Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Don't Care if it Rains or Freezes...

... cause I've got caffeinated Jesus hangin' on the corner of my wall
 I had to laugh at the unintentional shelf placement of these two items at (where else?) Hobby Lobby.
...but after  coffee? Bring on Jesus!

Also spotted at Hobby Lobby, an item with too many levels of awfulness and WTF for my poor old brain to process.
 Nothing says "Season of Peace" like shotgun shell lights for the Christmas tree!
...and the fine print.

I went there hoping to find a new artificial tree as ours is falling apart. I didn't see anything that wasn't pre-lit, so I might need to do some research finding what I want. My goal is to take the old, beat-up tree and turn it into a giant bird feeder in the garden this winter, but I might need to keep it another year if I can't find something I like. At least I know where to go if I want to decorate it with a hunting theme. I couldn't make this stuff up.


Vix said...

Shotgun shell lights? Dear god, whatever next? I hope the adults with disabilities who assembled them weren't disabled through some shooting incident, the irony would be too hard to bear. xxx

Bibi Maizoon said...

I classify those shells as 'redneck chic,' along with all the cmo clothing, ZZTop beards & Duck Dynasty crap.
So that's what passes for wall art in Nebraska?
Speaking of 'Murrikan bizarreness- i belong to a DIY/semi professional Bath & Body products group on FB. One of the members decided to make a bath bomb recipe that called for 4 TBS fragrance oil. She decided she wanted to use pure lavender oil so she subbed 1 TBS of undiluted lavender oil for the 4 TBS of fragrance oil in the recipe. WTH? After a brief discussion it came to light that she didn't know essential oils need to be diluted to 2% for topical use (nor did she have the basic math skills to calculate the amounts for a 2% solution) & she couldn't grasp that replacing 4 TBS oil with 1 TBS oil was going to really screw up the recipe. WE ARE DOOMED!

Goody said...

Yeah, disabled in a hunting accident would just be too much.

I dunno, most Nebraska "Rednecks" I know wear the label proudly, and save the camo and shells for hunting. Mostly, I see a lot of Shaker style furniture, heirloom quilts, and family photos in people's sitting rooms. I honestly doubt those lights will sell well in Nebraska. I can't vouch for the rest of the country though. As for the wall decals...maybe in a halfway house.

Hey, give the kid a break-maths are hard! Just be glad she isn't working in a store where she has to count back change (I've yet to meet anyone under forty that does it). Is a bath bomb like a modern version of the fizzy cubes we used to plunk in a bath? I'm not up on bath products.

Mim said...

Shotgun shell lights? Presumably from the trucknuts school of decor.

I don't drink coffee, so no Jesus for me. (I get the feeling that atheism isn't as common in the US as it is here. I'm not militant about it, it's just what I do - or rather don't - believe.)

Polyester Princess said...

I had a good chuckle with the caffeinated Jesus thing, but: shotgun shell lights? Oh dear. What next? I was wondering the same thing as Vix ... xxx

ThriftyParka said...

Hahahal! Unbelievable and WTF indeed.

I will volunteer that one Thanksgiving I had to scavenge the materials for decorating the table. I had to look in the brush around a remote lodge/cottage to find material. I put together a centrepiece of foliage and, you guessed it, discarded shotgun shells. In my defence they were a pretty red.

violetlene said...

That caffeine & Jesus wall crap is overtaking craft stores/pinterest/etsy and to me its right there with Mason jar everything/burlap everything/chevron everything. It has invaded Texas like a plague.

Sue said...

Only in America, shotgun shell lights!! Here in NZ I have Jandal lights (flip flops?). I refuse to think anything Christmas until December, we have just had Halloween and next it is Guy Fawkes!

Goody said...

Atheism is common enough, but it is not considered socially acceptable so people don't discuss it.

I have nothing against hunting (better than driving into deer all over the road)but celebrating it seems strange.

@Thrifty Parka
That's awesome! Look what a trendsetter you were ;)

Mason jars for anything except preserving is strange.

We have baked potatoes and parkin for Guy Fawkes night, but building a bonfire (or burning a Guy) would be too much in America.