Monday, October 24, 2016

Great Scott(ie)!

 Because celluloid heroes brooches never really die...though they can start to decompose.

 Now that I need a coat most mornings, I also require interesting brooches that are large enough to be worn on a coat. The Occupied Japan vintage celluloid brooch caught my eye, and for a few dollars on Etsy, it was mine. I already own a grey celluloid Scottie, so obviously buying the pink version to match was a no-brainer. Scotties are best as pairs.

I am thinking of making a white faux fur collar for this coat as it seems to require something at the neck, but perhaps the right scarf will materialise. I should go raid Danny's scarf stash (shhhh, don't let him hear that). I bought the coat last year, and didn't like it. Pulled it on yesterday and couldn't for the life of me remember why. Just fickle, I guess but I'm glad I kept it.
The coat was off by mid-morning when (as you can see by the badly lit photo) the sun came out in full force. 

Outfit Particulars:
1960's coat-Can't remember, probably Goodwill
Vintage wool skirt-Thrift World
Vintage handbag-Goodwill
Suede ankle boots-K Mart
Belt-Shop Ko
Vintage Celluloid brooch-Etsy seller Lucra
Vintage clip earrings-Garage sale
Fragrance-Dana Forbidden (if only someone had forbidden my wearing it! Pheww *holds nose*)

Staying with the pink theme for a bit, I wore this lace 60's suit for the first time. I'm not really a pink suit sort of woman (Danny thinks it might be generational with the JFK assassination being the first thing that comes to mind when I hear, "Pink suit") so to save it from being hopelessly twee, I accessorised with black. You thought I was going to say, "Brains" didn't you? 

 I think the pieces will work better as separates, but for the sake of the blog I wanted to wear them together at least once.
 Outfit particulars:
Vintage lace suit-Can't remember
Tights-K Mart
Polo neck-K Mart
Vintage clutch-Goodwill
Shoes-K Mart
Flower pin-Tiff and Tam
Pink bangle-Goodwill
Reverse carved glass pendant-Hobby Lobby
Vintage Earrings-Hand-Me-Ups
Fragrance-Vintage formulation Vent Vert

The Halloween sign on the postbox had been on our door...until our neighbour put up a sign that reads, "Boo!"
I promptly went out and bought one for our door that reads, "Ekk!" I mean, I had to. Last year we had ONE trick-or-treater. I'm not buying extra candy this year because I don't wish to be stuck with it. I'll buy stickers and pencils and if no one shows up, at least we'll put them to use. I don't need a special day of the year to dress silly-every day is Halloween in my world. 
I will however bake a barmbrack, complete with charms as I have done each 31 October for as long as I can remember. I can't believe we're this far along in autumn without snow yet. *Fingers crossed*. 

Anyone doing anything special for Halloween? 


Bibi Maizoon said...

I know it is snowing in the mountains as the evil snow mosquitoes, wild donkeys, some of the forest birds are coming down to our valley. Cool & dry here though.
That red coat looks gorgeous but I think white fur collar would make it look too Santa-ish.
That pink suit makes me shudder a bit too. It's beyond twee even with black accents.
Are you putting a teal pumpkin out advertising you have non edible treats for Halloween?
We have the Nepali version of the Hindu festival Diwali called Tihar that occurs over the last weekend in October. The last day honors 'brothers' and groups of boys go door to door loudly singing a traditional song called "Bhai lo" (sounds like "buy low" to which I respond "sell high") and will not go away until you give them treats or money. It wouldn't be so bad but you'll see the same groups of brats coming to the gate every 15 minutes ALL DAY LONG if you don't lock the gate. Even if you lock the gate they'll throw a few rocks at the house but eventually go away.

Mim said...

Fab coat! Perhaps you can persuade Danny to lend you some scarves, just for the winter.

Celluloid Heroes is one of my favourite songs, it's so sad. The Kinks were just brilliant; Ray Davies is/was a real poet. Lola, Come Dancing, Dead End Street, Village Green Preservation Society, all great lyrics.

Polyester Princess said...

When I saw that Scottie dog brooch pop up in my feed, I couldn't open your post fast enough! I often pick up loose fake fur collars in charity shops, which always come in handy. The coat is great as it is. I am missing my red coat very much, but it just fell apart in the end. Danny might just be correct about the pink suit thing! Your son's quite a clever boy. xxx

Vronni's Style Meanderings said...

Love those brooches! Scottie dogs eh? It's weird how some items achieve fashion cult status. It was a thing of the 50s was it not?

The red coat is beautiful and I think a scarf would be perfect - go on raid Danny's stash. The skirt was brilliant; I loved the colours.

I agree about the pink lace suit and yes I think it will look much better as separates - the skirt and black top looked great on you. Loved the pink bangle and both pairs of shoes.

Halloween is a relatively new phenomenon here - as children we never celebrated it - but my eldest grandson's generation did. The shops are full of Halloween tat and all the charity shops have a little Halloween section. As I live on a main road we rarely get trick or treaters. (Thank God! Bah humbug, I say).

Have a fab week


Vix said...

Loving that coat and the pink suit! Wouldn't it make an ace Halloween costume, accesorised with fake brains?
I love that Danny has a scarf stash, he sounds like one cool kid.
We'll be sticking a bicycle chain across the front gate and padlocking the scrounging little bastards out on 31st October. xxx

Goody said...

Too Santa-ish?! Is there such a thing?
The coat is magenta pink, but that doesn't come through in the photos.
We're not doing the teal pumpkin because it hasn't really taken hold here.

I should get first choice as his mother, but I don't want to interfere with his business project. He has a good eye for hand-rolled silk.

I knew you'd appreciate a great brooch since you have such a wonderful collection yourself.

I guess poodles had a moment too. When Boxers have a moment, I'm still waiting for boxers to have their moment.
Halloween was fun when I was a child, but now the adults have ruined it like everything else!

Goody said...


I know it has been over 50 years, but people would be horrified if I dressed as Jackie covered in fake brains. "Too soon" I guess!

Miss Magpie said...

I love the rainbow skirt, well that's what it made me think of anyway, but the pink dear god that is what my nightmares are made of!!!!

The scottie is just too cute.

Radostin said...

I love how similar the roses on your bangle are to those in the lace, very satisfying.
I too have a sixties lace suit; mine is what I think of as dark cream in colour, or maybe very milky cafe au lait; it came with a shell made of the lining material, and the lining of the skirt has knife pleats at the bottom. I think it either began to a teenager, or was the going-away suit for after the morning wedding of a very young widow (i.e., her second wedding)...

Goody said...

@Miss Magpie

It would be nightmare-ish in any colour, don't you think?

Do you wear it for anything other than a dressy event? I can't figure out how to put the pieces to use.

Radostin said...

I have four young kids and mine is pretty delicate, so I haven't worn it other than for dressy events. Which can include something like an extended family dinner, as many of us like dressing up. If I was a lady of leisure, I would wear it to go to the coffee shop on my way to the library, no problem! As others have said, your skirt without the jacket appears to be extremely wearable; would the jacket work over a dress?

Sue said...

I love your raspberry coloured coat, look great over that long skirt. Is that the one you scored last winter? Then you go all JFK and rock out the pink lace suit, nice!!! Like it with black, sexed it up for the burbs. B=Very much enjoying the fashion.

Goody said...

*Nods in understanding*
Kids and lace don't mix-though spit-up and spilled drinks do lend charm to some clothing. I should present Danny with a bill for all the clothing he ruined over the years ;)

It might work with a dress-thanks for the suggestion (I was thinking blouse and skirt).

Yes, it is the same one but somehow I feel different about it this year. Last winter I lived in my blue coat which feels all wrong now.See? That's why we need several coats! That's my excuse anyway.