Wednesday, October 05, 2016


October is here...break out the crazy harvest-themed clothing if you've got it. Oh, I've got it!

Strangely, it seemed to attract honey bees. Everywhere I went, they followed, dive-bombing my dress in search of something bright that might be flowers. It must be terrible for them this time of year. We still have salvia growing, but not for long. Thankfully, I was able to avoid being stung as they lost interest upon realising I wasn't a flower. 
Outfit Particulars:

Vintage Dress-Fairytail Costumes
Vintage box bag-Hand-Me-Ups
Earrings-K Mart
Fragrance-None, until the bees finish

Staying with the harvest theme, I remembered this brooch I bought ages ago. I've been looking for a wheat-cross as well, but I never seem to be able to find things when I'm looking for them.

 The corduroy items are starting to appear in my wardrobe. this week I dug out this 80's Esprit handbag, and paisley print corduroy jacket. I mean, come on-paisley and corduroy? That's two autumn staples in one convenient blazer!

Outfit Particulars:
Liz Claiborne jersey dress-Goodwill (.49 cents)
Vintage Esprit purse-can't remember
Boots-K Mart
Necklaces-Both Et Cetera, Seward
Brooch-can't remember
Vintage copper earrings-Sarpy Co. Garage sale
Large Bakelite bangle-Goodwill

 A good dress for layering, but that's about all.  I prefer a fitted waist to this, which is like wearing an over-sized tee-shirt. At .49 cents, I don't feel any pressure to keep it, and it has moved to the "donate" pile. I like being able to dispose of ill fitting items without guilt, which is why I love thrift shopping. I'm rarely out much money if something doesn't quite work. Had I bought it new, I might feel obligated to wear it anyway.
 The grass really shouldn't be this green in October. Our weather is so screwed-up in Nebraska.

Thus far, I've been able to avoid running the heat, which is also very unusual for Nebraska in October. *Fingers crossed*.

I think it is time to purchase a few pumpkins for the front of the house. Sooner or later we will be looking at Halloween.

Hope your mid-week is treating you well.  Watch out for clowns.


Bibi Maizoon said...

It is pouring rain here still. The Monsoon should have ended 2 weeks ago & we should be cool & dry. All but a few of the seeds I planted have rotted. The neighbors were planting potatoes yesterday but stopped due to the rain.

That honeybee attracting dress is a such a 70's classic! It looks very homemade but I recall seeing dresses like that in stores too.

Loving that corduroy & paisley ensemble, Kmart has boots like that? Wow! I was surprised that the sad little Kmart in Ft Lauderdale had the best selection of garden seeds around, nurseries don't carry seeds any longer I suppose.

Pumpkins are over already here, persimmons are in the market now.

Vix said...

There's been a distinct nip in the air over the last couple of days, we've had to bring Jacob the tortoise in at night and I've packed the backless halterneck maxis away.
That first dress is absolutely gorgeous, I don't know about the bees, I'd be dive bombing it if I saw you wearing it. xxx

Polyester Princess said...

How fabulous is that first dress! And the bag is absolutely gorgeous. I never ever find bags such as this one. I have been dive-bombed by honey bees too. I wonder, do they think those are real flowers? xxx

Mim said...

I can imagine Vix fighting you for that first dress! I'd be more inclined to nick the blazer...

That is the nice thing about thrifting, isn't it? That you can decide you don't like something than just re-donate it, no big losses incurred.

Having been inspired by reports on the internet, we now have scary clowns here too. THANKS INTERNUTZ...

Miss Magpie said...

I really rather like the brown spotty dress, but I know what it is like, if it doesn't feel right you won't wear it.

What is it with clowns??

Vronni's Style Meanderings said...

You're really going for the autumnal colours and they look fabulous on you. I really like the corduroy jacket and the brown spotted dress was lovely, but if you don't like it then nothing's going to change that. Only 49 cents though what a bargain!

The one good thing about the cooler weather is digging out the coloured tights - yay! I like your ankle boots and the box bag is so sweet.

Hope you have a lovely weekend.


Goody said...

I'm pretty sure the dress is homemade (due to the oddly placed ric rac). I hope you dry out soon.

I finally gave in and packed the last of my summer clothes. Unlike you, I don't miss the warm weather. Maybe you can knit Jacob a er...turtle neck pullover to keep him warm?

Box bags are delicate and difficult to repair, so I suppose they become scarce.

I sleep better knowing we are exporting the very best of American culture to our friends around the world.

@Miss Magpie
I don't get the clown thing either-I always thought they were fun.

I bought so many tights a few years back at a sale I doubt I'll ever need more. When I need to wear my alpaca socks over the tights is when winter's reality sets in for me.