Tuesday, August 09, 2016

More From the Qiana Collection

Back off, I'm armed with a heavy framed handbag and I'm not afraid to use it. 

As promised, here's more of my 70's Qiana nylon collection. Today, I'm wearing a 1970's Leslie Fay dress that zips up the front making me feel like I'm wearing a robe. I'm certain it had a fabric belt originally, but it can also be worn loose (though that really enhances the robe effect). If you thought Dacron Polyester didn't breathe, you haven't worn Qiana nylon! Not attire for a warm day.
 I have since wiped that scuff on the purse away. Why is it I only notice these things when I go to edit photos?
I *think* this is a 60's purse, but it could be early 70's. It is nicely lined, and still has the original mirror tucked into a paper sleeve in the pocket. My mum had a similar bag in blue that I sometimes wear, but otherwise I don't run across too many of these lucite handled bags. I paid $3.99 at Goodwill.
These shoes aren't vintage-they're from Target (though I picked them up at Goodwill). As repro-shoes go, these are well made. My ankles aren't really built to wear T-straps, but I made an exception in this case because they were inexpensive, and really do look the vintage part. Of course, they're not meant to look 70's, but my Nan was still wearing shoes like this in the 70's, so by that logic it makes perfect sense to wear them with a nylon dress. That's how my brain works, and who am I to argue with my Nana?

Outfit Particulars:
1970's Leslie Fay Qiana nylon dress-Goodwill
Belt-Thrift World
Vintage handbag-Goodwill
Copper earrings-K mart
Fragrance-Vintage formulation (60's) Tigress

 I thought you might be interested in seeing a few more Qiana pieces. This one still had the original tags, but was missing the belt. Oh well, after 45 years or so, we can forgive the owner misplacing the belt.
 Carlye has become a collectible label in recent years, though it was dead common when I was young. The original tag had an insane price of $122.00 which would have been quite a lot of money in those days. I have a difficult time imagining anyone paying that sort of cash for a nylon dress in the 70's, but remembering what the inflation was like (and how cheap clothes have become) it is possible. That would explain the desire to hang onto it all these years.

 Here's another favourite piece
 Watch that collar-could be sharp!

I wish I could say that's all there is, but we all know how helpless I am in the face of  70's nylon or polyester clothing. Consider this a teaser of horrifying fashion to come in the cooler weather. I know I can't wait!


Vix said...

I love that photo, what a great new header.
That brown dress is fab, I can't imagine anything more typically 1970s. A fantastic collection, I've yet to encounter any Qiana Nylon but having said that I'll probably come across a shedload in my next chazza jaunt. xxx

Bibi Maizoon said...

You make the 70's look so chic!
How come all I remember were gawdawful polyester pantsuits, Holly Hobby/Strawberry Shortcake/Little House on the Prairi/faux patchwork maxis, contrast stitched leisure suits, pukka shell necklaces, suede everything, Hang Ten surf chic, earth tones contrasted with acid yellow, ferns, owls, mushrooms, macrame, Euell Gibbons eating a tree, John Denver, Ronco tv ads (remember the pocket fisherman?) beanbag chairs, naugahyde, multicolor shag carpeting. Ugh.
About every article of clothing I wore in the 70's was homemade by mom (terrifying- like a baby blue polyester plaid sailor suit with mile wide flares, why mom thought a plaid sailor suit was a good idea I'll never know) or more polyester from Montgomery Ward's catalog.

What on earth does "It's Gailord" mean?

Beth Waltz said...

Not only did I wear Leslie Fay in the 70s, I wore that dress! It did have a fabric belt that caught in the string loops. As I recall I carried a black patent leather envelope bag and wore black patent leather shoes with clear Lucite heels. Oh, and my hair was up in a French twist. Quiana was the fabric of choice for young women who were just getting the hang of packing drip-dries for business trips. Remember that pants suits weren't yet common back in the day.

ThriftyParka said...

OMG!! I listed after the dress in your new header when I saw it yesterday! Thank you for describing it in today's post!!

All I can say about your dresses, that purse and those shoes is LURVE THEM!!!

Polyester Princess said...

That brown spotty dress is something I would have gone for too, zip and all. I have a Leslie Fay dress somewhere, which I will try to locate to see if perhaps it's Qiana nylon too. That sharp-collared blouse is lovely too. Can't wait to see more of your collection! xxx

Vronni's Style Meanderings said...

Lovely outfit, Goody and I think the shoes are absolutely perfect with it. The bag is lovely.

I could do with a bit of nylon/polyester here in Donegal. It's pretty chilly today as well as wet and windy! I've found the equivalent of a consignment shop here in Donegal called the 'Parlour Shop'. Saw a couple of nice vintage pieces including a maxi dress and a rather nice polyester dress suit - but not my size, darn it!

I'll keep looking...

Have a great week


Mim said...

Super new blog header photo.

I love your 70s looks. They're very different from the 70s most people pick out - smarter and more grown-up. I saw a 70s dress in a chazza last weekend and nearly bought it but then didn't; maybe if it's there this weekend I shall get it and have play, "What would Goody do?".

Goody said...

It is possible it was given another registered name in the UK sort of like Crimplene/Polyester. Most of the shiny disco shirts were made of the stuff.

I think most of what you're describing came a bit later-maybe '77/'78 (at least in Chicago). I had a really beautiful Holly Hobbie type dress someone (probably mother) bought me that I promptly gave a punk makeover. The top looked great with leather trousers! I *think* that was around '79 but it could have been '80 or even '81...everything is a blur before 2000!

To be fair, I like polyester suits, and John Denver.

Now that's cool! I know the stuff was mass-produced, but how fun to know we have the same taste-forty years apart.

@Thrifty Parka
Thank you. I always have such a hard time accessorizing brown and black because...well...they both work! I had a heck of a time deciding on black shoes and bag.

Oh, that will be fun to see your Leslie Fay. The brand has been around forever (I *think* they still are) and they made some very nice (albeit, conservative) dresses.

I had a friend at school that grew up in the West of Ireland and she said it was impossible for her to knit with wool in Chicago, even in the winter as the cold/dampness was different and she couldn't stand the way it felt in her hands in our climate. I thought she was exaggerating, but the more I hear about cold, damp weather the more I think she was telling the truth.

Here's hoping the shops produce some great things for you.

You know I'd buy it, but I zero self-control and plentiful storage space! Typically, the 70's stuff is less expensive (and easy to launder) so that does encourage my purchases.

I must be channeling our neighbour Claudia-she was the most stylish woman I ever met and when I think 1970's, I think of her. Halston, YSL, perfectly done hair and nails (I haven't quite mastered those bits)she always looked sophisticated without trying too hard to be fashionable. That said, I do enjoy suede, fringe, and flares...in moderation.