Tuesday, November 17, 2015

I Wear the Awful Trends...So You Don't Have To

I look like a homeschooler. Wait. Never mind that. My point is, all the fashion mags that are falling over themselves singing the praises of a polo neck and pinafore? They're full of shit. It is a conspiracy to see how many people take the bait, get dressed, post it on the internet, and generally make asses of themselves. Well here you go fashion editors, have at it! 

I confess, this was already in my wardrobe long before the twenty year olds that run the world decided to have a 70's moment. I further confess that the heavy cotton flannel fabric is quite warm and comfortable-sort of like wearing a flannel shirt...without pants. We all like doing that sometimes, right?  The top is a bodysuit so I really could lose the pinafore/jumper if I wanted because pants are so...pants like. Ya know? But hey, it got cold and damp out so next best thing is a huge flannel pinafore. 

I own a pair of vintage duck boots, but I thought that might be a bit much, even with all the rain we've been having. 

We took a trip to the quilt shop again today. Danny's Birthday quilt is now going from concept to reality. I don't use a pattern when I quilt (and it shows!) so they really are straight out of my imagination. Sweet dreams little baby! He wants a Monty Python themed quilt. Don't ask. I am as hopeless in a quilt shop as I am in any fabric store and I ended up coming home with what I needed, and quite a bit that I didn't. I have been working through my fabric stash (I swear, I have) but now my child is starting to accumulate interesting fabrics without a project in mind. Moda Fabrics, are generally irresistible. It has been pouring rain-I couldn't think of a better place to pass the time than surrounded by fabric. 

Outfit Particulars: 
Vintage bodysuit-Limited late 80's
Flannel pinafore/jumper dress-Goodwill (I think)
Nan tights-Leggs
Fragrance-Wind Song

I packed away the last of the warmer weather clothes today-it felt a little sad. We bought Danny two new winter coats as the sleeves on the old ones came up to his elbow. In order to get something long enough in the arms we had to buy him coats in the men's department (and the torso isn't all that long on him either). How did the baby I carried around in the crook of my arm get to be as tall as I am? I don't think that is typical at his age (almost 11) but his dad is quite tall, and I guess we know who he takes after. I feel bad for him-it means a lifetime of bespoke dress shirts because nothing you can buy in the store will be quite right in both the arm and neck. I'm encouraging him to take up sewing. I draw my personal line at tailoring. 

I need to change the "Moose Tree" to a Winter decor. Maybe I'll just tack a pinafore onto him. At least no one asked when I was, "due." In reality, I dressed much better when I was expecting. 

If the rain ever lets up I have a garden full of greens ready to be harvested. What a strange autumn it has been-makes me wonder what winter has in store. Whatever it is, I have plenty of fabric to work with if we get snowed-in. Winter preparedness isn't just flashlights and batteries, you know. 

What about you? Any interesting projects you're working on? 


Beth Waltz said...

Count me among those who recall this 70s "comfort clothes" combo with fondness. I've never experienced the joys of pregnancy; however, I'm all too familiar with bloating and cramps and this was just the ticket for "those days". Worn with comfy, clumping boots over thick socks or comfy, clumping Birkenstocks with socks.

Danny's Monty Python quilt theme excites the imagination! Once upon a time I doodled a wallpaper border of The Ministry of Silly Walks strutting his stuff. Rahter like puffins or penguins on steroids, or some other pharmaceutical marvel, y'know.

Sue said...

Is it possible the fashionistas are following your blog and diving into your wardrobe when you are not home? You are doing a community service really. I cannot wait to see this years birthday quilt, guess I will have to wait until after the birthday. You know your baby ain't a baby any more and he is gonna keep on growing. Bet he will tap you on the head like my two do.

Bibi Maizoon said...

Oh, the 20 yr olds that run the world today. I guess they just discovered the preppy/LLBean look- when they weren't busy trying to find something new to be offended by?
The latest 'cultural appropriation' trend is what gets me. Apparently we goris (white women) are being offensive to ABCDs (American Born Confused Desis) by wearing saris, bindis, bangles, headscarves, & even cooking curries now - this is deemed to be some sort of 'cultural appropriation' evil & is insulting to the ancient & 'pavitra' (pure) culture of Desidom (the subcontinent). PFFFFFT!!! After living on the subcontinent & being married to an Indian for 14 yrs I'll wear & cook whatever I darned well please. Besides, Desis who actually live here on the subcontinent tell me how fabulous I look & that I am 'representing India' when I wear saris, salwar kameez, dupattas, ferans, lenghas, & the like.
My projects-
Still taking my perfumery course with the hopes of developing a 'Nepalese' line of bath & body products to feature in the Sheikh's shops & the local 5 star hotels.
Got my fancy camera fixed so I'm working on a cooking blog featuring simplified recipes, explaining cooking techniques, & how to use local ingredients from India, Nepal, & Pakistan. I'm thinking of naming it "Simply Desi.." or "Keep Calm & Curry On", but maybe that's too much 'cultural appropriation' so possibly "Bibi's Bits & Bobs"? Perhaps you ladies could help me choose a name for my new blog?
A Monty Python quilt! How fun! I hope it features some Terry Gilliam-esque motifs!

Mim said...

Given Danny's talents for other things, I reckon if he does take up tailoring he will be an absolute whizz. (Can he enter sewing things for the Country Fair, or is that just jams, jellies and cakes?)

I like the new blog header. Two well-placed red berries, like fingernails when the bird is flipped ;-) And the Monty Python quilt sounds fun - will there be parrots? And cardinal red?

Bibi: I would so love Keep Calm and Curry On! My friend Dulcie wears a sari for formal occasions but 1: her husband is a sikh, and 2: she is a born cockney who can - should the need arise - swear enough to startle a docker, so no-one's ever given her any grief for it. I hadn't heard of people getting grief for cooking curries; that wouldn't happen here in the UK where it's pretty much part of the national diet nowadays. (Personally, for me cooking is one way to get in touch with my largely-lost Indian and Burmese roots, and anyone who wants to argue otherwise can GET OFF MY LAWN).

Propagatrix said...

The many tall men I have known swear by Land's End dress shirts.

I once wore a khaki pinafore and black turtleneck to the library, and I ended up leaving before I wanted to because everybody thought I worked there and wouldn't leave me alone.

Goody said...

The quilt is from Danny's favourite movie, The Meaning of Life. There will be Sacred Sperm, a vomiting Mr. Creosote, Grim Reaper, Live Organ Transplants, and a Very Big Corporation. His birthday cake is going to be from the movie as well. I'm not sure why it resonates with him the way it does, but since he loves it so much, what sort of a mother would I be to say no to the quilt?

I like the idea of providing a service since I have no qualms about making myself look absurd. Better me than someone that cares what others think!

I hadn't heard about curry being cultural appropriation. Mr. ETB works in an office that's about 80% Indian with most of the people coming from the same two states. I know he's shared curries with them, and they with him and his co-workers have brought him back mutton pickle and that sort of thing from visits home because they were flattered that he was interested in Indian cookery. Keep Calm and Curry On sounds great!

Yeah, young people are so easily offended they don't know how to spot the stuff that really IS offensive.

I don't care if you appropriate my culture-but it might be hard figuring out a way to make a babushka chic.

They do have sewing at the fair, but Danny would have some very tough competition from what I've seen.

No parrots...but plenty of wafers.

I laughed SO hard at that because I know the same thing would happen here. Thanks for the tip about Land's End.

Curtise said...

That dress reminds me of a lot of Nineties frocks, except they tended to have ties at the back, so you could at least pretend you had a waist... I don't want to be uncomfortable, but I don't want to be shapeless either, so I like a little bit of figure definition. Does the body suit have an unfortunate habit of popping undone when you sit down? I do remember that irritation very well!
The quilt sounds amazing. No projects gong on here, unless you count keeping one's head above water... xxxx

Goody said...


I bought two of these bodysuits way back when, and I'm glad I did. No popping, and two rows of snaps so you can adjust them to your proper length. They've never lost their elastic, and are as good today as when I bought them. I really wish I could go back in time and buy a dozen.

There are ties at the back-but I didn't bother as I no longer have a waist to speak of.

Cee said...

You actually look like you're in a conservative religious cult.

Goody said...

Nah, my hair isn't long enough ;)