Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Cosmic Blues

 I haven't had my heart in thrifting lately, so when Mr. ETB all but dragged me to New Life Thrift (partly because he wanted an egg roll from the Chinese takeaway next door) I didn't expect to find much as I wasn't really looking. Well! Each rail yielded more vintage than I'd seen in months and at bargain prices as well. The task now is finding somewhere to wear it all. I thought Heron Haven was a perfect place to start as the Butterfly Garden is coming into full bloom after all the rain. Let's have a look about.

I try to spend as much time as possible at Heron Haven as it is close to home, and a peaceful place to just take in nature. The mushroom garden is going crazy after all the rain we've had, and of course there are plenty of birds to be seen. 

Outfit Particulars:
1990's polyester dress-New Life Thrift
1960's capelet (part of another dress)-New Life Thrift
1970's straw purse-New Life Thrift
1950's green crystal clip earrings-Hand-Me-Ups
Hair flowers-Tiff and Tam
Plastic bracelets-Target about 15 years ago
Fragrance-CB I Hate Perfume's Mr. Hulot's Holiday (It really does smell like wet rocks at the seaside)

The long holiday weekend also saw a visit to DeSoto Wildlife Refuge. The photo is blurry, but they have a giant eagle's nest and masks where you can take photos. I believe it is intended for children. Right. Someday, Danny will bring home a date and we'll show them this photo. 
"Hey, he shat the nest again!"

We looked better with the masks on. 

Outfit Particulars:
Peacock print cotton caftan-Thrift World
Shell earrings-World Market about 10 years ago
Cazal frames-Mum's
Fragrance-Chanel No.22

Eagles aren't the only birds nesting at the refuge. These cliff swallows are set up in a colony.
The turtles were making the most of the weather, napping in the sunshine-which sounds like a great idea. I'm off for a snooze on the patio. 


Bibi Maizoon said...

Aww, I think that's a lovely portrait of Mr ETB & you, both with the masks & without. Lots of photos of all your vintage finds PLEASE!
A Zimbabwean friend of mine that worked for the UN mission here in Nepal 8 yrs ago has decided she's retiring to Jamaica & has requested I dispense with all her belongings in her Kathmandu apartment. (She hasn't been to her Kathmandu apartment in 6 yrs) Judging by all the Marks & Spencer labels in her wardrobe I guess she did a lot of shopping in the UK. Lots of woodsy perfumes & shabby chic/Crabtree & Evelyn's type stuff. About 6 bottles of Cacharel's Eden, yikes! What on earth am I to do with this in Nepal?

Polyester Princess said...

I love love love your outfit (that capelet!) and Heron Haven looks like a beautiful and peaceful place. How nice that you are living near to it. There's a botanical garden near my place of work, but somehow I always "forget" about it. I should definitely visit it more in my lunch breaks. Had a good chuckle at the eagle mask picture. I bet Danny won't thank you for it later. xxx

Beth Waltz said...

I admire both family portraits, with and without masks. I especially admire your appearance in bright lobelia blues, Goody. Quite right about wearing pretty florals to Heron Haven and other refuges, one suspects the birds might be wary of the birders wearing camouflage. (And there's a type of pink camou now trending in my area that's mind-boggling. What? Wear it for stalking Barbie at Victoria's Secret?)

Vix said...

Get lost, you both look lovely without your masks. Will you leave me those sunglasses in your will, please?
The capelet over the dress is wonderful. Don't you love those days when you can't stop finding amazing stuff? Sometimes a break from chazzing hones the skills.
The Heron Haven looks a wonderful place to roam around. xxx

Vronni's Style Meanderings said...

Lovely photos of both you and Mr.ETB!

Well done you scoring such good finds. I love your outfits both beautiful cosmic blue and as for the straw bag and bangles how gorgeous are they?

We've had swallows and swifts for a few weeks now; saw my first swallows in Devon and then swifts arrived in our town a few days later. Their screaming is the accompaniment to our summer days but I don't know where the summer has gone - it's been cold, wet, and windy the last few days - sorry I put my winter clothes away....



Hope said...

Thanks for sharing your photos.I copy you a lot,when I see what you wear,I find some similar.
I have problem with bangles ,since my hands are peasant type,everything is small .

Goody said...

Bin it all?
I really couldn't tell you what to do with it-you'd have a hard time getting rid of it in the US too.

Danny doesn't hate us yet...but he will!

You wear the pink camo when you go target shooting with your pink, "Breast Cancer Awareness" BB Gun (for real, they have a pink awareness gun).

Sort of like the pink tool kits a few years back. Personally, I prefer the timeless yellow and black of Stanley tools, but that's me.

If you think we look okay without the masks, you NEED the specs!
I really haven't had my heart in shopping lately, but I keep finding great stuff.

I don't think I;d notice the screaming of swallows over the screaming and squaking of a certain budgie. Leave it to us, bringing home a bird with an attitude problem!

Thank you for the kind compliment.
My hands are kind of big too-look for stretch bracelets!

Mim said...

You and Mr ETB look great without the bird masks - though I love the fact that you also posed with them on.

Even if you have fallen out of love with thrift shopping, clearly the Gods of Charity Shops still favour you!

Goody said...

Perhaps it is generational, but I don't recall my parents ever having fun together. They were such pills. I certainly can't picture them in eagle masks.