Friday, October 28, 2016

Brocade Tights

 I've recently reorganised my wardrobe and as a result made a discovery-I own some very strange tights.  What possessed me to purchase shiny black and purple floral tights, I can't say, but I was happy enough to try them out on a chilly autumn morning.
Er...maybe not.
Something about autumn makes me want to focus on leg wear-perhaps the knowledge of snow to come, and heavy boots until spring is a motivation. In a few weeks, I'll forget about whatever great tights are lurking in the drawer as I pull out the fleece-lined leggings, wool socks, and long undies. ,Until then, I'm enjoying the mild weather, and my collection of" WTF Was I Thinking?" tights.

 Outfit Particulars:
Vintage 70's sweater-Can't remember
Canadian Made jacket (more like a tailored sweatshirt)-Can't remember
80's mini-Can't remember
Tights-No clue
Necklace-Garage Sale
Earrings-Garage sale
Bakelite carved ring-Hand-me-ups
Bangle-Salvation Army
Vintage handbag-Goodwill
Boots-K Mart
Fragrance-4711 (I needed an inoffensive fragrance to wear in a crowded space)

I'm getting ready for the holidays today by putting up a couple jars of vegetarian mincemeat. It needs at least a month to properly soak up the booze, so although it doesn't feel like mincemeat weather, I'll be chopping/grinding fruit today. I use fresh cranberries in mine which isn't traditional, but it adds a nice contrast. Cranberries also gel quickly which helps move the cooking along. I haven't tried using a slow cooker for mincemeat, but I'll bet it would work. 

The Barmbrack is baked for Monday (it does better stored a few days before eating) and another malt loaf which has become a staple item at our house (it also requires a few day's storage). Next week there will be Election Day Cake (essentially a fruit cake) and Parkin for the 5th. Then, the serious baking begins. I don't do a large Thanksgiving, but we put up the (artificial) tree that day, and there must be gingerbread men to hang on it. I seal them in clear plastic treat bags and tie them with ribbon so that they can be eaten should anyone be overcome with a desire to steal one from the tree. The boys blame that on the squirrel but as he has his own special biscuits we bake for him I consider it unlikely he's the culprit.

 The Haunted Physics Lab was great again this year.
 Oooh, scary!
 Ha ha!
Have to run-the game is on. Go Cubs!


Bibi Maizoon said...

i like the brocade tights. Not like I'll ever willingly wear tights in my lifetime though.

I'll be getting our sweaters out in late November and packing them away again at the end of January.

My baking will soon come to an end as the Monsoon rains stopped and snow melt ceases so the turbines at our local hydroelectric plant slow to a halt. We'll be back to load shedding about 6 hrs of power daily (split into 2-3 hour blocks).

Show lots of pics of your baking creations so I can enjoy vicariously!

Hope said...

I own two pairs black and purple floral tights.Plus Tiger pattern about 3 pairs ,cream with little rose buds ,then some more very strange.All of them are Made in Italy and I got them at two dollars a pair ,because nobody was interested. That was last year.My purple and black I am planning to wear with my black velvet coat and skirt but never got around because it is too small. You look astonishing .

violetlene said...

I think the floral tights add a nice bit of detail. I can't wear tights here, because its basically summer 11 months of the year.Way too hot.

Vronni's Style Meanderings said...

Those tights are fabulous! I wanted to wear a pair of forest green tights today that I bought from E Bay. I put them on and the crotch was a few inches above my knees! I wouldn't mind but I have short legs...

Your baking sounds wonderful. I came back from visiting ex mother-in-law with a fruit cake so no baking required here at the moment.

Have a great week ahead - we're in for a cold snap I believe,


Connie said...

There is not a holiday on earth that goes by without getting the primo Goodie treatment. Nicely done!!!

Polyester Princess said...

I used to have mad tights like these, but nowadays I mostly stick to plain ones, although I must say I have opaque ones in crazy colours. I'm loving the handbag and that amazing Bakelite ring! xxx

Beth Waltz said...

Not only have you found the most flattering skirt length for your legs -- and lovely tights to highlight this accomplishment! -- you've also successfully layered the other garments' lengths as well! The coat is right, the booties are right! (Sez I, still grumbling that the Scandinavian layered L-something look resembles a walking coat stand.)

Vix said...

I own a lot of mad tights, my excuse is that they've all been given to me and other than the electric blue leopard print ones, weren't my choice.
Yours look great because you've got killer legs.
You've just reminded me, it's getting dark and we haven't padlocked the front gate from Trick or Treaters - ta! xxx

ThriftyParka said...

Hahaha! Fruit cake for Election Day!!! Love it.

Your post today changed my life in 2 ways.
1. Tailored sweatshirt.
2. Those earrings!!!!! Lurrrrvvvve them!

Happy Hallowe'en!

Goody said...

I had no idea your winters were so short. I'll get out my "No-Bake" recipes for you. That must be a complete drag.

Tiger printed tights sound incredible! Funny how people don't seem to want the really great things. Good for you!

There's your reason to visit the north-can't let good tights go to waste.

I've had that happen. It HAS to be a manufacturing defect because as you say, no one is that short. A fruit cake is a nice gift-I loather baking them (all that chopping).

I do enjoy having a reason to bake.

You have some great colours in your tights stash you showed. That will perk up any outfit.

The only person I know that can layer her clothing and look fab is Sue. Everyone else looks like a bag lady. I think her colour sense has something to do with it.

If you locked them out where I grew up (Chicago) you'd find your house covered in raw eggs and yards and yards of loo rolls. Hopefully the little beggars are better behaved by you.

@Thrifty Parka
Is there anything cotton jersey can't do? (I saw bed sheets made from the stuff recently).
Yeah, we have a couple of fruitcakes all right ;)

Mim said...

You cook your mincemeat? Doesn't that make all the suet clag together at the top?

Goody said...

I wouldn't cook it if I were using suet, but this is a vegetarian recipe. In the end it gets an almost chutney-like texture which works well with the way I bake. I rarely do tarts but rather a strudel-ish dessert that benefits from a gloppier texture.

That said, if I were making a suet version, I would still put it through a pressure canner to kill off any microorganisms, though I know the booze would probably be sufficient. Nothing ruins Christmas like botulism!

Mim said...

Ah, we use the prepackaged suet pellets (Atora). I guess you guys don't have that. Free from nasty organisms, and comes in a veggie version as well as a traditional one. I always have a bix of suet in the baking cupboard - you never know when the craving for a steamed pudding will bite. (Husbeast made a steak and pickled walnut one a while back, it was the most delicious thing I've eaten in ages.)