Saturday, August 27, 2016


Where I grew up there was a shop that only sold jeans by the name of, "Just Pants." Whenever we'd pass by, my mother would shout, "Ha! That's just pants!" and she continued to do so until the place finally went out of business. I wasn't similarly tickled by the name at the time, but I do appreciate the oddness of hearing trousers called "pants" if you've always used the term to describe underwear. With that in mind, let me begin by pointing out that these are indeed, Big Pants!
When I first spotted the set at the costume shops's vintage rail, I thought they were 30's beach pajamas. They're not. The material is a heavy rayon crepe, and the wide legs would seem to fit with the period, but these are late 50's/early 60's. The maker doesn't even have a registered name patent until the mid-50's. What I suspect they represent is a 50's/60's version of nostalgia. Clearly, these were intended as resort-wear ("From Milan to Miami" proudly proclaimed on the label) in a period when women still wouldn't regularly wear trousers. Would this outfit have gone out to dinner in the 50's? Probably not, but they might have made it to the hotel brunch. I doubt very much they ever saw the beach (perhaps the boardwalk) and this pair still had the original paper tags inside next to the woven label.

The fabric is a very nice crepe, and the print appears to be screen-printed on with some sort of plastick-y paint. I dry cleaned the set not wanting to take any chances (rayon crepe doesn't do well in water under the best of circumstances, and I really have my doubts about the paint). The blouse has French cuffs, and are made in such a way that you could supply your own cuff links, or use the fabric covered buttons. I've run across a number of women's blouses from the 50's and 60's that sport French cuffs though finding women's cuff links from the same period is less common (I have a few sets, but I don't think the fashion lasted long enough for the accessories to become all that widespread).

The photos don't really convey just how wide these trousers are. And long. I rolled the waist, and put on the tallest pair of heels I own-and they're still cleaning up the floor. I'm hesitating to shorten them as I don't think this is something I'd wear, and I want them for my collection. If something happened where there was another fad for gigantic pants (heh heh, I said, "gigantic pants") I might reconsider.

 Outfit Particulars:
Vintage beach pajamas-Fairytail Costumes
Crystal earrings-New Life Thrift
Lobster brooch-Hand-Me-Ups
Vintage handbag-Goodwill
Fragrance-Lentheric Miracle

 Now that we have the big pants out of the way, I have some small pants to show (ouch!).

"Hey skinny jeans. Yeah, you. Up yours."

Why the hell do people like these things?! I keep trying to find a way of wearing them that doesn't make me feel like a complete idiot, and thus far haven't succeeded. Even thin people have their legs made to look like sausages squeezed into too small a casing-mine look like a joint of beef! Or ham. Gammon gams. I don't care if this trend lives or dies, but for me? That's it. No trousers are worth numb legs and looking this foolish. If you can wear them and enjoy them-by all means do so, but me? I'm done. 

I do think the, "Makeup of the un-dead" has potential though (The men in the household disagree, but what the fuck do they know about makeup?!). I bought a Maybellene ultra-saturated dark purple lippy that's almost black. Too much alone, it looks good with a lighter lavender over it. You can't see it well under the specs, but I'm also wearing a grey/dark blue eye shadow.

"Give us a kiss...hey! Why are you running away?!"

Outfit Particulars:
Vintage 80's top-Goodwill
Skinny jeans-K Mart
Clogs-about 10 years ago, Dillards
Vintage dangle earrings-New Life Thrift
Shoulder bag-Goodwill
Fragrance-Vintage formulation Courreges in Blue
Cazal frames-Mum's

Ideally, pants would fall somewhere in the middle of the extremes. With that in mind, I tried out a pair of, "Mom jeans" aka-High Waisted jeans.

 Hmmm. These could work. They're still a  bit on the slim side, but for six dollars at K Mart, I really can't complain. I wore my blouse untucked, but the jeans have enough room that I could tuck in my shirt-tails if I so desired, something that would be nearly impossible (for me anyway) in skinny jeans.

I also tried out the red eyeshadow trend so you don't have to. You're welcome. truth be told, I don't hate it with my skin tone and eyes, but I softened the look by mixing it with a bit of gold and purple. 
Outfit Particulars:
High waisted jeans-K Mart
Blouse-Missoni for Target
1980's Susan Bristol waistcoat-New Life Thrift
Vintage Tano of Madrid tapestry purse-Salvation Army
Ruff Hewn clogs-Dillards
Earrings-Can't remember
Charm bracelet-built over the years
1970's clamper bracelet-gift from my sister when we were young
Fragrance-None! The asthma monster has returned with the autumn mould season. Pray for a killing frost, please.

So how do you prefer your pants? Big, little, or somewhere in-between. All of the above? Do tell. 


Sue said...

JEANS!! My relationship with such 'pants' ha ha, continues to piss me off. I hadn't worn any for a few years but gave in this winter. I wanted something warmer and more 'mum appropriate' for wearing to rugby. Not that I seek approval but just wanted to blend in on the side line for the sake of the son. Skinny jeans, yes like sausage casing on most people. To tell the truth you looked great in both pairs you wore, you owned those jeans with your signature look, the flip!!

Beth Waltz said...

The 30s resort jammies do deserve a spot in the collection; however, the last place I'd wear them is at the buffet -- rayon is way too hard to spot clean!

The mom jeans ensemble is a winner! You look sleek and slim and totally in tune with the psychedelic vibe. The earrings with the blouse are groovy! (And thank you for demonstrating the purple mouth and the red eye shadow. Yes, I won't be buying those products.)

Propagatrix said...

That lobster is gorgeous!!!

Pants? No. I have not worn a pair of trousers for over twenty years, since I decided I never wanted to spend another minute shopping for them or altering them once I'd bought them. I even have old skirts for gardening.

Bibi Maizoon said...

I have a stack of jeans that range from capri length (for the 50's thing) to bootcut (for my Tony Lama collection) to low waisted mega flares (what was I thinking?) to 80's Gloria Vanderbilt's(teen memories/nightmares) to skinny/pegged whatever they're calling them these days. I never wear jeans anymore because 1) it's too damned hot here & 2) in South Asia wearing jeans is modern and modern means SLUT & so on.
But anywho,
When I wore skinny jeans the only way I could get them to look 'styled' on my long skinny legs & precariously top heavy figure was to do an Audrey Hepburn sort of look. That is- wear an oversized man's white shirt (not tucked in but out like a tunic) with the collar turned up. Ballet flats & lots of red lipstick & choker length pearls for a dressy look OR Keds oxfords with a ponytail & pearly pink lippy for casual.
Oh screw it, I'm never wearing denim of any sort again.

Love that black trouser set, I think it would've been perfect on a cruise for afternoon cocktail hour with a big red straw hat whilst smoking a clove cigarette from a jade holder. Garcon, a Singapore Sling with matching tiny red umbrella, chop! chop!

Love the mom jeans but to do that groovy psychedelic shirt justice you really need my mega flares.

Purple greige lippy- Oh drat the 90's are back!
Red eyeshadow, um no, hot pink is as far as I'm willing to go. But I am still wearing my 90's shimmery brow bones, & thanks to MAC eyeshadow in the cornea searing shade of Nylon you can probably see them from Jupiter.

Polyester Princess said...

I LOVE those beach pajamas or however you would call them, and I think they suit you very well. I understand your dilemma of whether or not to shorten them, though. I HATE skinny jeans, and although they might suit some people, I look like a complete dunce in them AND they are uncomfortable. I do have some regular jeans, but they're only for when I'm out walking, otherwise they live in a suitcase on top of my wardrobe. xxx

Mim said...

Your beach pyjamas are smashers. Apparently wide-legged trousers are in this autumn, so you'll be right on trend there. Aren't Mom Jeans replacing the skinnies now in trendy wardrobes?

I like my trousers either wide-legged or mannish. (My suit trousers are a classic blokey shape, though the shop also had 'bootcut' or 'skinny' in the same fabric. I liked that - more choice is always a good thing. Plus I'm guessing it works out better for the shop as it means they only need to order one jacket for all three styles, and won't be left with loads of unsold trousers at the end of the season.) I'll be stocking up on wide-legged options over the coming season.

Vix said...

Bastard massive pants - I love them and they love you, you look amazing and that lobster brooch is a beauty.
I don't own jeans. I loved them years ago but wearing them seems like a cop out, they go with almost anything making them too easy for my liking. xxx

Vronni's Style Meanderings said...

That beach/pants suit is absolutely fabulous and looks great on you. The lobster brooch is perfect with the beach theme, too.

I think you're wrong about the skinny jeans. I think they looked great on you and your legs don't look like hams but look slender. If they're uncomfortable that's another thing. I try to buy high waisted skinny jeans if possible to avoid the dreaded 'muffin top'. I also like you in the straight legged jeans with that lovely top but I'm not sure about the waistcoat though...your jewellery is amazing, interesting and unusual. I love it!

My favourite trousers are palazzo; skinny jeans and straight leg jeans/capri/cigarette pants or 7/8 length straight trousers. I have gone off flares and have only two smart black pairs which I haven't worn in a while and will be donating when I get back home.

Hope you're having a good week, Goody.


Hope said...

As usual you always dress fabulous,here in Australia most of people are boring in their choice .Only at horse races one cans see some taste and class.I wear skinny jeans with my vintage Indian Tunic Kurti.For some reason looks and feels good.Since I started cooking Indian food ,well learning from Bibi Maizoon I got a few more tunic,visiting Indian shops for spices I end up purchasing clothes as well.All the best for your son in competition ,he is my kind of favorite kid.

Goody said...

They do have the advantage of warmth, that's for sure. I like your jeans look.

The red eyeshadow is waaaay more flattering than you'd expect.

A skirt for gardening makes sense-easier to wash your legs than get dirt and grass stains out of pants. I think you're onto a very good idea.

That's funny-jeans are slutty, but a saree that shows a wide swath of midriff is okay. Go figure. I wouldn't want to wear denim in your climate either-I can barely stand it here.

I can see wearing them for a walk, particularly if there's lots of brush to get through. That's a practical use for denim.

I wish they'd sell suits with a trouser style option here-that's a great idea.

If I'm on-trend something's either wrong with me, or the Universe is off kilter. Better brace yourself-either way it can only be bad.

Your wardrobe certainly isn't wanting for variety, so a "no-jeans" policy is obviously working well for you. You're right about them being too easy.

You have a gift for styling trousers-and they look good on you. Flares are tricky though, aren't they? I think I like the idea of flares more than the reality, but I keep buying them anyway!

Bibi is a good influence on the Blogosphere in so many ways! I hadn't considered a long tunic over skinny jeans-thank you for the suggestion.