Saturday, March 19, 2016

Freak Snowstorm or...

...Freak in a snowstorm?  You decide. We recorded this as my neighbour two doors down was going to his car, head down and pretending not to notice my performance.

 Man, it was a strange day. We had snow, sleet, hail, and something called graupel which is like having slush fall from the sky. I covered the garden as a precaution, as it will be cold this evening. Spinach and peas can take the cold, but I'm less sure about the beets and broccoli rabbe. We'll be back to normal seasonal temps by the start of the week, but this was quite the surprise.
I had a slew of errands to run, but I managed a quick trip to New Life Thrift where I hit the motherlode of vintage Avon (in crazy bottles). The fragrances were still in good condition, so I bought Cotillion, Sweet Honesty, two bottles of Moonwind, and I nearly bought another bottle of Charisma before stopping myself (I already have several large bottles of it). I paid, .98 cents per bottle, most of which were full, and one of the Moonwinds still had the groovy 60's box. So basically, I'm happy. I found some interesting clothes as well, but the Avon was definitely the score of the day.

 The sudden cold weather gave me an opportunity to wear my blue faux fur jacket. I watched this jacket all season at K Mart until it finally went on sale. I didn't think I would get a chance to wear it this year, so I was pleased to have the opportunity.
Remind you of someone?

Danny thought I should do this song whilst shoving cookies in my mouth, but I still have some self-respect left. Not much, but a bit.

Outfit Particulars:
Skirt-bought online from a very cheap, terrible retailer that I wouldn't dream of buying from again.
Top-K Mart
Cookie Monster Jacket-K Mart
Boots-K Mart
Vintage vinyl handbag-Goodwill
Vintage necklaces-Both Hand-Me-Ups
Bangles-all over
Earrings-New Life Thrift
Turtle brooch on jacket-K Mart
Fragrance-Vintage Shalimar (and loads of it because there's no point in wearing Shalimar unless you apply it like you mean it!)

 You have no idea how warm this jacket is. I think it might be warmer than genuine fur.

Now that all my chores are out of the way...I should go find something exciting to do tomorrow. There's an All-Day Polka Fest happening in a small town near Omaha. That could be fun. I do genuinely love to Polka, but I'm afraid it might traumatise the kid. We'll know I have the clothes! 

Hope you're having a nice weekend. 


Connie said...

A polka fest. A POLKA FEST!! Gawd that sounds like fun! The thing about living in Southern California is that there is never ever any graupel (tho we sure had it in Montana when I was a kid) but everything around here is so laid back. There wouldn't be a polka fest because everybody is too busy sprawled on the beach. You are heavenly in baby blue with a serious granny nod with the beautiful beads. Such a shame about the skirt seller because it really does look sweet.

Beth Waltz said...

Chutzpah, you've got it! Do admire the faux fur with the necklaces -- like an Easter outfit for an elegant Esquimaux.

Actually, you remind me of Little Edie wearing a costume of the day in better than usual repair...

Goody said...

I love Polka-it is "The World's Happiest Music." I bought Danny an accordion when he was starting to show an interest, but it was sadly short lived. I guess I'll have to give up my dream of "Danny and His Mama's Polka Band." Children really know how to disappoint you.

"You shoulda been in pictures..."

I was trying to channel Ethel Merman, but Little Edie will do. My poor parents must be rolling in their graves..."We paid good money for voice lessons!"

Bibi Maizoon said...

Dang you find the coolest stuff at Kmart! Those boots look like a pair of $$$ Danskos I had in the 90's.
Please do a post on those Avon bottles! Sweet Honesty was my first real fragrance other than Tinkerbell play sets.

Vronni's Style Meanderings said...

Lovely outfit and what a fabulous jacket. As for that skirt I love it - its got a skyline on the bottom! I couldn't get your video to play on this bloody Chromebook, but I bet your neighbour was astounded by the wonderful vision in blue he encountered.

You certainly have had some weird weather - all the winter varieties in one day.
Today was a beautiful day here not sure what next week holds, though.


Anonymous said...

I wish you are my neighbor but that would be a lot to ask from Universe,
Your blog is my the greatest tonic,one day my cooking skills will improve I am learning from you.
I went to Church Bazar last Saturday ,got some great bargains (books,Salvatore Ferragamo shoes two pairs,vases ,velvet skirt all at $2 each)I hope shoes will fit me or I have to give to somebody that I like a little)

Polyester Princess said...

I'd never heard of the word "graupel" before ... Anyway, don't you hate it to get such kind of weather this late in winter, when you're all ready for a bit of spring? Hope temperatures get back to normal for you soon. Love the blue faux fur coat. I was almost tempted to buy a pink one a couple of months ago. Hope you enjoyed the Polka Fest. xxx

Vix said...

This weather is so boring now. We haven't had sleet or snow for a couple of weeks but it's mostly cold, grey and just plain vile.
That baby blue fake fur is lovely.
Those Avon perfumes used to fascinate me as child - the containers, not the contents, I've never been keen on perfume which is getting worse with age. xxx

Goody said...

I will do an Avon post because I need to decant the perfume into smaller bottles anyway (those vintage Avon bottles take up a lot of room).

Be thankful you've been spared my singing. The skyline is London, but it is hard to tell unless there's a clear view of the eye.

I wish we were neighbours too-we'd have such great fun laughing over pots of tea.

@Polyester Princess
We never did make it to Polka Fest, but I guess there's next year. Faux fur goes rather well with polyester-perhaps you'll find another pink one.

It has been really strange everywhere this year from what people are telling me. I wonder if the concept of seasonal clothes will disappear as we need woolens in August and tee shirts in December?

I suppose perfume can be horrible on others if you dislike it. I try to wear it in small amounts for my own enjoyment, not people three feet away. Seems I do most of my perfume wearing at home anyway. I think that is probably for the best, as we've all had the experience of being trapped on a crowded bus with a million perfumes mingling together-I like perfume, but even I find that too much.

Mim said...

Shalimar seems to suit cold weather - I always think of it as a 'furry' perfume, so it goes extra-well with the jacket in my mind.