Tuesday, October 25, 2016


 I'm digging deep into my wardrobe for this early 90's Carole Little animal print skirt. Yes, the material is furry, and no, it isn't warm. Next time, cable knit tights!
I can't remember where I bought it. Probably Marshall Field's, on a visit home to Chicago, but it might have been Jordan Marsh in Boston. Sadly, both stores are now long gone, but I still have this rarely worn mini skirt. I considered wearing it with my leopard coat, leopard boots, and matching hat-then, I thought better of it. The skirt is wearable in a non-ironic way, so I decided to play it straight and see if I could style it for modern day wear. 
I wore my ugly but oh-so-comfortable Siebel shoes. At least I can't be accused of accessorising it too sexy...unless you're into women wearing orthopaedic shoes in which case, I'll see you on the shuffleboard court, grandpa. Bring condoms coupons. 
I kept with a feline theme for the handbag and my necklace has a tiger's eye in the centre. Can you guess what fragrance I'm wearing? 

Outfit Particulars:
Vintage Carole Little skirt-Probably Field's
Sweater-Target about 15 years ago (I stretched it out beyond all hope wearing it through my pregnancy, but I still wear it because I can't find one I like better)
Vintage disco purse-Hand-Me-Ups
Vintage necklace-Hand-Me-Ups

I finished sorting out my winter wardrobe and made a few discoveries. I think there will be an upcoming, "Jumpsuit Week" here at Eat the Blog as I seem to keep acquiring and never wearing them. My inner-Elvis is screaming to get out. Additionally, I own a lot of velvet, A Lot! Last year I did Plaid Tidings for Advent, so this year I am thinking of showcasing the velvet pieces. As with the plaid, I could probably do a few pieces each day, and still have enough left over to go through New Year's. I'm also considering a Brooch of the Day feature, but perhaps after the winter holidays. I'm open to suggestions if there's something in my collection you'd like to see more of (Perfume of the Day? Hat of the Day? Vintage cookbook of the day?).

I'm off to go watch the World Series. Go Cubbies!


Connie said...

Well.....I guess I've entered into granny territory but I think your shoes are very cute. Orthopedic shoes ROCK! Such a cute outfit. Timeless really. Velvet? Bring it on!!

Bibi Maizoon said...

Ummm......being a person who had a job standing on their feet all day I had several pairs of Seibel shoes. Now I rarely wear shoes.
Aww...I would have preferred to see all your leopard accessories!
I'm liking the velvet as I have kept several velvet pieces of mine even though it's too danged hot here to wear them.
I'm liking the vintage cookbook idea too.

Mim said...

I'm deffo up for seeing velvet piece of the day. What remains of my inner goth will greatly appreciate it. Though I want to see what your inner Elvis comes up with too. If anyone can make jumpsuits work, it's you.

Talking about into orthopedic shoes; some young bloke has been going round my town grabbing middle-aged ladies' bottoms. Very bizarre. He clearly likes the more mature mama...

Polyester Princess said...

Sometimes, only orthopedic shoes will do! Love the skirt, and of course your perfume would be Tigress. Although I love a good jumpsuit, I've still got to come across a good vintage one. I'd love to see your velvet collection, and of course Brooch of the day appeals to me. Bring it on. xxx

Vix said...

Great idea to offset the orthopedic shoes with the cheeky leopard mini skirt. I wouldn't have noticed your feet if you hasn't pointed them out, I was too busy lusting after that disco bag and admiring your legs.
Whatever you showcase will be fabulous. xxx

Miss Magpie said...

I love the idea of a velvet a day personally I'm also up for viewing your brooches and handbags.....

Radostin said...

You'll have to be keeping off your own lawn, dressed like this. Sometimes I write off the option of a great skirt with all black everything else (which is a combination I wore a lot when I was younger), but there's a reason it's so obvious; it really is that great!

Goody said...

There's something to be said for shoes that don't hurt.

Even in the cooler season you can't wear velvet? That's so sad.

I look terrible in jumpsuits, but that hasn't stopped me.
He's going to grab the wrong bottom and get a punch in the face-we old broads won't put up with that shit.

I'd be interested in seeing your brooch collection.
You haven't come across a good jumpsuit because there aren't any-they're all hideous. That's the fun of them.

Tights hide a LOT (but thank you).
I love the bag but it barely holds anything.

@Miss Magpie
I'm thinking I will go for the velvet feature, though with so much black it might start to look similar after a while.

I like black with something really loud like an animal print, though someone clever might be able to do a bit of pattern mixing that wouldn't look strange (or like a zoo).

Sue said...

You have good pins so show them off in a short skirt, and why not make it in animal print!!

Goody said...

I don't-but tights work wonders-sort of like wearing a super-tight elastic bandage on my legs.

Vronni's Style Meanderings said...

Nearly missed this post, too!

I love the look; I always enjoyed wearing a short skirt with a jumper, thick tights and shoes/boots. I don't have any short skirts in my wardrobe at all but this has given me a hankering after one...

I love the vintage disco purse - how cool it is and it echoes the pendant you're wearing. I think the shoes are great and if they're orthopaedic shoes I'm staggered!


Goody said...

Aw go on and get a mini! Everyone should have at least one in their wardrobe.