Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Agustin Reyes Royal Violets (Baby) Cologne-Review

It seemed appropriate to review a Cuban perfume on this day that sees the first US president in 88 years visiting the nation of Cuba. I never thought I'd live to see the presidents of Cuba and the US enjoying a baseball game together. 

If you've been to Miami, you've smelled Royal Violets-on everyone, from babies to old ladies. I should say from the outset that "Baby Perfume" isn't a strange concept to me. In the United States, our baby perfume comes in the form of scented baby shampoo, lotion, and powder, but there is a distinctive smell to it that is associated with infant products. Part of the reason Love's Baby Soft did so well was it echoed those products, while still managing a bit of depth. I never used baby perfume on Danny, and his bath products were limited because of eczma, so my experience of "Smells like a baby" is limited to puke, which he covered everything in for the first year of his life. If I could have doused him in Royal Violets, I would have. 

The company has an interesting history, which you can read a bit about HERE . 

So what does it smell like? Violets. That's about it, to my nose. Some people detect an almond note (I don't) and others smell powder independent of the powdery scent of violets-I don't. I get violets. I've paid a lot more than $3.99 for a single note violet fragrance. The longevity isn't much, but hey, at that price, you can just keep re-applying (it comes in a huge bottle). I have a glass splash bottle, but I've noticed the company now sells Royal Violets in a spray bottle, which I need to get my hands on. Musty cupboard? Car starting to stink? I can think of a million ways to use Royal Violets in a spray bottle. 

Longevity is poor, and the silage is rather close to the skin, which makes sense for a baby fragrance.There aren't really notes to speak of beyond violets though if you sniff really hard and use some imagination there *might* be some iris in there-but I wouldn't swear to it. 

Royal Violets is widely available in the US (and everywhere in Florida and Texas) and I've heard it turns up at the Family Dollar from time to time. Bottles run anywhere from $3.99-$12.00 depending on size and packaging. You can't really go wrong with this one, if you enjoy a soft violet perfume. 

Here's to a happy future and friendship with our neighbours in Cuba. 


Connie said...

I have never ever heard of this but I think I would love it. Love's Baby Soft. That brings back so many nice teenage memories. Yeah, my kids smelled like pee and sour milk.

Mim said...

That sounds nice. Better than babies, at any rate. I've never got the 'baby smell' thing - possibly all ties in with why I never had kids, I just don't have that maternal instinct. I like cats, but even thought my kittens stank!

Bibi Maizoon said...

Eau de Baby Spew.......oh the memories of that certainly linger.
Agua de Colonia de Agustin Reyes is rampant all over Miami too.

Speaking of inexpensive fragrances, I did buy & recommend on your blog Sonia Kashuk's Pink Innocencia fragrance when I was last in the US. If you really like it you better go buy what's left because my gay Dade County Target cosmetics manager BFF says it is being discontinued along with her other brilliant creations Yellow Alluriana & White Etheriana.

As far as fat soluble vitamins go - PFFFT! I did not say you were fat & you aren't fat anyway. Just razzin' you cause you sounded a bit fatphobic. But even if you were fat who the hell cares? You're gorgeous, fab, & divine, so there! It is weird how vit D doesn't build up to toxic organ damaging levels like vit A, K, & E.

Goody said...

I suppose it could get sprayed directly into a diaper pail-pity I never thought of that at the time.

The baby-years are the WORST part of being a parent. Anyone that tells you otherwise was either drunk, or lying! Once they're old enough to pick up their shit, and go to bed without a fuss it gets better, but the first two years almost did me in.

I wouldn't attempt spraying kittens with perfume, but it wouldn't hurt in a litterbox.

*slaps head* You did, and I forgot. That's nothing though-yesterday I was attempting to turn on a lamp that was already on. Clearly, I'm not "all there" anymore.

I know you were kidding around-I was too. Damned internet doesn't convey that easily emoticons or not ;)
I AM fat, but I also don't give a shit. Just wait until I treat you all to a bikini photo when the pool opens for summer!

You can get too much D but it takes a while. Fortunately I discovered I was doing it wrong before there was any kidney damage. More curious is how I could be going so long with such a low level. I tell the boys they're lucky I didn't develop some horrible deficiency-induced psychosis (Windigos! Windigos!). Vegetarians rarely go cannibal, but if you believe the folklore...

Mim said...

They no longer use their litterbox (which my husband described as 'like something by Cronenberg') as they have access to the great outdoors. Weirdly, they stopped smelling poopy once they got bigger too. Maybe they're better at washing. Stinky Pippin is still known as Stinky Pippin despite that...

Angi said...

Hello Agustin idk what's going on but it stinks baby! REALLY! I've been cold & lonely all winter, as if I weren't sick enough before the stink!

Angi said...

Violet's smell like fart flowers to me & the price alone says it's no good!!