Friday, February 23, 2018

All The Smells

 I can finally breathe through my nose again-hooray. To celebrate, here are some fragrances I'm currently making my way through.
Galanos. People think it smells like a cross between Opium and Youth Dew. It doesn't. Galanos is heavy on carnation, oakmoss, and geranium. It is very much an 80's fragrance (it launched in '79) but without throwing everything in like later 80's scents. Galanos is refined, and probably still acceptable in most public places provided you don't over-apply (which you shouldn't do anyway). There is a pungent clove note in Galanos, which can be a deal breaker for some people though in the absence of cinnamon avoids smelling too much like mulling spices. 7/10 because I love oakmoss.

 Ivoire. I learned to like it. Won't ever be love. Unlike Galanos, Ivoire throws EVERYTHING in the bottle in true 80's style. Narcissus kills it for me. Aldehydes, oakmoss, marigold...I should adore it. *shrug* perfume can be funny that way. I still wear it, but I always wish it had a bit more of something, though god only knows what as it already has every note under the sun in it. 6/10 because of the narcissus.
 Balahe. Meowww. Civet, plum, and aldehydes galore. Vetiver, coriander, rose, pineapple...hell yeah. 80's fruity florals were so much better than what we get today. I'm sure the civet has something to do with it, but there's also a good balance with the spices. Anise isn't an obvious note in perfumery these days, but together with the fruit and citrus notes it gives the perfume a distinctive personality. Balahe is strong though, and civet can clear a room, so apply sparingly until you know what the people around you can tolerate. 10/10-80's fumes don't get much better.
 Sweet Courreges and Courreges 2020.
Sweet Courreges is from the early 90's and is an inoffensive aldehyde tempered with peach, civet, and rose. I could do without the vanilla note, but overall it is a pleasant fragrance. I adore some of the Courreges fragrances (Courreges in Blue, Empreinte) but Sweet Courrege is something I probably won't bother to re-purchase once my mini is done. It isn't bad, just not my style. 7/10 for quality. Courreges 2020 is a disgusting, fruity nightmare that should come with a hazardous materials warning. Pear, peach, blackcurrant, cedar, rosewood-it smells like a 90's hairspray. 1/10 because at least the bottle is nice.
Bebe. Meh. It was five bucks at Marshall's so I can't complain too much. Fruity, bit of wood. Not terrible? 5/10 for cute bottle and price point.

In the evenings, I have been slathering lotion on my dry skin, and my favourite at the moment is Sofia Vergara Love. I do still enjoy The original Sofia Vergara, but for a lotion I'll be smelling all night, Love is very pleasant. Strangely, I'm not wild about the spray, though layered with something woody it is okay. Coffee notes are hard to pull off, and although Love isn't terrible, it isn't a favourite. The body lotion seems to be missing the coffee. There's a praline note that isn't too sweet and a passionfruit note that definitely is-such strangeness. I don't think it smells like Black Opium, but enough people do that it is worth mentioning.

I am so glad my nose has finally cleared. What have you been wearing this winter? Do you ever like a fragranced lotion better than the liquid?


beate grigutsch said...

we definitely need an app that sends the smells of your perfume reviews to the laptops of your readers - then it may come out of the ventilation......
i´m still on 4711 and "uralt lavendel" for special occasions........ for the skin pure cocos oil from face to toe, sometimes enriched and scented with other pure plant oils. don´t like to be covered in petrol.
glad you are over the flu!!

Bibi Maizoon said...

Balmain makes a line of scented hair products now - I saw it at a swanky salon in Delhi. Narcissus makes me nauseous So I'll avoid it.
Spring is in the air so I'm wearing:
CK Beauty (a yawner of a tuberose)
Le Labo Ambrette 9 (love me some musk mallow!)
Yardley's English Daisy (more of a yellow rose & green apple scent than anything daisy-like a posh version of Garnier Fructis shampoo)
PW Tea Rose (clean & springy fave)
Michael Kors Island Palm Beach (sophisticated green tea & citrus that disappears in an hour)
Hermes Jour d'Hermes Gardenia (most wan tuberose/gardenia scent evahhhh)
Flowerbomb (everybody buys me this stuff- it's ok & wearable)
Glad to hear your sinuses have cleared!

Propagatrix said...

I’ve been wearing Aerin Lauder’s Lilac Path to hasten spring, and because we don’t have proper lilacs here and I miss them terribly.

I’ve also got several Demeter Fragrance Library scents in rotation, particularly Dark Chocolate, Gingerale, and Wet Garden. For church I like to layer Beeswax and Holy Water.

The lotion version of Eau de Givenchy was wonderful. I really miss that stuff.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone else remember "Brigand" by Jacques Esterel? I have part of a 50 year old bottle left and still love it. JanF

Polyester Princess said...

I'm glad to hear you're able to enjoy frangrance again. I'm not really adventurous when it comes to perfume. I used to be though, back in the 80s, when I regularly tried out new ones. There was a shop which sold a lot of minis, which was convenient. As always, I am in awe of your ability to describe frangrances so accurately. I do think that the scent of a lotion often lingers longer. xxx

Bobbi said...

You're so good at describing fragrances. The Balahe sounds wonderful - just like something I would wear. Lately I've been using up the little samples I've gotten from Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab and Mythos Mixtures. Occasionally I spritz on some Opium or Shakira. I usually don't like the lotions that come in sets but can't really figure out why.
I'm glad you're feeling better! Have a great weekend!

Vix said...

I'm glad you're able to enjoy your perfumes again.
I'd bought Sikkim Girls from Lush ages ago - a solid perfume - described as "A warm and exotic floral with the veiled allure of jasmine. The exotic heat of Darjeeling, India captured in clouds of tuberose and frangipani". A taste of Spring even though it's a blizzard outside. xxx

Veronica Cooke said...

Glad to hear you can smell again; it's an awful sense to lose.

I had only heard of the the Ivoire scent but have never smelled it so I can't pass any comment on it, I'm afraid or any of the others.

I am still wearing my Aqua Allegoria 'Mandarin and Basil' and 'Herb Fresca' and I love and wear Clinique Aromatics but only in small doses. I also have as new to me in that I've never bought them before; La Vie est Belle' (bought duty free on trip to Corfu with middle grandson) and 'Modern Muse' bought with Christmas money. I gave the SJP 'Lovely' to the charity shop; I bought it by mistake thinking you had given it a good review but I think it was a Beyonce perfume you had positively reviewed and I got confused. Talking of 'cheaper' perfumes I picked up for free (although I made a donation) a Moschino perfume and body lotion at the foodbank last week. I quite like it!

I have a few scented body lotions that came with perfumes but I usually wear cheap and cheerful ones like Sainsbury's or Lidl's own brands. My favourites are Body Shop Body Butters which is absorbed instantly into your skin and 'Soap and Glory' or Dirty Works' lotions and body butters which I buy only when they're on sale at Boots or Sainsburys's.

Hope you have a lovely smelly week!

Beth Waltz said...

Glad you've got your "nose" back, Goody. And nice to see you sharpening your claws again on "disgusting fruity nightmares that should come with a hazardous materials warning." (snigger).

Moi? This winter I've been wearing loads of fresh Lysol spray and slatherings of Blue Emu cream. It's been that kind of winter. A gentleman did compliment me on my fragrance as we waited in line at a thrift shoppe. However, he was obviously suffering from a cold -- and I was wearing Febreeze.

Goody said...

4711 is a classic that never gets boring. I like that it isn't too strong and you can re-apply through the day when you need a blast of citrus. It has lasted this long for a reason-because it is unparalleled.

Perfumer's Workshop tea rose is about as good a rose as you can get. I recently tried Chloe rose and though, "Yeah but I like Tea Rose better" and you certainly can't beat the price.

That was the only Aerin Lauder I liked when I went to test them. The best lilac ever was (I kid you not) Alyssia Ashley that was like $1.99 at Walgreen's in the 80's. If you see a bottle at a swap meet or thrift store-grab it. Stuff also made an incredible room scent. EdG is to this day one of my all time favourite fragrances. Never was lucky enough to have the lotion.

I don't remember it, but it has been compared in reviews to Paloma Picasso, which is still easy to find. It would be interesting to know what you think. Carnation is such a lovely note.

There are so many online sellers that specialise in minis or decants that I rarely invest in full bottles anymore. Interestingly, people advise wearing an unscented lotion with perfume to extend the longevity-so there must be something to it. I have such dry skin I would need to keep applying all day long :)

I haven't tried anything by Mythos, but now you have me intrigued. Opium is one of those I loved with a passion in the 70's but just can't get my head around today. I wear it every so often, and don't hate it but I can't grasp what I liked about it. I'm thinking it was time and place specific. I'm going back to Chicago in April for the first time in a million years-maybe I should pack some and wear it. Might smell better in my old neighbourhood.

Lush is certainly a beloved brand-I haven't tried anything by them but I do like the idea of a solid perfume. They used to be everywhere-glad to see that bit of the 70's making a comeback. Try to keep warm-the snow can't last much longer.

I think it was J-Lo but keeping all these celebs straight is no small job ;)
Danny really likes Modern Muse (and most of the flankers)and thinks it is easily unisex. I'd have to agree. It doesn't work well on me, but I love it on others.
Those Allegorias are great. Was the Moschino in one of their crazy bottles? They had one that was shaped like a spray bottle of window cleaner!

Don't knock Febreeze-good stuff!
I've been using Dove Men Care shower gel in Sage Minerals. For a few bucks it is the freshest, loveliest scent without veering into Irish Spring. Lasts and lasts and people think I'm wearing something expensive. Nope, Dove shower gel ;)

Goody said...

I should add that am at present testing out Amouage Bracken Woman kindly sent my way by the lovely Emily. It reminds me of something from waaay back, and it will probably drive me mad trying to place it-but I do like it. It is so expensive and I have this terrible sneaking feeling it is a dupe for some vintage Avon scent that came in a quart-sized bottle shaped like the Liberty Bell, or a mallard duck! Curious scent.

Goody said...

I went to look at the Fragrantica reviews for Bracken Woman and someone mentioned Clairol Herbal Essences from the 70's. Bingo! To be fair, I always loved that shampoo. Okay, mystery solved. Whew, I was afraid I might not sleep tonight.

Anonymous said...

I have taken to putting a good drop of perfume on my pillowcase at night. It's so lovely to turn over and get a nice "whiff"!!
Apart from the half bottle of Brigand, I have "Elegance" by Yves Rocher and Cliniques' Aromatics Elixir.
Thank you for the tip about Paloma Picasso. JanF

Mim said...

Galanos sounds fab - I really ought to check that out, though I'm trying not to get too many more perfumes as I probably have enough to last me a couple of decades as it is. Like you I learned to like Ivoire; every once in a while I want its coolness, but often it's too sleek for me, if that makes sense - it's a satin scent, or possibly even a patent one, and I'm more of a velvet and brocade scent person. Galanos sounds good and velvety...