Thursday, March 24, 2016

I Can't Fight This Tealing Anymore

When I like something, I tend to buy a number of things in similar patterns/colours. This jacket and skirt/top combo are a good example.

"Hmmm, seems so familiar...guess I'll have to buy it."

It isn't that I lack originality, but rather a case of knowing what I like. I bought the jacket ages ago, but the top and skirt were a recent purchase from a trip to New Life Thrift. I'm afraid my "Buy, Wear, Repeat" syndrome has now extended from shades of brown to blue and teal.

 But enough about me, let's talk clothes!
 I had sets like this in the 80's when I went from working in a more formal office to a place where I could get away with separates rather than a suit. This did have shoulder pads, which I removed because they made me itch (damn you, latex allergy). Looking at the photos, I'll need to sew in a replacement that is latex free as the shape really suffers for their absence. So just use your imagination to get the full-on 80's glory of this outfit. The material is a thick double-knit cotton/poly jersey. Like wearing a sweatsuit, really given the knit cuffs and waistband. I loathe ironing, so three cheers for wash and wear.

You can get a better look at the print whilst I stand here holding the wall up with my boob. Gives new meaning to, "Support bra." 

It is remarkable how similar the pieces are. The jacket is new-ish, mid-2000's from Coldwater Creek. 

Outfit Particulars:
1980's skirt and top set by Terry of Chicago-New Life Thrift
Coldwater Creek jacket-Goodwill
Egyptian bracelet with faience scarabs-Goodwill 
Vintage shoes-Hand-Me-Ups
Gold vintage handbag-Goodwill
Vintage Mosell earrings-Etsy
Brooch on top-Mum's
Brooch on Jacket-Vintage Sara Coventry, Hand-Me-Ups
Fragrance-Dior Escale a Pondichery
 I love the wild lining inside this bag.

The body of the shoes are made of a soft material somewhere between silk and velvet. The bows and heels are satin. These are for fair weather only, as they would never be repairable should they meet with rain.

"Listen stork, don't get any wise ideas...I don't need anything you might bring!" 
I always think this brooch would be better for someone expecting a baby. I'm going to call it a "crane" instead. Go on stork, beat it. Shoo!

We served the lamb cake. I put Danny in charge of carving slicing. 
Okay, I think the wall is shored-up pretty well now. I'd better get to the Hot Cross buns I have rising on the stove. I'm going to just step away...slowly...very slowly...


Vronni's Style Meanderings said...

I do hope you get to see this comment, Goody!

I love,love,love, your dress. It has a paisley type pattern which I can never resist. It goes so well with the jacket, too. You do look stylish. I also love those beads which match so well - and the brooch - wow. Don't worry it's definitely a crane... Amazing shoes. Could you add them to the handbag in your will for me? Please? Pretty please.

Fabulous lamb cake - it looked fluffy and I bet it tasted great.


Goody said...

Yes! I can see your comment.

Aw gosh, the shoes too? Okay, they're yours (when I'm gone).

Connie said...

I love a good pun. Thank you for the "tealing." You always hit it out of the park, Goodie. Great outfit. And I am quite dismayed at the look on poor little lambie's face as he gets filleted. Baaaaaaa!

Bibi Maizoon said...

IIIIIIIIII, I'm hooked on a tealing, I'm high on believingggggg...that I'm in love with your shoooooes, and your bracelet toooo!!!
I'm surprised you keep finding those Coldwater Creek pieces. Anywho loving the Boho Choc goes career wear look you've greated.
Metallic bags, metallic shoes, & black turtlenecks are what I keep buying over & over.
Lamby looks really sad now that he is partially dismembered

You might want to break out that 40's Iced Violet lippy - the 90's drabs/corpse-like purplish browns are going to be "on trend" again this Fall. Start your diet now & practice your best Kate Moss vacant stare to get that full on heroin chic/anorexic look. Don't forget to over pluck your brows so you look permanently surprised or angry too. Geez everything sucked in the 90's.

Goody said...


I just learned from that guide to lamb cuts that there are cuts called, "The Chump" and "The Party Rack."

The Party Rack.
She says with a straight face.

Do I need to use dark brown lip liner too? That was a great look.
I dunno, I looked okay in the 90's (I think) although I had my hair bleached white and I did a lot of cut-off denim shorts over black tights. So maybe not.

Vix said...

Blog post title of the week!
I love a bit of teal, or turquoise, or anything blue. I'm loving that scarab bangle.
Poor lamby! xxx

Polyester Princess said...

Oh, I do love teal, but then again, there aren't many colours that I actually dislike. Love the stork brooch and the Egyptian bracelet! But oh, that poor lamb. Is it my imagination or is it looking even sadder than before? It really cracked me up when I saw those carving instructions. And for some reason it struck a chord when I read that you loath ironing ...Now where did I hear that before? xxx

Goody said...

Danny had far too much fun carving that cake. I don't suppose a vegetarian kid might grow up to be a butcher.

@Polyester Princess

That's right-you despise the iron as well. We need a blog badge with a picture of an iron with a line through it. We can call it the, "Permanent Press Club."

Beth Waltz said...

The Shoes! So exquisitely elegant, and so very appropriate to the baroque flourishes of the dress and jacket patterns! The broach on the dress would be my preference over the wading avian on the jacket. (Whilst updating The Will, please put me down for the Egyptian bracelet.) This is an appropriate costume of the day to be worn at the museum's private viewing of Queen Nefertiti's tomb loot: take the gold tote for your souvenirs.

Mim said...

I love a bit of teal; it was the first colour I started wearing when I lapsed out of being a goth. It really suits you, and I love the pattern on that suit. (Plus, no ironing. No ironing is always a winner.)

It probably says something about me and Danny that my first thought was, 'I'd have started carving at the head end.'

Goody said...

Do you guys know something about the state of my health that I don't? Okay, you can have the bracelet ;)

When we finally got to the head he made me march it out to the table on a skewer!