Friday, October 14, 2016

By the Pricking of My Thumbs

 Here, have an apple.

 You might think this is a home-sewn costume of some sort but it isn't. No, it has a care label and a union label which means we're looking at something sold in shops in the 1970's. I do think it was intended as a "Hostess" gown for entertaining at home (because in the 70's home entertaining meant wearing a fancied-up dressing gown, or pajamas) and has the benefit of a built-in quilt in the skirt which is all the more convenient when you pass out from mixing wine and ludes.

 I don't typically wear anything quilted over my lower half for obvious reasons, but this dress was so bonkers I couldn't resist. At a dollar, I would have been foolish to leave it. The cashier (a teenager) held it up, looked at the dress, looked at me, looked back at the dress and then shoved it in the bag without a word. I'm certain she was stunned into silence by the glorious synthetic fabrics.

 Outfit Particulars:
1970's hostess gown-New Life Thrift
Glass pendant with encased flower-Shop-Ko
Bangles-Both Goodwill
Cat ring and Skull ring-both Walgreen's
Vintage beaded bag-Hand-Me-Ups
Vintage early 80's suede shoes-Chernin's Shoes on Roosevelt Road in Chicago (RIP, it was the BEST shoe store)
Flashing pumpkin earrings-Walgreen's
Fragrance-Sweet Courreges (Like the demon love child of White Shoulders and Tinkerbell with a splash of Yankee Candle)
 Thirty five years ago I thought these shoes wouldn't go with anything. Turns out, they go with everything. They've had heels replaced a couple times, but I don't know what I'll do when they finally bite the dust. Probably cry.

I have a rare weekend without any obligations. I *almost* don't know how to handle it!
Hope you have a nice weekend too.
Don't take apples from witches.


Bibi Maizoon said...

How gloriously, wonderously, 70's kitschy & Halloween-ish that maxi is. I too remember those hostess dresses or caftans and that gawdawfull quilted synthetic plaid. I think I had a nightie like that dress when I was about 7 yrs old , but it also suffered some acid yellow rickrack adorning the neckline & Swiss waist thingy. I think it was nylon not polyester though.

Those shoes are tooo FABULOUS! I LOVE? THEM!

I'm always a bit homesick this time of year because Fall in Sonoma was always so gorgeous, Halloween is my favorite holiday, and all the craft, wine tasting & harvest fairs that were sooo much fun started then.

Vronni's Style Meanderings said...

Goody - you do find wonderful things!

The dress reminds me of Snow White - it's the bodice (?) bit, I think, but it also reminds me very much of the peasant style dresses so fashionable in the late 1970s. The shoes are magnificent and I hope they last forever. I love the necklace and beaded bag. It's wonderful having a commitment free weekend!


ThriftyParka said...

LOVE that dress! It looks like a Holly Hobbie dress goes to Las Vegas.

Two thumbs up!!

Polyester Princess said...

This is truly one of the craziest dresses I've ever seen! I must admit I've had cashiers giving me odd looks too. I've had one reducing the price at the spot, as she didn't think the asking price was fair for such an ugly item of clothing. Anyway, I love the beaded purse, and I'm so much in owe that you still possess a pair of shoes you bought 35 years ago ... xxx

Mim said...

Ooooh, those shoes!

Anything that stuns teenagers into silence can only be a good thing. A quilted skirt sounds quite nice for loafing around in. It'd be cosy to snuggle up in while reading.

Beth Waltz said...

Among friends who understand vintage...I'll admit wearing a similar hostess dress to family events. I considered the quilted poly skirt essential for comfort in the freezing temps of the old homestead's "open" living/dining room. There's a photo of me encased in it and a full length black mouton coat, parked on the 8' custom-made sofa upholstered in indestructible avocado green brocade, with the curly head of a young niece peeping out at the waistline. Ah, the memories of the farmhouse and the 70s!

It's all about the accessories: the ring! the flashing earrings! and the shoes!

violetlene said...

That hostess dress over over the top in a delightful way.It just screams 70s. At least the teenage cashier was smart enough to not say anything. I HATE it when cashiers ask me what I am going to do with jewelry/clothing...I want to say something inappropriate to them instead of "I am going to wear it"

Goody said...

The top part is definitely nylon-the brushed sort (which I'm not a fan of). I can't imagine ever wearing it again, though when winter is in full swing I might reconsider.

I think this dress is having an identity crisis-it doesn't know if it wants to be sexy, or granny. I should be careful what I type-someone found this blog using the search term, "Real Granny Tits UK." I shouldn't look at my site stats, it is too terrifying to know what goes through people's minds.

@Thrifty Parka
Yes! You nailed it.

I swear I'm not a hoarder, but I spent so much money on those shoes as a young person, I became a bit protective of them, and ended up holding onto them. I do tend to repair shoes until they fall apart.

We were of course much less annoying as teens...

...But you weren't popping Quaaludes, were you?

You know, that farmhouse sounds a lot like the one we were living in until 2013. The only rooms with adequate heat were the kitchen and the bedroom directly above the kitchen (no central heat upstairs). I think I'm getting soft living in our townhouse built in '68 with heat on all three floors.

Agrred. I mean, what do they think you're going to, "Do with it?" I suppose they might wonder if you re-sell it on Etsy, etc. We used to get questions like that at the Friends of the Library book sale because we'd buy ten boxes of books at a time. Eventually, they figured out we homeschool.

Vix said...

I've got a couple of these but neither are anywhere as near as colourful as yours. I find the brilliant at festivals when it gets bastard cold and you can stay out late without getting hypothermia!
I love the beaded bag and the shoes were a great investment, still looking fabulous after all those years.
Man, I'd have been mortified if teenaged me had been shown a photo of how I'd look at almost 50. I thought anyone over 30 should wear beige and stay in the house. xxx

Goody said...

Teenaged me figured I'd be dead by now ;)