Wednesday, December 06, 2017

A Smattering of Outfits

I've always thought white artificial Christmas trees are the prettiest (okay, so I have tacky tastes) and I'm going for a bit of that look here.
The vintage hat is decorated with ribbon and pearl beads. I bought it for the Marshall Field's label in it as I was feeling nostalgic.
Outfit Particulars:
Velour top-90's Jordan Marsh
Pleated skirt-Goodwill
Vintage Marshall Field's hat-Hand-Me-Ups
Brooch-Jordan Marsh (around the same time as the top)
Someday, I will wear a cable sweater, and take five seconds getting dressed to ensure the arms aren't completely twisted around. Someday.
Or I can just throw a nice jacket over and no one will notice twisted cables. 
Outfit Particulars:
Pendleton jacket (part of an 80's suit)-Goodwill
Corde bag-Hand-Me-Ups
Copper brooch and matching earrings-Hand-Me-Ups
Fragrance-Habit Rouge
 This sheer top has a matching floor length skirt. I don't know why I never wear it. Must put that on the "to do " list. The vintage velvet skirt I've had for at least 20 years, purchased at a now-gone vintage shop in Cambridge, Mass. It is close to threadbare, but I can't let it go. There aren't too many printed velvet skirts out there!

Outfit Particulars:
Skirt-a vintage shop in Harvard Square, early 90's
Top-Part of a set-Goodwill
Velvet shoulderbag-Goodwill
Brooch-Thrift World
Fragrance-Modern formulation Jicky

 I do however, have a velvet printed dress. I bought this one around 2000 and wore the hell out of it for a few years. I even wore this dress in the final weeks of my pregnancy as it stretched and didn't have a waistline. The sleeves are a pain in the ass and the high-low hem is annoying, but again-printed velvet= keeper.

Outfit Particulars:
early 2000's dress-Von Maur
Fragrance-Guet Apens
 The owl is back atop the Christmas tree. Danny made it in Kindergarten, and I'm rather fond of it. "Owl be home for Christmas..."
Anyway, back to the clothes...
A pink monstrosity of 80's does 50's in knit polyester by Leslie Fay. The cummerbund really completes the look. Patterned floral tights were a close-out at K Mart, and the crazy half moccasin, half pump suede shoes were $3.99 at Goodwill. The Juicy Couture plastic handbag was also Goodwill. The dress is already in a giveaway bag. There's nothing wrong with it, it just isn't me. When I laundered it I found the prettiest handkerchief with a tatted lace edging in the pocket. I'll go out on a limb and guess this was some church lady's dress. It is lovely, if you're a church lady (or aspire to be one).

Love the tights though. 
 Wore one of the celluloid scotties with it. I tried wearing the pair but it was too much. I know that sounds impossible, but that happens sometimes-even to me. 

Outfit Particulars:
Vintage Leslie Fay dress-Goodwill
Fragrance-Jardins de Bagatelle (still makes me sneeze. I keep hoping it won't but eh, whatever. Some perfumes are worth suffering for).
 I bought this lovely kimono (OK it is probably a dressing gown, but let's not quibble) last summer but only now got around to wearing it. The fabric is quite heavy and it has a beautiful, vibrant red silk lining. There's a belt but no belt loops, so I didn't bother wearing it as I prefer to keep it open. The red silk dress is something I bought a few years ago that never fails to make me feel great when I wear it. Everyone needs a dress like that, even if it is red (I'm slowly getting used to seeing myself in red). The shoes are American Duchess.

Outfit Particulars:
Dress-New Life Thrift
Shoes-American Duchess
Vintage handbag-Thrift World
This was last weekend, snapped in front of a rarely visited thrift store. The store is a short drive from my home but I rarely go there as the neighbourhood is on the dicey side. The gas station, pawn shop,  and bank on the corners seem to get robbed with frightening regularity, and the whole area gives off the feeling of post-apocalypse with people wandering around parking lots trying car handles. Skid row is one thing, that neighbourhood feels like, "Come here to get relieved of your belongings!"  I know armed robbery/carjacking/muggings/random violence/driveby shootings/etc. is a regular fact of life living here, but I try to avoid the spots that are known to be troublesome. Anyway, it was a rare trip to the shop on a Saturday afternoon when I had Mr. ETB along with me. Not sure what protection he'd be if someone stuck a gun in my face, but I feel like less of a target with him there. I didn't buy much-a straw bag and a couple brooches, and if I'm honest, I was happy to get out of there. It got so bad a woman was pushed down a few weeks ago at the bus stop by some teenaged girls that didn't even have the decency to rob her-they just injured her for kicks. 
I did wear my plaid shoes because...well, just because. 
Outfit Particulars:
Skirt-Sears-about 20 years ago
Poloneck-Can't remember
Heavy Cotton cardigan-Hand-Me-Ups (that thing is a beast!)
Purse-made by me
Fragrance-Guerlain Vetiver (80's formulation)

 I'll leave you with a look at some of the treasures I didn't bring home with me last weekend. It was hard to resist, but I somehow managed. There were dozens of the squirrels-all identical which I'm sure has a great story I will sadly never know.

We have bad weather on the way, so I'm off to make a steamed brown bread and baked beans because that's what I do when the weather turns nasty. The sun is shining at the moment, but the weather radar looks unpleasant. Hope you have fair skies wherever you are. 


Bibi Maizoon said...

Anything in printed velvet is a keeper.
The pink dress is a bit bathrobe-y looking. Those pink moccasin pumps are hilarious!
Regarding unsafe areas in the US: Today is election day 2 here in Nepal - in light of the unabated violence security is heightened, all businesses are closed & no congregations of more than 5 people are allowed. Most of my western friends are like, "How can you live there with all the bombs/violence?" Then I remind them of the gunfire we'd hear every weekend from the 'bad' side of town in the US. In fact, in the swanky side of the California town I lived in (& just 2 blocks from my house) an estranged husband pulled up to a post-Thanksgiving family gathering & opened fire with an AK 47. He managed to kill his ex wife & baby as well as injuring all his in laws seriously before shooting himself in the head with a pistol on the front doorstep. Amazing what Americans will put up with, eh?

beate grigutsch said...

totally overwhelmed with all the fabulous looks!!
the red kimono style is my favorite, followed by printed velvet skirt with sheer blouse.....
the white owl is cute!
as for dangerous neighborhoods - we´r keeping up! with increasing huger gaps between poor and rich and falling down moral, europe develops "international standards" isle of the happy anymore.

Radostin said...

The only problem with your posts of many outfits is that I have something to say &/or enthusiasm about them all, and then I fear it may read as though I'm writing a list rather than genuine response. But I shall just trust you won't take it that way - after all, if this was seven posts you'd have got seven comments.
1) I absolutely agree with you re: artificial treees, the white is by far the prettiest. Not that I have ever had one, but if I were to, it'd be white with opalescent sparkle or else something from the forest, no middle ground.
2) Don't you feel the sleeves are twisted in wear, tho? I would have to straighten them in order not to feel pulled about all day. Love the green, love the short yet not skimpy jacket, love the swishy skirt. Cool spectator shoes, too.
3) You look gorgeous in the coral and wine delight. Printed velvet is one of my very favourite things.
4) I love the drama of your printed velvet dress. Not sure I've ever seen one before. Cool rings, too. I wish the large collection of large rings I sported as a teenager hadn't all got broken or lost, I rarely find ones I like (and I have really narrow fingers so they're often too big), but I miss wearing lots of rings.
5)The super pink outfit is so much pink, it's just wonderful. The tights and bag are my favourite parts, but the overall effect is most impressive. I see what you mean about the dress, though; you probably don't need to wear it again.
6) I highly approve of the all red, The lined kimono is gorgeous and I like those strappy shoes, a nod to Edwardian style, perhaps?
7) Wow, that cardigan is cotton? I had definitely assumed it was wool. It must be heavy indeed, but admirably ornate. I do like your tartan shoes, I have a ballet-sneaker version (i.e. red tartan w black toes), bought from the clearance section of Target years ago.

Polyester Princess said...

I hear you on the cable sweater, though have you ever tried to wear cable knit tights? Takes much longer than 5 seconds to get right. I usually just throw mine out out of frustration. Then forget about it and buy another pair, with the same result. Your sweater is such a lovely colour, and the brooch you've pinned to it is divine. Printed velvet is gorgeous, I need some more. Love the rings, especially the brown swirly one. Once you mentioned Leslie Fay, I knew that dress was doomed. I had a couple of Leslie Fay dresses and yes, church lady is what springs to me. Got rid of mine, they made me look frumpy. But I love the tights, the shoes and of course the Scottie brooch!
We have some no-go areas (or rather-not-go areas) here in Antwerp, but it's still rather tame in comparison. Wouldn't want to go near Brussels, though. xxx

Vix said...

I'm with Beate, the kimono outfit and the printed velvet skirt are my most favourites but the dress with the huge sleeves is high on the list.
Printed velvet is hard to come by. St Michael did a skirt and matching jacket back in the 1970s which I've come across a few times - if I find another I'll save it for you! xxx

Goody said...

Yeah, we can get used to anything after a bit, sadly.

Was it ever (an isle of the happy)?

No, of course I wouldn't take it that way-I appreciate you taking the time to leave a comment.

I do wear cable tights because they are warm, and yes they are always twisted ;)

That would be greatly appreciated.

beate grigutsch said...

@isle of happy: most people thought in comparison to america and the now they are very angry and blame the wrong.

Beth Waltz said...

I'll cast my vote with the chic and say Yea to the kimono and Nay to the pink dress (excepting the tights, I really like those tights). I'm thinking that what you have in this post is a partial wardrobe for the cast of "Menopause the Musical". The businesswoman, the Earth Mother, the actress and the church lady, they're all here!

One beneficial aspect of freezing weather is that it diminishes crime. My friends in law enforcement remark that good weather during the holiday shopping season is not good because the bad guys who usually stay comfy in their native jungle are tempted to venture forth to pluck the pigeons. Snatching packages from porches is the current fad. This is a family activity involving sending a kiddo to scoot up and grab whilst the adult remains cozy in the car with the engine running.

Veronica Cooke said...

My goodness - where to start? I absolutely love you in red and the red kimono/dressing gown over the red silk dress is gorgeous. I nearly bought a dressing gown to wear as a kimono the other day but had to pass it up as it was a size too small.

I love all your velvet; the polo neck the skirt and that beautiful dress. I loved your cable sweater and skirt and that amazing paint palette brooch.I see what you mean about the 'church' dress but the tights are fabulous and the lovely little Scottie dog brooch. Plaid shoes - yes please!

Owl on the top of the Christmas tree - why not? You'll start a new trend!

We have very cold weather here with snow forecast for Sunday - keep warm!

Goody said...

I am LIVING menopause, without the musical ;)
My personal style is whatever strikes me on a given day, so it would have been rude not to try the dress. Strangely enough, I had loads of compliments the day I wore it but I think that was two things: 1) Pink and 2) Omaha.
You mean to tell me I could have had Danny working to support me all these years? *smacks head* why didn't I think of that?!

Oh, I heard about the storm you're getting-do stay safe (and warm). You always wear kimonos so stylishly you've inspired me to give them a try.

Mim said...

I like the tweed and cable sweater combo - not something I'd ever have imagined you in, but you rock it like you do everything! Habit Rouge is a perfect pairing.

Monsoon has a lot of printed velvet in this season. I have been dropping hints like mad about wanting the paisley-printed velvet jacket; if Santa doesn't bring it I'll be buying it with my work bonus. Like you, I still have printed velvet at home from the end of the last century...

Goody said...

You should go buy it for yourself before they run out in your size. You can always return it if you end up with a duplicate.