expertly) by his mother. One featured a train-you can't un-remember that. We gave him a lot of shit about his fashion choices.

@ Mim
Thank you. I tend to wear the same colours over and over which makes buying shoes and bags easier.

Beth Waltz said...

I'm dubbing this ensemble "Goody's mallard moment" -- and that's a good thing, because I consider mallard drakes more handsome than peacocks. The flash of green teal makes the browns and grays so vivid!

And I'll admit to crystal envy: those bits of emerald earrings are sensational.

Sue said...

Nice colour those cords are. I haven't worn cords for years, but I think I might not be able to walk as the pile in the fabric would get stuck when my divine thighs try to move! I hardly ever try things on in thrift shops, unless like you said, it is a little more expensive. If I don't like what I buy on me or the fit is WRONG I pass it on or re donate. Haven't had to many cock ups.

Goody said...


Mallard! Love it! Quack.
The earrings are plastic but shhhh...don't tell anyone.

My thighs rub together, but I don't give a toss.

Cee said...

LOL... Thanks for the corduroy memories flashback, Goody :)

I was the proud owner of two pairs from 1976 to '79 ( one bottle green and the other tan in colour ) and still smile remembering the " whoosh whoosh " sound they made while walking... and they looked great with polonecks and butterfly collared shirts.

I had a jumper similar to the one you're modelling I lived in for most of the colder months :)

Goody said...

You're not the first to tell me I'm wearing something you owned in the 70's. I take it as a supreme compliment.