Monday, June 06, 2016

Living Idiocracy

Ow, my balls nuts.
Really, who the hell are they marketing this to? I don't know any men that would purchase this. Keep 'yer nuts healthy there, dude. Are pistachios known to improve libido or something? Sigh. I know America is doomed, I just wish I didn't need to be reminded of it quite so often.

Speaking of our doom (and "balls")-if you've decided on a quick death, there's this gigantic bucket of cotton candy flavoured corn puffs I saw today. For all you doubters that say there's nothing worth seeing in the United States-start planning your holiday now! Gigantic buckets of cotton candy flavoured corn puffs are just the beginning.

Yeah, I'm in a shitty mood.
But you came here for clothes, so...

When I bought this 1970's blue polyester skirt at New Life Thrift, I thought I didn't have anything to go with it. A quick look through my wardrobe this morning proved me wrong-I have everything to go with it. I'm glad I didn't pass it by.

Outfit Particulars:
1970's polyester skirt-New Life Thrift
Peasant top-K Mart (last year)
1970's Caper Mates polyester jacket-Thrift World (I think)
1970's macrame purse-Goodwill
White platform sandals-K Mart
Polymer earrings-K Mart
Fragrance-Bvlgari Omnia Coral

I'm working through your nail varnish suggestions. This week, I tried the copper as I already had a bottle. I like it!

Oh, what the hell-here's a bonus outfit.

With the garden blooming away, I need bright colours to stand out. 

Outfit Particulars:
1980's cotton Australian-made sweater-New Life Thrift
Skirt-K Mart clearance last year
Shoes-K Mart a few summers ago
Basket bag-Hand-Me-Ups
Vintage enamel flower brooch-Hand-Me-Ups
Vintage earrings-Hand-Me-Ups
Bakelite bangles (all over) 
Fragrance-Vintage formulation Chanel No. 19

I've been up to my ears in syllabus writing, and looking around at the world at large, I'm wondering if it is worth the bother. Perhaps I should just park the kid before the television, and let the various advertisers educate enculturate him. Some days I feel like I only exist as a mark for someone to make money off of.  I'm sure it will least until I'm forced to set foot in a store once again. 

Keep 'yer nuts (if you've got 'em) and noggins healthy. 


Beth Waltz said...

Amen! to your observations on "living idiocracy", Goody. Perhaps it's less painful to regard the phenomena as "elements of contemporary culture" -- and perhaps write a syllabus for the course?

Meanwhile, you get an A+ for combining that macramé bag with those shoes and that jacket print. And Chanel 19 is better than chocolate for lifting a soggy mood.

Bibi Maizoon said...

Aren't you just Spring-tastic in heavenly blue despite the shitty mood!
Toenails are another place to add a metallic accent! And no one loves a metallic accent more than Bibi!
Those cotton candy corn balls are the most disgusting thing I've seen in quite a while. They look like smurf poo.
Meh, nearly everything's plastered with advertising out here beyond the arse end of nowhere too. A mobile phone service has placed a huge purple NCELL sign (their logo) on the hilltop where one of the holiest Hindu shrines in Nepal is AND painted the entire 500 hut village at the bottom purple. Nobody has a toilet in the village but they all have cell phones & satellite dish TV (and a purple hut.) WOO HOO!

Vronni's Style Meanderings said...

The men's nuts thing is just capitalism finding another niche to flog things to us. I just hope they won't fall for it!

Blue cotton candy puffs look quite tasty...NOT!!!

Love both the outfits. Blue is definitely your colour (and coral). I love both pairs of sandals and you have such lovely and interesting bags and jewellery. The blue earrings look especially interesting.

I really like the copper coloured nail polish - and I still haven't got round to do painting mine!

Enjoy your week x


Polyester Princess said...

I was convinced that blue combo was a set, Goody. That colour really suits you too. I'm also loving the yellow skirt and stripy top combo. Not so much to cotton candy balls. They look truly yuk! xxx

Vix said...

Cotton candy puffs sound about as apetising as gin and tonic flavour crisps - yuk - should be banned.
Love the blue outfit, again the goddess of chazzing has found you a near perfect set. The boxy rainbow jumper is splendidly cheery, too. No losing you in that beaut. xxx

Connie said...

When I go to the store I only visit three aisles: fresh fruit and veg, bread and cookies, and alcohol. I had no idea what I was missing in the other aisles. Men's Health Nuts. Really??? Oh my. But what isn't nuts is your stripey top. You look bright and beautiful. New Life Thrift. What a wonderful name. It sounds like a cut rate religion.

Bobbi said...

It's terrifying to know what lurks in the grocery aisles - and I don't even want to know who would eat cotton candy-flavored corn puffs. Ugh.
The blue outfit is great! You really know how to put together an outfit.

Goody said...

I'm trying to shield the student from reality for as long as possible ;)
I always liked Chanel No. 19. My sister switched to it after years of wearing Aliage, and it was such a relief! Trapped in a car with three smokers and a dousing of Aliage wasn't a happy circumstance.

"Smurf Poo!" That's it! You nailed it.

Don't make me hop on a plane just to take you for a pedicure ;)
Although at this point, I'll take any excuse I can find to get out of here for a bit.

I was too afraid to buy them to find out (and I'm a rather adventurous eater).

I mentioned the gin and tonic crisps to Mr. ETB and his eyes lit up like a child on Christmas morning. We have a shop that sells imported foods-I think he'll be on the hunt for them now.

I think they *are* a religious group running the place, but they raise money for children needing organ transplants, so I think the "new life" bit might be a bit of a double (or triple) meaning.

Now you have me thinking of all sorts of cut-rate religion jokes..."You got Saved 50%! Next time, make a full confession for even MORE saving(s)!"

The possibilities are endless.

I wonder if they would just taste like Captian Crunch Crunchberries? I wasn't brave enough to buy them and find out. I can almost smell them in my imagination.

Mim said...

That blue outfit is a real corker. You look so good in that colour.

Nuts for men, eh? What happens if women eat them? (Yorkie chocolate bars are labelled 'NOT FOR GIRLS' here in the UK, as a 'joke.) On the nut theme, this week I discovered that truck nuts exist, which was a whole new world of WTF.

Goody said...

They sell the Yorkie bars here too, with the same absurd label but being Americans it isn't taken as a joke because we're, DEATHLY SERIOUS ABOUT EVERYTHING.

Ah yes, the truck nuts-civilisation reaching greater and greater heights.