Wednesday, January 31, 2018

January, the Last

Be My Valentine.
I decorated the front door. No, I'm not letting the shark thing go.
In other news, I've been out and about wearing fab clothes to do my damnedest getting through January. Did the month seem extra long to you?

I have a few of these 70's appliqued and embroidered sweaters by Cyn-Les. They're fun, if a bit too youthful for me but eh, whatever.
Here's the other giraffe sweater I last wore on blog in 2014
 Cheeky giraffe!

Anyway, they're fun sweaters except for the one my parents bought me as a kid that said, "Hug Me." I didn't hang on to that Cyn-Les sweater.

Outfit Particulars:
70's Cyn-Les sweater-Hand-Me-Ups
Gap shorts-90's (has a matching jacket)
Tights-K Mart
Vintage 60's coat-Thrift World
Beret-K Mart
Fragrance-Ma Griffe

This is a necklace I never would have bought before I knew Veronica. She wears the most wonderful necklaces, and has inspired me to try all sorts of things like otk boots and kimonos. That's the funny thing about friends as you age, instead of turning you on to drugs, they introduce you to cool fashions! You're a very good influence on me Veronica. 👍

Outfit Particulars:
Vintage handbag-Gift from a neighbour years ago
Boots-K Mart
Poloneck-K Mart
Jacket-80's Esprit
Silver doorknocker earrings-Mum's, 80's
Silver bangle-Goodwill
Silver bracelet-Goodwill
I bought a Nordicware cake pan of a castle. I have a birthday coming up, so I'm going to do Macbeth in cake and decorated cookies because...castle pan. I might do Richard III next. 
I received a birthday card in the post, but it was from AARP. This came in the same week a young woman admired my specs but said she couldn't wear them as she's not "Old enough." Right. Moving along...
This is soooo sweet. I ought to hate it, but I don't. I might not like it in warm weather but with the freezing cold we've been experiencing it is wonderful. Again, it is very, very sweet so apply with caution. 
I've considered getting rid of this dress so many times, but I'm always pleased to discover that I didn't. I don't like Empire waists. That said, the pattern is so nice I can't bear to part with it. Adding a shawl/scarf distracts from the boob-flattening tendencies of these dresses. I wore so many of these dresses in the 80's and 90's, but I don't think this one looks too dated., 

Outfit Particulars:
90's dress by Guess-Can't remember
Boots-K Mart
Wool scarf-Goodwill

I am looking forward to February. This Sunday, there is a Journaling in Nature class at DeSoto Wildlife Refuge. The subject is Scat and tracks. There will also be a hike. 

The Great Backyard Bird Count is 16-19 of February 2018. 

Rowe Sanctuary has a programme making "valentines" to feed birds and other wildlife at the sanctuary on 10 February, 2018 and by the end of the month, the Sandhill cranes should be making their way back through Nebraska. 

So much to look forward to this month. Now, I'm off to start researching where I can utilise my newly earned "senior" discounts. 


Bibi Maizoon said...

Well, I am loving your very authentic 70's looks- the boots, shorts, tights & beret ensemble is soo accurate to what I recall seeing in the 70's in California.
Those chunky statement necklaces Veronica wears are amazing aren't they?
Can't-do empire waists with my huge bosom without being asked if I'm pregnant constantly.
On Tokyomilk: all of their stuff is sweet. Their La Vie La Mort (a spicy tuberose) is a fave of mine.
On Eclat d'Arpege: I knew when you said Glade air freshener it was Eclat you were referring to. If you haven't rehomed your EdA yet I'm going to the US in September & would like to trade your bottle for a couple kilos of Emirati dates & some 'fumes I have that don't inspire me.

Alli Duncan said...

What wonderful outfits, Goody. If I ever find cute jumpers with giraffes on them, I will wear them as well! I think you have been a good influence on my outfits (my husband may not agree!) - I am always inspired after reading your blog to wear whatever takes my fancy at that moment in time. I have found January long too, but probably for the opposite reason to you: it felt like the hottest month ever, finishing with over two weeks of over 30 degrees celcius! Finally some cooler weather now and some proper sleep...

Have a fabulous birthday - please take a picture of your (sure to be awesome) cake! I've just had an idea - you have made amazing cakes for your son in the past - maybe he could make this one for you?
Best wishes, Alli

Melanie Folly Bird said...

So much goodness in one post, I don't know where to start! I love the cheeky giraffe.

I also love the valentines for birds concept. Maybe if I leave the magpies a valentine they might frequent our bird table more often and bring the crows and rooks with them ❤

Speaking of senior discounts, my step dad is freshly retired and to my amusement is all over the concessions offered to 'pensioners' which surprises me, as he's rather rock and roll with his outrageous cowboy boots, Native American jewellery and long hair!

Polyester Princess said...

Wearing fab clothes was the only way to get through January, and you've been doing it brilliantly. How fab is that Cyn-Les giraffe sweater, and I love how you wore it with the shorts! Your necklace can certainly vie with Veronica's. Mine are boring in comparison. I'm seeing quite a lot of young people here wearing similar glasses, including Jos's 18-year-old granddaughter, so I'm quite surprised at that young woman's remark. Happy Birthday, by the way! xxx

Goody said...

Deal! I think I'll be getting the better end of the bargain. Are you going to Florida or California?

Thank you! At least you have a husband that notices what you wear-mine is utterly and completely clueless! I hope your heatwave breaks soon-it sounds horrible.

Thank you.
We don't get magpies in Omaha but we do get gigantic crows. They won't come to our feeders but I have seen them digging through the lawn looking for the squirrel's stash.
You're never too rock-n-roll for a discount ;)

Thank you. I'm not upset about the age remarks-I think they're funny. I feel very lucky to still be here!
Veronica will always be the queen of great necklaces-maybe I can be a member of the court.

beate grigutsch said...

happy birthday - dear goody!!
love the look in front of the tinsel! its a fab skirt and there is that cool bag in action!
cute embellished sweaters - myself is staying away from them - i´m top heavy by nature and i like to play that down..... you wear the sweaters very stylish - gorgeous shorts and boots combo!!
and the folksy dress is a beauty, esp. worn with the matching scarf and bag and this cool lace up boots <3
please show the finished castle cake!!

Beth Waltz said...

Happy Birthday, dear Goody! Delighted you're finding the "aging" remarks amusing. My brother and I have the same GP and cherish his observation that he's "seen many backsides but has yet to see an expiration date on any of them..."

The Scat and Track talk sounds fascinating. Owl scat is a fail-proof attraction for very young naturalists hereabouts, that and the huge fossil horn corals that abound in the southern part of our state. Your fossil shark's teeth are VERY impressive!

Please show us the finished castle cake. Very curious to see how you'll "populate" it, ghastly ghosties et. al.

Cee said...

Many happy returns my dear Goody and many more happy years to thee :)

...You know, I grew up in the '70s and '80s and never once owned a sweater or jumper with an applique pattern even though they were quite prevalent at the time !

I wore mostly solid wool knit V-necks ( and a couple of velour ones ) I'd layer over skivvies ( that's Australian for polo/turtleneck tees and lightweight sweaters ) to keep one's neck and chest protected from the chill.

Mim said...

Bloggers are great influences. Ronni's been influencing me too; it struck me that what I needed for my holiday was a giant necklace like she wears, and I should probably look in the chazzas where she finds hers.

January was definitely far too long. I think we're all about a decade older having got through it...

Veronica Cooke said...

Where to start?

What a fabulous necklace! Buy more!

Senior discount? Does that mean you have achieved 60? Surely not? Is that what counts as a senior in the USA? Here it's mostly 65 with the exception of free prescriptions at 60 and wait for it - free bowel cancer checks...

Amazing outfits. I loved you in shorts; the giraffe sweaters were so cute and the empire dress is gorgeous; so glad you didn't get rid of it. It is such a lovely colour and the pattern is really nice. Such amazing handbags and rings you have.

Lots of bird activities coming up - how lovely - I must say the scat and tracks one sounds interesting. On my most recent walk I found myself looking at a turd and wondering if it was a cat or dog or more likely a badger; I meant to look it up, I'm off to do that now...

Goody said...

The tinsel was a Mardi Gras decoration at the party supply store. I suspect I wasn't the first person to take a selfie there.

The scat and tracks was interesting. Next time they are doing owl pellets though I must say, they all more or less look the same (some feathers, fur, small bones).

I remember those velour sweaters-they were so soft and pretty. You have such gorgeous woolens in your part of the world. I always get excited to find an item with an Australia or New Zealand label because I know the quality will be tops.

I get all my home decor idea from you though mine is less Victorian Explorer and more a bit of everything. Your bathroom decor has really been giving me ideas.

Retirement in the US is generally 63 or 65 but they start handing out the retail discounts earlier because they know we're all going to be working until we drop dead ;)
We have to pay for our colonoscopies, but after 55 if you have insurance it is generally covered about 80%. I'll have to check, but I think I now qualify for a reduced price bus pass...think of the places I can go!

Cee said...

Thank you, Goody :)