Monday, March 14, 2016

Mixed Up (Patterns)

Yeah, I mix patterns. So what? You got a problem with that? You want to mix patterns? Cool. First one's free, maaaaaan.

I mix eras too. 1970's top, 1980's, belt, 2000's skirt.

None of the components of this outfit were terribly interesting on their own,  As I wear so much brown, I'm willing to take a chance on an odd piece like the skirt because I know I won't have too much trouble finding something to wear it with. I have to be a bit more cautious with pinks, purples, and light blues as I have so little in those colours and pattern mixing depends on shade and tone more than the colour itself. Neither the top nor skirt have purple, but the dull tones belt worked well here. I also like mixing textures like suede and the light rayon skirt. It sounds wrong, but looks right.

I had to resist the urge to pile on the strands of beads as that would risk looking more like a costume than an interesting display of vintage. I was trying to remember how I would have worn something like this mid-70's, and I'm sure there would have been a white necklace and earrings, but there might also have been a scarf of netting material. I had a rather nice brown one (of course) that my mum called my, "Catch of the Day" scarf as it reminded her of a fisherman's net. Sometimes, I'd wear it around my waist, or on my head like a fortune teller. Today, that would look like a costume, even if it was historically accurate. Not that there's anything wrong with that! Your clothes, your rules. Wear 'em any way you damn please, and don't let someone tell you otherwise.
I spy with my little eye the photographer in the metal disk on the purse.
 Outfit Particulars:
1970's polyester blouse-Goodwill
2000's skirt-Hand-Me-Ups
1970's Christopher Rand acrylic cardigan-Goodwill
1980's belt-Goodwill
1970's vinyl handbag-Goodwill
Naturalizer shoes-Hand-Me-Ups (I own the same shoe in a closed-toe pump. I like what I like!)
Earrings-Can't remember
Flower-Tiff and Tam
Bangles-K Mart
Fragrance-Guerlain Chamade (vintage EDT)
Lippy-Estee Lauder Maplesugar (My "go-to" brown shade)

Those sexy blue toes swathed in nana tights. I guess I could slap some polish on the nails and pretend to kinda-sorta care.

I stole the idea for the flower on the neckline ties right off the Paris Fashion Week runways. I'm seeing it all over, and it does stand out on a blouse where a necklace would have to fight for attention. I've been seeing plain strands of ribbon fastened with a flower as well, which is brilliant (and inexpensive). I see a trip to the fabric store in my future for some ribbon.

I recently purchased a pair of vintage 60's round frames that are super-large and owl like. I haven't had my eye exam yet, so I'm waiting to have lenses put in, but I'm wondering if I should go tinted again? I like the look of a blue tint on these frames, but against silver I'm less certain. I've learned my lesson about the line-less tri-focals though. My cat eye glasses really don't do well in photos because of the lines, and I look even more cross-eyed than I already am. I've been able to compensate in photos by looking sideways rather than straight-on in the camera, but next time around I'm going to do without the lines. This pair took forever to get used to because of the absence of lines. My brain and eyes had a hard time getting together and knowing where I should be looking for reading vs. walking around and not bumping into things. With enough wear, I finally adjusted to them-just in time to get new lenses.

Yeah well, I'm not too cross-eyed to flip you off, am I? I see this here finger, perfectly.

You have a nice week now, okay? Go forth and mix patterns.


Beth Waltz said...

I'm amazed that this is a skirt and blouse combo rather than a dress manufactured with more than the usual designer's daring. Very nicely coordinated! The belt and flower are exactly what you intended: accessories that enhance rather than tip the ensemble into a pastiche of a era.

My vote is cast for the blue tint on the new lenses.

Muttered in low dcb's and typed in 3pt: psst! Methinks the sweater is too heavy for the shoes and bag. Got a brown pashmina in your stash?

Bibi Maizoon said...

I agree with Beth, that pattern mixing ensemble is so brilliantly done it looks "designer"!
I'm liking the "Starsky & Hutch" knit cardigan with that too. I skipped paying attention to fashion week this year. I can't handle the BS that passes for news around all this election nonsense too so I haven't turned the tv on either.
I vote for lavender or ambery lenses for the 60's owl frames. Amber because it's sort earth tone-y & also a bit Hunter S Thompson. Lavender because it's almost purple, like psychedelic, far out, & groovy, maaaaan.
I'm also loving that cerise & gold housecoat flapping in the breeze behind you on your new banner. More cerise if you please!

Mim said...

Eeeeh, that level of pattern mixing is for black-belt co-ordinators like yourself only. You can pick ones that work, I'd look like a patchwork scrap bag. I can't remember the last time I wore more than one pattern at a time!

Vronni's Style Meanderings said...

Would you believe that I've only begun (since 2015) to mix patterns! I thought it was a no no - until I saw what some bloggers did with their patterns and then I was converted.

I didn't realise it was a skirt and separate blouse either - it looks like a dress. Lovely shades of brown together and fabulous pattern mixing. The spotty shoes are fab and as for those earrings - they're gorgeous. Like the flower, too. It's good to be able to get some catwalk styles on the cheap for a change! Amazing belt and what a teeny-tiny Scarlett O' Hara waist you have...I'm well jel (as my daughter would say - very jealous)! I woke up one day about 18 years ago to find my waist had disappeared and it's never come back...

I think what you refer to as tri-focals we call vari focals? I have those and remember the first time I wore them; I was literally lifting my head and pointing my nose at what I wanted to look at - it was so weird at first but now I'm used to them. As I love purple and it's many variants I'd go with Bibi's suggestion of a lavender tint but then it won't be me wearing them!

Decisions, decisions - let us know what you chose.

I'm just off to decorate my 21 year old grandson's birthday cake with chocolate buttons...x


Vronni's Style Meanderings said...


re - St. Patrick's Day

Have a look at this!


Goody said...

You're probably right about the sweater...but it got cold here! And I can't look like a 70's drug dealer in a pashmina ;)

When my mum had these frames they had amber lenses, which looked so cool on her with blonde hair and a golden tan. On me, I'm afraid I'd just look sick. Lavender is something to think about though-thank you.

The only real trick to it is keeping the shade/tones the same. I rather like the idea of a patchwork rag bag-go for it!

Sadly, my waist isn't tiny-just looks so in the close-up photo of the belt. It was okay until I was about 45-then everything dropped! Funny too, because I have no idea where my shoulders went.

Happy Birthday to your grandson-in the US 21 is the all-important date when you can have your first legal drink (I'm old enough to remember when it was 18).

I just looked at that link. Now *that's* how to celebrate St. Patrick's. The shamrock tights...there are just no words.

Vix said...

That skirt and shirt (I have a problem with the word "blouse", it's like slacks or wireless, I can't say them without shuddering) look like a dress, what an ace bit of pattern mixing.
Loving those specs, the bigger and more insane the better for me. I bought a pair of stupid sized 1970s ones today and didn't notice they said BLAST in big gold letters on the side until I got home. i love them more now. xxxx

Polyester Princess said...

At first glance I also thought it was a dress. The shirt is definitely something I would have bought too. I've a thing with brown too, and in the right combination, it can be fabulous. The belt looks really good with it. And I think the specs are great on you. xxx

Goody said...

HA! I say "blouse and slacks" all the time-we're a bit behind the times here.

@ Polyester Princess

I really like the brown and blue combo you had on your blog today-you look great in it.