Tuesday, March 22, 2016


I didn't intend for Mr. Lamb Cake to look so sad, but there you are. He baked, and unmoulded easily which I didn't expect. I thought this would be the trial run where I'd work out the mistakes before Easter. I guess I'll just use the Bunny pan for Sunday.

"Somebody help me."

If you've ever been around a sheep/lamb you know they are *never* that clean looking, but tempted as I was to swirl a bunch of chocolate around his hind quarters to represent mud and poop, I figured Easter is not the time to go for realism in your baking.

Cookies, anyone?


Polyester Princess said...

Those cookies are a feast for the eyes! Oh, and that lamb looks so funny in spite of its sad face. Mind you, you wouldn't want to know what it would have looked like if I had attempted to make one. I would have gone for the addition of chocolate at its hind quarter though ... xxx

Bibi Maizoon said...

At least Lamby's head didn't fall off. I think Lamby needs some licorice whip eyelashes for those gorgeous green peepers. Love those psychedelic Spring cookies too.

Propagatrix said...

He is lovely. I still think you need to have a dinner party so you can justify filling that mold entirely with butter, in the best Polish tradition.

Vix said...

That demented lamb and the psychedelic biscuits are just wonderful. Sure beats a shop-bought cake into a cocked hat. xxx

Goody said...

@Polyester Princess
I still can't believe the ears didn't fall off. That's the hardest part, from what I've read on blogs.

I wanted to do huge "googly eyes" but I was voted down.


Thank you. If you've ever seen the site, Cakewrecks.com you'll know that "professional" cakes can go very, very, wrong. Good for a laugh though.
Someday. Maybe I'll do one from margarine for Passover ;)

Mim said...

Excellent lamb cake - his sad expression is quite cute. I bet if you turned the jellybeans the other way up so the curve of his eyes went upwards rather than downwards he'd look jollier.

Those cookies are fantastic! So bright.

Beth Waltz said...

A rite of spring: the purchase of the shredded cocoanut for the Easter lamb cake. Your brilliantly colored biscuits would have gone well with the equally traditional lemonade!

Yep, sheep are dumb and dirty. Soft-hearted about animals as we were,
we kids riding the big yellow school bus would only remark "there's another one" when we'd rumble by the Montgomery's place and see a sheep that had strangled itself by poking its head through the fence to graze -- and then back again. Lamb's tails and blow-flies doesn't bear thinking about.