Thursday, June 02, 2016

Yard Sales

The vintage bunny is coming to eat your brains.

I was out doing a bit of yard-sale shopping, and I couldn't resist this horrible plastic bunny on a pike for .50 cents. I had a similar decoration in the early 70's with a pink flower wearing false eyelashes and lipstick. I loved that thing, and plucked it from the bin as quickly as my mother would try to toss it away.

The full view is even more horrifying.

When people wonder what the hell is wrong with my generation, I can just point them to the bunny. I think the tiny plastic carrot is a nice touch.

So what else did the yard sales have today? How about some California pottery? I was excited to pick up this Pacific Potteries vase for .50 cents. Pacific is getting harder to find as they went out of business in the late 40's, and there just isn't that much of it around.

I really don't need more California pottery, but the pieces were practically free. At the rate my collecting is going, I could open a small museum as a sort of roadside attraction. I tell myself that it isn't a frivolous thing to collect as the items can be used (and I DO use them) but at some point I need to stop. I already have a personal rule where I won't  spend more than five dollars on a piece unless it is  very special. That helps to slow down the collection-that is until someone has a yard sale where they're unloading the stuff at .50 cents a pop.

Not pictured was a lot of vintage brooches and necklaces for ten dollars including a Ceil Chapman brooch from the 50's, a pair of 40's floral brooches, a Marvella rhinestone and faux pearl bracelet, and two Mexican necklaces among other items. That was a good purchase.

I'm not mad for 50's pieces in the way that many people are, but for .25 cents, I couldn't really say no. I can always use a small bowl to hold trinkets, and the flat piece is my new kitchen soap dish.

 This dress isn't vintage (unless you consider the 90's vintage, which I don't) but it worked nicely with 50's and 60's accessories.

Outfit Particulars:
Land's End shirt dress-Hand-Me-Ups
Connie sandals-Goodwill (brand new, tags still on) $3.99
Enid Collins "Early Bird" bag-Antique mall
1950's clip earrings-Hand-Me-Ups
Vintage beaded necklace-Hand-Me-Ups
Quartz bangle-Goodwill
Lippy-Revlon Snow Peach
Fragrance-Yardley Lavender


Walking to my car at the supermarket, I noticed a note taped to the driver's window. Expecting it to be a comment about my driving/parking I was amused to read:
"Stay groovy, like a drive-in movie."

I'm not sure what to make of it, but at least it wasn't critical of my driving!


Sue said...

Oh you will always stay groovy like an outdoor movie. Be very cool to meet the note writer. I like the idea of your museum or roadside attraction too, I have all sorts of collections that I have had to slow down on. I don't want or need to own it all, really I don't.

Hope said...

That bunny looks like something people here in Australia decorate front yard for Xmas with lots of lights and looks sad in Summer with all sunshine .
You look smart and elegant in your outfit.
I would have problem walking away from something that good for only 50 cents.
I got few vases last Saturday for ten dollars(OK was ten of them).I got some herbs in plastic containers then transferred them in vases ,looks good.Have great weekend ,here is late Friday!

Bibi Maizoon said...

That bunny looks like one of Jeff Koons' art mundacity/monstrosity things. I had a pink flocked poodle head on a stick I adored with false eyelashes, lipstick & a rhinestone collar. I think mom binned it, it was getting mangy.

Oh those turquoise & blackk 50's kitchen accessories. My parents had a turquoise & black kitchen with blonde maple cabinets up until 1972, then dad went through his Spanish style ala Las Vegas avocado, burnt orange, goldenrod, and crimson brimstone red phase. Sears must have sold a lot of avocado colored appliances that year.

You've brilliantly managed to make a 90's Land's End dress look positively early 50's! Bravo, & nice touch with that peachy lippy!

Vronni's Style Meanderings said...

Well, didn't you do well! Now I know what California Pottery is...I like it! One day you will have a roadside museum I'm sure. I love the little 50s pieces and I'm dying to see the jewellery.

I would have sworn your dress was a vintage one and you accessorised it beautifully. What a lovely bag that is. Yardley Lavender - oh that does remind mr of my childhood

Finally, that bunny - OMG! It's hideous but has a strange kind of attraction...

Have a great week!


Polyester Princess said...

What a demented looking rabbit, and of course you had to buy it. Love the Californian pottery. And fancy finding that note on your car. It really would have me smiling all day. xxx

Miss Magpie said...

Ahh the 70's and the terrifying toys it gave us, you could imagine that rabbit coming to life at night only as it doesn't have a body I guess it can't do too much!

I love the new soap dish, you made some great finds.

Beth Waltz said...

The rabbit could play the lead in a psychedelic version of "Harvey."

The brown shirtwaist with the sparkly crystal and white earrings and necklace is Perfect Poise realized! And to find decent sandals still tagged -- you did have a good day a'hunting and a'gathering!

California Pottery rarely appears hereabouts, unless it's discovered stacked in boxes in the back room of a defunct florist/gift shoppe. Moi, I collect Haeger in the muted green and, like you, find the pieces useful about the house.

Goody said...

Show us your collections!

Fresh herbs are so nice to have-and pretty vases make them all the more enjoyable.

For some reason I got a David Lynch vibe from the bunny, but Jeff Koons would work too-maybe I should spray paint it silver.

I have a weak spot for avocado coloured appliances *Hangs head in shame*. Our kitchen was brown and orange, but I always longed for the dull green and yellow.

At one point there were hundreds of different potteries in operation throughout California. Today, there are about four, and they mostly do commercial tiles. It was inexpensive stuff at the time, and people took it for granted.

I seem to be a magnet for strangeness!

@Miss Magpie
I have some rather creepy plastic lions hanging on my bedroom wall that will come to life first.

I think there was a strange-ish film along the lines of Harvey made in the 90's. Can't remember the name.

Haeger was our "local" pottery in Illinois, and I always enjoyed a trip to the factory. Danny now uses the lamp I bought there circa 1976, and I have put some rectangular planters to use as lipstick holders. I'll say this for Haeger-the stuff is indestructible. I'll keep my eye out for green pieces for you.

Vix said...

"stay groovy like an outdoor movie" Love that. I want to have a beer with the writer.
What an interesting bunch of finds, I'd definitely have snaffled that bunny - I get so excited about utter nonsense like that that people often think I'm a bit deranged and give them away for free.
That brooch is fab and California pottery is something I've never seen or heard of before - saying that I'll probably find some in a chazza now.
Love the brown dress and the nail colour is gorgeous. Day glo! xxx

Mim said...

Is the 1990s movie like Harvey that you're thinking of 'Donnie Darko'? I have to say, your rabbit is more unnerving than the one in that.

You've styled your shirt dress fabulously - shirt dresses are such classics they can fit in with lots of eras anyhow.

Good haul on the pottery there. If it all gets too much, you can always Etsy/eBay your least favourite pieces.

Goody said...

Yes, that's it! I remember turning to Mr. ETB in the first few minutes and saying something like, "Oh this is just another teen movie" and then seconds later adding, "Well, I didn't see THAT coming!"