Friday, October 07, 2016

A Nice Old Bag

No, not me silly-the purse!

I like accessories that can do double-duty, and having a large coin purse affixed to the front of a bag is my idea of convenient. No more fumbling around in a dark bag looking for a quarter to feed the metre. Yes, it is otherwise boring looking, but the feature makes it more attractive in my eyes. Sure, I reached "Peak handbag" a long time ago, but when something this useful comes along, I must make an exception.
(Sorry, squinting in the sun)
I'm still looking for a pair of trousers that don't make me feel like A) I'm wearing a sausage casing, or B) My husband's clothes. I'm just too damn short for them, generally, but now that the fashion is to have them pool about your ankles I can look on-trend and stupid. Thank you, Instagram. Before the Internet I just looked like an eccentric old lady in poor fitting trousers. 
 I like the idea of a disco-ish belt with tweed trousers and a polyester shirt. It shouldn't work, and yet...
Outfit Particulars:
Tweed trousers (fully lined, and have a matching waistcoat)-Hand-Me-Ups
Vintage polyester Act III blouse-Goodwill
Belt-Sequels, Council Bluffs
Coldwater Creek jacket-Goodwill (.99 cents!)
Earrings-Can't remember

Know what else shows up around the same time I reach for wool trousers?

This fawn (and its sibling) were less than a foot from me on the trail at Fontenelle Forest. I was wary as I didn't feel like being charged by Mum or Dad, but they weren't around. Consider this a reminder if you live in the Northern hemisphere that deer like nothing better than jumping in the road, and it seems to peak around October and November. Just slow down if you're out around dusk or dawn, and know that even if you don't see them, they are there. 
This is a bad photo of my dirty penny loafers. Mim had mentioned liking loafers, but not being familiar with the practise of putting pennies in them. This has fallen out of fashion in the US, but being the sort of person that still stoops to pick up a penny off the sidewalk, I'm of the belief that those two cents might come in handy. Besides, bending to pull a penny from your shoe for someone needing it for a purchase is second only in nerd-street-cred to pulling a slide rule from your handbag when asked if you have a calculator. Now get off my lawn you damn kids. 
Do you hear something under the boardwalk? 
 ...must have been the wind. Or zombies. You never know.

Hand-made duck purse. Not surprisingly, it gets compliments in nature centres. 

I had to get "Old Man" shades that fit over my specs as they were unable to make a matching clip when I had the lenses made. I will probably turn one of my other frames into prescription sunnies, but until then, well, you know. Get off my lawn, etc. etc. Oh, and bring me a beer on your way back. Damn lazy kids. 

Hope you have a nice weekend. 


Bibi Maizoon said...

It's the zombie clowns apocalypso. I saw it on the interwebs. After the latest episode of complete & utter asininity that was on CNN this AM about some spiteful pussy grabbing tangerine colored geezer that's running for president I'm sure of it. Poor pussies. We are having flash flood warnings here again & the local airstrip is under a foot of water.

I think that purse is a knockoff of a Hermes bag I saw in Singapore for like $16,000 a few years back. Looks posh & practical to me! Your thrifty outfit looks awesomely autumnal & office appropriate too!

I did not know trouser puddling was hip. As I have a 34 inch inseam I usually suffer "highwater" or "waiting for a flood" trouser issues.

Being the local ambulance (by default) on our side of the valley we had to drive a pregnant neighbor to the local teaching hospital at 1 AM recently- At the edge of town a mama hyena and her 3 pups ran across the road! I had no idea there were hyenas in Nepal but a quick foray on the interwebs & indeed black spotted hyenas are found in Nepal!

Mim said...

Trouser puddling is in? And there was I, all ready to take up my new black ones. (I'm still going to do it, as I'm pretty sure broken noses from tripping over trailing trouser hems are NOT in.)

As I'd suspected, looking at your loafers it seems the strip bit is stitched down across the upper on American ones, so the penny will stay in. Over here the strips are merely stitched at either side, so there's no way to keep a penny in. Bah to British manufacturers and their shoddy standards ;-)

ThriftyParka said...

Ah!!! Love tweed! Hope you do a blog with the full tweed ensemble.

Happy thrifting ;)

Polyester Princess said...

One can never have enough handbags! I'm not very good with trousers either, although there was a time when I only wore trousers. I had a pair of tweed trousers almost exactly like yours. I love your handmade duck bag. Oh, and Bambi is the ultimate OBD! xxx

Beth Waltz said...

Oh, lined trousers are the ONLY trousers my mama deemed worthy of being purchased by a lady. This edict meant a trip to L.S.Ayers and the expenditure of more than I'd spend on a "day dress", so I rarely wore pants until I left home (and began thrift shopping). Must confess I've worn silky pj pants under skritchy woolen slacks rather than pay to have them properly lined.

Beware the venison on the hoof, indeed. I've had expensive encounters with the local herd -- me zip, deer 2.

Connie said...

Penny Loafers!!! Oh, Goodie! I just love you so much!!!

Vix said...

I had a pair of over-long, high waisted tweed trousers I adored about 15 years ago, that is until I got my heel caught in the hem, went arse over tit in the high street and scabbed my knees so badly I had to wear mini dresses with naked legs for a month - not a great look in December.
Love that bag with added purse and the jacket is almost outdoing Bambi for gorgeousness! xxx

Goody said...

I can't look at the television anymore. We've reached a new low, that's for sure.

We need to find you some American loafers. I have two you can have but they eat a lot and never pick up after themselves.
I'll be getting my hat...

@Thrifty Parka
The waistcoat is very long and big on me, but perhaps I can pull together an Annie Hall sort of outfit.

I should clarify that I didn't make the bag-but someone did, by hand.

That is an excellent idea to avoid lining trousers!
Gosh, do be careful. Our local sheriff has been advising people to just, "Drive through the deer" as it is safer than swerving, but it would take a real effort to remember in the panic moment. I'm glad you're OK even if the car isn't.

I love you too!
I'll take that as a cautionary tale because I am a first class klutz. If there's an opportunity to fall, I rarely miss it.

Cee said...

Re Trump, I am hoping we all wake up to discover it was just an extremely unfortunate nightmare.

Goody said...


I'm getting my passport in order, just in case I want to sit out the next four years.

Cee said...

Every day will be an ADVENTURE !!!

Goody said...

*Clears throat*
"Gonna be hHUGE folks."

At my age I don't need this juch excitement.