Saturday, January 02, 2016

Sometimes You Try For Stevie Nicks...

...and end up with Queen Victoria. In Mourning. Ah well, can't knock 'em all out of the ballpark.

I would make a terrible Goth, though I love the clothes on others. 

The dress was .99 cents at Goodwill, so I didn't lose much for trying. I really dislike the sheer arms, so I layered it with a lace top in a contrasting colour. A belt would really help here (and, dare I say it...shoulder pads). Still, I really enjoyed wearing something so far outside my typical style. I might cut it straight up the middle and turn it into a long coat. Some heavy silk or velvet trim might make the polyester lace look a bit better too. I wonder about the original owner of the dress, and how she wore it. Hopefully it wasn't purchased for a funeral. 
 Outrageous shoes require tights to do them justice. I can't say they do much for my legs, but they were warm, and stayed up-what are thick ankles compared to that?

Outfit Particulars:
1980's polyester lace dress-Goodwill
90's shawl-Goodwill
Brooch-Jordan Marsh, early 90's (has a matching ring)
Marcasite and faux amethyst necklace by 1928-Marshall Field's, mid-80's
Earrings-K Mart
Pink and white strand of faux pearls-Hand-Me-Ups
Thrifted strand of genuine pearls-That was a nice surprise $5.99
Steve Madden shoes-Goodwill
Large cultured pearl bracelet-thrifted
Freshwater pearl and crystal bracelet-gift from Danny
Fragrance-Eclat d' Arpege (I had to try it a few more times to be certain I hate it before giving it away. I'm certain now! Blech.)

I've become a devotee of  lip crayons. There are some very good, inexpensive ones out there, but stay away from the Wet and Wild ones (the caps aren't secure and the stain gets all over your handbag). I've been using some super-cheap Christian Siriano ones I bought clearanced at Walgreen's for $2.50 . With five crayons in pink and red shades, it was such a good deal I went back after Christmas and bought two more sets. The staying power isn't great, but there's a generous amount of product in each stick and at that price, I can reapply. The colours are fab, and they don't feather much on my wrinkled, old lips. The sets originally sold for $5.00 which would have been a fair price, but at half, I had to stock-up. Worth trying if you can find them. 

Do you have any cheap beauty products/cosmetics to recommend? 


Propagatrix said...

Great Lash clear mascara. I use it to set my brow powder and keep everything "on fleek'" as the kids say.

Goody said...

Oooh, good idea! Thank you.

ThriftyParka said...

That is a great tip about the lip crayon. I may have to invest in one or two.

I love your blogs, sorry I haven't been posting. Between working overtime at work, and feeding hordes of hungry family, I haven't had time to post your wonderful outfits.

LOVE the dress with the patterned tights and shoes!!!

Beth Waltz said...

Hmm? The dress works with the patterned tights, and you've got the attitude to wear the outrageous shoes. The jewelery is exactly right, especially those luscious pearls. Perhaps the "hmm?" you're mentally debating is the lack of a hat? Consider that cheeky pink faux fur you wore a few days ago. But then one might want to switch to boots to complete the Stevie-does-it-w/balalaikas effect.

Quite right about the lip crayons. I bought an off-brand from the $1 bin at Big Lots and used every inch of it. No feathering!

Goody said...

@Thrifty Parka

Working overtime and feeding the hordes is time better spent than hanging around here, though I do miss the posts at your blog. Have a happy new year.

You're probably right-most things are better with a hat (sort of the fashion equivalent of, "Everything's better with cheese"). I just can't get comfortable with the sack-like nature of 80's dresses. I wore them at the time, but these days I'd prefer to see what's left of my waist.

So you haunt the Big Lots too? I adore that place.

Sue said...

Well I rather like your Stevie Nicks look, she has always dressed very cool, and you look cool!! But I am interested in the dress turning into a coat, your plan sounds brilliant. I have added pom pom and lace trim to some plain white long shorts today to Sueify them!

Bibi Maizoon said...

Christian Siriano was my favorite winner of Project Runway! He can really sew, pattern, tailor, design, EVERYTHING! Just impeccable, so talented. I had no idea he had a make up line.
I think making that dress into a coat would take it from Queen Vic's to Stevie Nicks!
Cheap & chic make up! My name is Bibi, & I am a make up-a-holic. I have enough make up to last until .... forever. High end, low end, no end...........
L'Oreal's Infallible line: great lip glosses, lovely eye pencils, the Infallible 24hr eyeshadows are FAB especially Iced Latte (divine shimmery champagne nude) & Endless Pearl (gorgeous matte nude, doubles as an concealer/setting powder), their foundations & blushes are crap
Nyx- ANYTHING from Nyx is cheap & fab, lippies, pencils, mascara, eyeshadow, eye pencils, blush
Sleek- excellent blushes & eyeshadows, as good as NARS & MAC but dirt cheap, only on Amazon
Bourjois- had to find in the US but owns Chanel's make up division, Healthy Mix foundation & powder blushes almost the exact same as Chanel at less than half the price.
Milani- Baked blushes are excellent, I have Dolce Pink & Corallina, similar to Nars, at Walmart
Prestige Total Intensity- hard to find, great eye pencils, eyeshadows, & lip crayons in incredible colors
Sonia Kashuk- love her ALL her stuff, wait for sales at Target
I bought a set of that IT cosmetics that you see on QVC only because the foundation has SPF 50 (which I need at this altitude) & I have to say, this stuff's pretty darned good! The foundation's a little ashy, I think because of the zinc sunblock in it- but once it sets, it looks fantastic. A friend in the US sent me some Estee Lauder Double Wear lip pencils & lippies - all beautiful & long lasting.

Goody said...

You use pom pom trim better than anyone I know. I keep buying the stuff because it is irresistible, but never do anything cool with it.

Great suggestions. I wasn't aware of the Bourjois. I'll look for it on Amazon.

Mim said...

The failed goth in me sees nothing wrong with getting Queen Vic instead of Stevie Nicks - either one's cool, and at least there's no chance of accidentally ending up looking like Debbie Gibson ;-)