Monday, November 30, 2015

Some Snow For Sue

I know you're in a heat wave, so I hope this helps keep you thinking cool thoughts!
There's a thick layer of ice under all that pretty snow. We've been watching cars go skidding down the hill all morning. 

In other news, I found this posted above the desk:
Something tells me he's not enjoying trigonometry. Funny, because I've been looking forward to being snowed-in so we could spend more time doing maths. 


Sue said...

YES!!!! Wow and thanks so much for the video, I am feeling so much cooler now. It was for me wasn't it??? Of course it was, I am THE Sue!! Lovely lovely white stuff everywhere.

Goody said...

Of course you are THE Sue!

Would you believe most of it has melted already? Such strange weather.

Bibi Maizoon said...

It is a brisk 59F/16C this foggy morning in Nepal. I went around & shut all the windows except for the bathrooms & kitchen for the first time this fall. Typically the Nepalis from lower elevations are walking around bundled up in sweaters, scarves, & thermal undies complaining of the cold (but leaving their doors & windows wide open). While the Sherpas & Tibetans whom have come down from from higher elevations are walking around bare armed & bare headed complaining about the heat.

I thought Californians were the only ones who couldn't handle driving in ice or snow?

I second Danny's opinion on the maths. BORING. HATED IT. THOUGHT IT WAS USELESS. Perhaps he'll find a subject he enjoys that requires math, then he'll enjoy it.

Goody said...


Shhhh, he might hear you!
Actually, he likes maths just fine-he hates arithmetic.

Beth Waltz said...

Once upon a time, when dinosaurs were experimenting with feathers, I studied for a private pilot's license. We (my teaching team and I) discovered that because of my vision problems I a) have no depth perception and therefore b) really cannot envision an equation moving in three dimensions. I did, in fact, take off and land on familiar turf and I did pass trig and calculus. I did learn what maths can do for one outside the classroom, but because of my amblywhatzit I was deemed unflit to fly. (Amblywhatzit means "bird vision": seeing from one eye, then the other, so quickly that depth perception is effected without actually occuring.) Perhaps Danny will have better luck!

Goody said...

I'm sorry your vision kept you from flying-I can kind of see you piloting a crop-duster (they're the REAL daredevils, from what I've seen).I'll give you credit for trying it though. You've had such an interesting life-when are you going to write the book?

My only real world experience with trig came on an excavation. We had maps from the Army Corp of Engineers, but everything seemed off. Frustrated, we went out and re-surveyed the whole damn site, and re-mapped it. That was when I learned trig. It was a waste of time anyway, all we came away with was some broken pottery and a cannonball. We were only there determining the land had no cultural value so a subdivision could be built atop it.

Danny? He's more verbal than analytical, but he's getting better.