Thursday, November 17, 2016

Jumpsuit Week-Day Four

Excuse the terrible lighting.

Today I have a pink ,spotty, unflattering, polyester horror of a jumpsuit. Wide legs, tie waist, off-the-shoulder-this has everything bad about the 70's rolled into a single item of clothing...that's why I love it. Love isn't always rational.

Do I see a polyester jacket too?
You didn't think I'd wear something like this without some pattern mixing, did you?
 I wore it last a few years ago.
Black works with pink too.
Outfit Particulars:
1970's Montgomery Wards jumpsuit-Goodwill
Boots-K Mart
1970's Amy Adams polyester jacket-Thrift World
Earrings-K Mart
Vintage Handbag-Hand-Me-Ups
White lucite brooch on jumpsuit-Goodwill
Brooch on Jacket-Garage sale
Bangles-all over
Rings-both New Life Thrift
Fragrance-Carnal Flower

Any one for a cocktail?

From the 1965 Calvert Party Encyclopedia

The Flying Saucer:
1oz. light rum
1/2 oz. dry vermouth
1/2 oz. Swedish punsch
1 dash grenadine
Shake well with cracked ice, strain into a glass.

I feel obligated to make a joke about drinking it cautiously as it packs a punsch.
Be getting my hat. See you tomorrow with another jumpsuit.
Wheee, lookit the flying saucers, maaaaan.


Polyester Princess said...

I actually love that jumpsuit very much! Who says it's unflattering? It's fabulous. I have a dress in a similar colour and fabric. Hurray for mad 1970s polyester! xxx

Vix said...

I'm with Ann, that jumpsuit is fantastic, I love it! Those earrings are gorgeous, too.
Mad 1970s polyester rules!!
I'd love to try that cocktail but I'm all out of almost all the booze. Looks like a can or three of gin and diet tonic with the Apprentice tonight! xxx

ThriftyParka said...

I agree with the Princess! That is a flattering jumpsuit indeed!

Ooh! Love how you paired it with that hat! And the faux fur coat! And the long black cardi!!! I feel like I could quite happily move into your vastly, well-stocked closet. I could spend days looking at all your pretty things (and I mean that in an un-creepy way, really I do!).

Happy thrifting ;)

Vronni's Style Meanderings said...

Love it!

The jumpsuit is fab and you look gorgeous in it! I also loved the jackets and all the fab accessories.

Roll on the next one!



Bibi Maizoon said...

How can it be so wrong when it looks so right?
The only thing more amazing than that jumpsuit os that you found a bag that perfectly matches iT!

Goody said...

I can't help feeling it was never intended for wear outside the home.

There's a reason to move to the UK-pre-mixed cocktails in a can! As far as I know we don't have anything like that.

@Thrifty Parka
Not creepy at all ;)
I've often thought when I die my clothes should get donated to a pre-school for kids to play dress-up. There's great costume potential in there.

Thank you. The next one sould (hopefully) be fun too.

That pink bag was such a lucky find-apparently it had been sitting in the thrift shop for some time before I brought it home.

Sue said...

I love this one on you, pink and spots! I think the spots were the deal clincher for me. FYI you have the perfect figure for these jumpsuits, you wear them well, really enjoying all of this.

Mim said...

My first thought was that it had a sort of 1930s feel - perhaps influenced by the vogue for 30s stuff in the 1970s.

We don't just have cocktails in tins here (the Pimms ones are useful for taking camping), we have cocktails in squeezy bags to put in the freezer. Instant frozen margarita. The country may be going to the dogs, but we'll always be great at finding new ways to sell/consume alcohol...